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Comments from others in Joe’s custom “gerrymandered” district

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Not soon enough, Joe. Should have done it 20 years ago.” – WFMZ-TV

“76 year old goat, after ‘prayerful consideration’, decides not to seek re-election. Thank God for helping us with that one. Really.” – Daily Local News, West Chester, PA

“In his neatly gerrymandered district virtually no one around here even knew who he was nor cared about him – and vice versa! he will not be missed, in as much as he was invisible.” –  The Reading Eagle

Like the last time he didn’t seek reelection in the last two elections? I’ll believe it when I see it Pipeline Pitts.” – one of a bunch of comments at LNP – Always Lancaster‘s facebook page

Here are others:

Praise BeJesus …… let us all hope he keeps his promise this time.

Consistently voted against bills to help vets. Not sorry to see this one go.

He’ll probably go to work lobbying for Comcast full time now, not just part time.”

As far as I can tell, nearly two decades of doing nothing but collecting a government paycheck and benefits.

Another career politician…good riddance. The only thing better would have been if he had been voted out and he didn’t have a voter paid for, over the top, retirement plan. For once a thread on LNP seems to have most agreeing this is a good thing.

18 years too long. Poster boy for term limits.

But notice all the Republicans have nothing but praise!

hogs at trough

And we still think that “elected public servants” really serve the people they represent. Nah, they represent the interests of the party chiefs and the mega-rich and corporate-types that finance their campaigns to “return to the trough!”


Activity at the Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page

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Click here to see the CASES.

cpd crimewatch

Evidently, not all the incidents and crimes are not listed here. This comment from a facebook thread beginning “People being destructive again if u see 3 kids on bike call police” tells about incidents not listed as CASES: “What WE need to do , it get groups with walky talkys,and contact each other thoughout the town, and STICK TOGETHER. I ‘VE LAY IN MY CAR FOR HOURS,caught a few people over the years, including ADULTS, one is [ STILL ] a Fire Policeman”

Columbia’s election retuns

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It appears fewer than 900 people voted yesterday in the borough. And its been reported that one borough polling place did not open for voting at 7:00 am as required by law.

election returns

For details by precinct and to see the statewide and countywide office returns, look here.

Lancaster Online reported:

Five candidates were seeking four seats on Columbia Borough Council. The terms are four years.

Barry Ford (D) 593

Mary E. Barninger (R) 588

Kelly Murphy (R) 574

Cleon Berntheizel (R) 533

Robert F. Granzow III (R) 418

Two candidates were seeking a two-year term on the Columbia school board.

Francis Resch (R) 653

Iris Rachael Garrido (D) 345

… and upstream in Steelton, the voters voted out the old and voted in folks who promise transparency.

Violation of first amendment rights?

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When a government entity deletes posts from its social media page, is it a violation of first amendment rights?

You betcha’ say several resources!

But, if the ground rules are stated, then government can moderate its social media site says this article.

That’s exactly what Manor Township’s Police Department’s facebook page states as soon as the page opens.

dogSubject of the thread of posts at the Columbia Police Department facebook page.

Not so Columbia Police Department’s facebook page and one has to wonder whether the Columbia Police Department’s abridging or curtailing or deletion of speech (which was done when posts are deleted) is a violation of first amendment rights. That’s exactly what happened in the thread of posts about a lost/found dog.

The facebook posts definitely are different from the screen shots Columbia news, views & reviews recorded at 3:14 pm today.

One also has to wonder how many other posts have been deleted.


Tomorrow’s election day: do you know who’s running for office?

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Happened across this facebook post:

“Does anyone know who Iris Rachael Garrido is? She is running for a 2 year school board term against Fran Resch (awesome guy:) it’s a shame that you have to search so hard to find information if you want to make an intelligent decision voting.”

By clicking here at the Lancaster County Board of Elections Website, you can see who is running for Columbia’s offices.

You’ll notice there are the incumbents running and some new names and googling the names provides little information.

  • New candidates for borough councillor are Cleon G. Berntheisel and Robert F. Granzow III.

But the facebook comment is stunningly accurate: It is a shame anyone has to search so hard to find information.

2015 PA Supreme Court Voters’ Guide 

You can do your own vetting by using the The Unified JUDICIAL SYSTEM of PENNSYLVANIA WEB PORTAL: The Public Web Docket Sheets option provides access to search, view and print the docket sheets for Pennsylvania’s Appellate Courts, Criminal Courts of Common Pleas, Magisterial District Courts and the Philadelphia Municipal Court. In addition, a Court Summary Information report is available for Criminal Courts of Common Pleas and Philadelphia Municipal Court cases.

SchoolWATCH data

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State Representative Brett Miller’s recent e-newsletter includes this information: “Making Local Education Costs More Transparent”

Working to enhance transparency in local education costs, the House this week passed a bill to ensure the information remains available online. House Bill 1606 would make permanent a publicly accessible website, called SchoolWATCH, to show revenue and expenses for school districts, charter and cyber charter schools, and area vocational-technical schools. The SchoolWATCH database is modeled after the success of PennWATCH, a website that lists the expenses and revenue of state government. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

“To access the SchoolWATCH data, visit PaSchoolPerformance.org, select a school district and click on the “View Fiscal Information” tab located under district information.”


