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How do people find out about Friday’s “bridge lighting” ceremony? You gotta’ look in lots of places.

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From the Borough Website:

Friday, September 19: “Veterans Memorial Bridge new lights ribbon cutting to be held at the Columbia entrance at 3:00″ – Well, well, well … sometime between the initial post and mid-day, the borough Website changed.

From the Columbia Police Department Website:


From Cole Umber’s News Site:

A lot!

From Claire Storm’s post at the “You know you’re from Columbia PA if … ” facebook page

A lot more: “The Veteran’s Memorial Bridge will be closed from 2:30 – 4:30 on Friday, September 19. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held for the nearly completed Historic Re-Lighting Project at 3:00. The public is invited to attend. Twenty 1930 era cars will participate in a motorcade across the bridge following the ceremony.”

From Hinkle’s Pharmacy listing of Upcoming Events:

A lot more, too! “September 19……………………………..Veteran’s Memorial Bridge Ribbon Cutting
3:00pm The lights are on, and so is the celebration! A ribbon cutting ceremony will mark the installation of the new lighting which replicates the original lighting of the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge (Columbia-Wrightsville / Route 462). Remarks will be made, music will contribute to the festive atmosphere, and antique cars will lead a processional across the bridge where a second ribbon will be cut on the Wrightsville side.”

From the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce September Calendar:


Axiomatic in marketing and communication is the dissemination of information in as many media as possible. There’s really good advice for any entity, organization, event planner, etc. from this Website: the National Dissemination Center for Children for Disabilities.

ehow says: “A press release provides information to the media with the objective of reaching the public via news coverage. A company, individual or nonprofit can often gain valuable press coverage with no outlay of money other than the costs of writing and disseminating the release. A well-crafted press release presents facts in a positive light and can provide valuable name recognition, credibility or ancillary sales benefits; however, it is not paid advertising and cannot be designed to blatantly promote a product or service.”


A letter from a reader

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structure 1

structure 2

I am writing in regards to this horrendous commercial type building that is being constructed on South 13th street. The building is 2800 square feet. The limit for any accessory building is 1000 square feet. Minor oversight? I think not. Jeff Helms admitted that he made a mistake, and now look what we neighbors are stuck with! This horrible monstrosity that ruins our neighborhood. And what is it going to do to our property values???

The new owner doesn’t even plan to live at the property, he is going to turn the single family home into a multi unit rental!!! There has been a stop work order placed until a meeting is held, where he will try to get a variance granted I’m sure! Something needs to be done! This is not okay. The building must come down.

An angry taxpaying neighbor

Hearts for Ani

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Cole Umber posted information about, Annika Horn, the young woman who was stabbed in Lancaster; he notes that she is from Columbia and a 2003 Columbia High School alumna.

Go here to make a contribution to her medical and recovery – show that Columbia cares!

hearts for ani


Community meeting slated for September 10

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community meeting

Fire safety program at Park School’s playground on Friday

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22 hambones

Tomorrow: It’s a party at Park Elementary School

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19 - party

Tomorrow at the library … Serpent Scientist

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Click here to go to the Forgotten Friends facebook page.

Just the facts! The facts about the Market House, part III

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The O’Neil market study that several folks referred to at Monday’s council meeting was conducted for the borough by a renowned farmers; market expert, David K. O’Neil, a Philadelphia consultant. Reportedly, the borough paid in excess of $70,000 for this report.

O’Neil’s renown and expertise is significant; he’s consulted with a number of very successful markets nationally and internationally.

Click on the graphic below to read the report he wrote for the Columbia Market House. Look at how many, or how few, of his recommendations were implemented.

2005 market study


Just the facts! The facts about the Market House, part II

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There’s considerable squawking and chatter going on at some facebook sites, at council meetings and around town about how the Market House ought to be and what kind of stand holders and vendors ought to be in the Market House.

Here are previous articles form Columbia news, views & reviews archives.

There’s a particularly interesting line in the part 4 article; curiously, it was brought up at the Monday evening council-of-the-whole meeting, too. The consultant recommends: “keeping all the pot belly stoves.” The mayor said the missing stove is in the borough’s historical storage facility.


Agenda – Council Meeting of the Whole – July 28, 2014

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- page one -

council mow 07-28-2014 page one

- page two -

council mow 07-28-2014 page two

Columbia Borough’s July “meeting of the whole” was held last night. Council president Mike Beury convened the meeting at 6:01 pm in the borough hall meeting room. All the councillors, but Jody Gable, the mayor, borough manager and borough finance director were in attendance in addition to nine or so persons from the community. The gallery was winnowed away as the meeting progressed and when it was concluded at 9:28 pm, only one citizen remained.

Some highlights during the meeting:

TRASH – Another discussion about the overflowing trash receptacles at River Park and along Locust Street brought responses from several councillors. The councillors believe the boaters deposit their trash in the receptacles as they leave the river on weekends and that renters use the receptacles along Locust Street. One resolution might be the removal of the trash Read the rest of this entry »


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