York Daily Record records yesterday’s “Rt. 441 bridge over Rt. 30 in Columbia pedestrian tour”

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Click here to see this collection of photos of new stretch of roadway that’ll take the big trucks out of Columbia’s downtown.

Click here to see the grand scheme of things.

Columbia Spy‘s posted a good series of photos and one commenter there wants to know, “Where was Mayor Lutz!”

“ta-dah” and a SCAM targeting seniors in the Columbia area

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In February 2015, Columbia news, views & reviews posted this:

Number 2 … He (the mayor) announced that the Police Department is close to having a new application called “CrimeWatch.” He said that a number of communities have signed up with CrimeWatch (click here or on the graphic above to see area departments) to share the daily police log information – the arrests, the warrants, the news about policing and safety – not only for the Borough but for other areas too. He said the pictures that now hang on the windows of the police station will be online. Number 3 … He said information about the above – the first two tidbits – would be posted at the Columbia Police Department’s facebook page. That’ll be a welcome addition for borough citizens.


Well, none of the promised information has been posted at the facebook page, but “ta-dah” – Columbia is now a participating department at the Crimewatch page. Good job, Columbia Police Department. Click on the graphic below to go to the Columbia Police Department page.

cpd crimewatch

Next – current, updated information at the Crimewatch pages and the facebook page?

Because the following is a criminal action and because the recipient of the SCAM LETTER has a Columbia zip code this is relevant in this post.

The anatomy of a scam that’s targeting seniors.


The Lebanon Daily News carried this article in it’s police log this morning:

“Cornwall police are warning residents about a ‘mystery shopper’ scam that failed to ensnare a borough resident.

“The woman, who was not identified, received a packet of information and instructions containing an authentic-looking Capital One Bank cashier check in the amount of $2,550. The instructions directed the resident to cash the check, complete the mystery shopper duties at a local Wal-mart by purchasing up to $70 in merchandise and then wiring remaining funds totaling $2,230 to another mystery shopper, police said.

“The resident recognized the mailing as a scam and contacted police. Had she cashed the check and wire transferred the funds, she would have been victimized when the bank determined the check to be fraudulent, police said.”

Yesterday, someone gave us these documents that the person received in the mail on Wednesday; these are the elements of a SCAM.

this is a scam - the evelope

this is a scam 1-athis is a scam letter page onethis is a scam letter page oneIf you get one of these letters, or if you know someone who has, take the envelope and its contents to your local police department or to your local post office. This is mail fraud.


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Just counted the “I” word in the emails from just two of our elected public servants (one at the state level; another, state). Could be a significant contributor to the divided ideological crap that’s afflicted Harrisburg and Washington.

I authored

I have long been

I am a co-sponsor

I did

I wanted to hear

I wasn’t expecting

I am pursuing

I laid out

I was glad

I chaired

I am working

I cannot imagine

I delivered

I will not give up

I joined

I am working

I have introduced

I visited

I was proud


The two gentlemen below, in far more trying times, demonstrated far less “I-go-tistical” use of the word “I.”

In George Washington’s first Inaugural Address, he used I in these ways:

I was summoned

I can never hear

I had chosen

I dare aver

I dare hope

I have been too much swayed

I have

I assure myself

I trust

I now meet

I behold

I dwell

I shall again give way

I assure myself

I have one to add

I was first honoured

I contemplated my duty

I should renounce

I have in no instance departed

I must decline

I shall take my present leave

Abraham Lincoln’s first Inaugural Address:

I appear before you

I do not consider

I do but quote

I have no purpose

I believe I have no lawful right

I had made this

I now read

I now read

I now read

I take the official oath

I do suggest

I now enter upon

I hold that

I therefore consider

I shall take care

I shall perform

I trust this will not

I will neither affirm nor deny

I need address

I do not forget

I can not be ignorant

While I make no recommendation of amendments, I fully recognize

I will venture

I understand

I have not seen

I have no objection

I am loath to close.



all the “para-psychologists” pile on and chip in with comments following these articles about Columbia persons

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Want to see all the “right answers?” Read the reader comments following this Lancaster Online article:

Student, 18, arrested after threatening shooting at Manheim-area school

and there’s distrust of the police in comments following this article

Woman taken to hospital after being struck by baseball bat in Columbia, police say

Of course, there’s a platform for conversation just as there is at the You know you’re from Columbia PA if … ” facebook page. There’s an idea being floated there about establishing a “neighborhood watch program.”

Ideally, this would be accomplished if the Columbia Police Department’s facebook page were community-focused and updates with Columbia incidents and events.

Or on the long-overdue, often-promised CrimeWatch Website.




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