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tires slashings déjà vu?

In Everyday Living, In Columbia on July 3, 2015 at 6:48 pm


Reliable sources tell us that a number of vehicles on 8th Street and elsewhere in the borough had slashed tires as recently as this morning. Remember there was a raft of slashings in December?

Same perps? Maybe; word is they’re juveniles.

Likely there’ll be no penalty if that’s the case.

Or maybe vehicle owners will be penalized by their insurance carriers?

Fish-for-Free Day (tomorrow) is great way for families to “catch” the fun of fishing!

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Tomorrow is one of Pennsylvania’s Fish-For-Free days: “Fish-for-Free Days allow anyone (resident or non-resident) to legally fish on Pennsylvania waterways on the designated days with NO FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED (Trout/Salmon and Lake Erie permits are also NOT required). All other fishing regulations still apply.

Have you noticed? Daylight hours are getting shorter; sigh, winter’s coming.

“Don’t Let Fun with Fireworks Turn Tragic”

In Education, Opportunities, In Columbia, Everyday Living on July 3, 2015 at 7:06 am

You see the fireworks-selling tents springing up in parking lots along the roads and streets in Pennsylvania this time of the year … but is the stuff for sale there legal? Well, it depends … the legal products include: sparklers, fire crackers, fountains, bottle rockets, and Roman candles … (SOURCE: Columbia news, views & reviews)

fireworks two

“Americans have a longstanding tradition of enjoying hot dogs, hamburgers and apple pie at family gatherings to celebrate Independence Day. Some festivities also include fireworks. Unfortunately, what may seem like harmless fun with fireworks, can quickly turn into a tragedy.

“In 2014, this became a reality for thousands of families. According to our most recent fireworks report, 11 consumers were killed (up from eight in the previous year) and more than 10,000 (down from more than 11,000) were injured by fireworks.

“Here’s a particularly troubling aspect of these incidents: three of the victims who died were not even present where fireworks devices were being used. Our report describes:

  • a 19-year-old female died from smoke inhalation after a sparkler was thrown into a second floor window and ignited a fire inside her home; and
  • an elderly couple killed in a house fire when debris from the neighbor’s fireworks ignited their home.

“These reports remind us that improper fireworks use can be deadly to the user and also harmful to friends, loved ones and neighbors. Other fireworks incidents have become deadly when banned, professional or homemade devices are involved.”

Read this article in full at the Consumer Product Safety Commission blogsite.

Which way? And why?

In Everyday Living, In Columbia on July 1, 2015 at 6:20 pm

which way

from the little read, back of the paper, small print “Legal notices”

In Everyday Living, Government, In Columbia, Lists on July 1, 2015 at 7:25 am

Property seizure: $685.00 seized 10/11/13 at 137-141 Locust St.,Room 202, Columbia, PA.

LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a Joint Special Meeting of Columbia Borough Council and Columbia Municipal Authority will be held …

Well done, CPD!

In Everyday Living, Government, In Columbia, Opinions, Opportunities, People on June 30, 2015 at 5:52 am

This picture (below) is posted at the “You know you’re from Columbia if … ” facebook page. It is, in fact, a page from the “community policing” textbook. And the Columbia Police Department has posted more facebook posts in the past three days that for the previous 27 days of the month.

cpd hoops

“Community policing is a philosophy that guides police management style and operational strategies. It emphasizes establishment of police-community partnerships and a problem-solving approach that is responsive to the needs of the community.

“One of the major objectives of community policing efforts is to establish an active partnership between the police and the community that can analyze problems and design and help implement solutions and services that are truly community-based. This requires the police to make a conscious effort to create an atmosphere in which community partners actively and willingly co-operate with the police.” – SOURCE: University of California at Irvine Police Department

community policingEngaged law enforcement departments actively and consistently use social media to connect and communicate with its citizens. For instance, the East Lampeter Police Department posts regularly about finding a mission elderly man, crime incidents in the township and more.

Way to go, Turkey Hill and your partners!

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A big round of applause for Turkey Hill and its partners in this initiative.

Last week a newspaper article stated, “Lancaster County is on the front line of a campaign to recycle cigarette butts, the most common source of litter in the United States. An experimental effort involving Turkey Hill Minit Markets, the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company and national recycling company TerraCycle is trying to turn cigarette butts into plastic pallets and compost, rather than unsightly waste.”

Numerous posts, articles and photos about this water-polution hazard and unsightly trash have appeared at Columbia news, views & reviews in the past including this one. “Cigarette butts are, by some counts, the world’s number one litter problem,” according to this National Geographic article.

do not kill the fish

A Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) Waste Matters Webpage from 2013 states, “Did you know that cigarette smoking in America has decreased over the years, yet cigarette butts remain one of the most littered items in the United States? Every day, cigarette butts pollute our sidewalks, nature trails, gardens, parks, streets and other public places. Littering of cigarette butts is unsightly, costly to clean up and harmful to waterways and wildlife.

“Keep America Beautiful (KAB) has established a cigarette litter prevention program designed to support local communities in their efforts to reduce cigar tips and cigarette butt litter. KAB’s program offers information, strategies, tools and resources to empower citizens in the fight against litter. For more detailed information on the program, visit: www.preventcigarettelitter.org

CANCELED – 35th annual Antique, Art & Craft Show

In Everyday Living, In Columbia on June 26, 2015 at 6:10 pm


The combination of winds and rain in the forecast have caused us to do something SVCC has never done before…we’ve had to cancel the 2015 Antique, Art & Craft Show! Wet product, air-borne vendor canopies, shoppers staying home where it is dry…all contributed to this decision.  Regrettably there is no rain date. Let your friends know.  Help us get the word out.

From the Chamber of Commerce Website


local woman charged for stealing from mother-in-law and other news

In Everyday Living, In Columbia, People on June 26, 2015 at 2:11 pm


A Columbia woman is charged with burglary after pawning the items she allegedly stole from her mother-in-law.” – FOX 43 TV

“seems these inspections mean nothing as it gets worse every month….” – This is one of the comments following the Lancaster Online article about the recent restaurant inspections in Lancaster County.

Bienvenido a Columbia, Salsa’s

In Everyday Living, In Columbia, Opinions, Opportunities on June 25, 2015 at 7:21 pm

What a great sight! Drove by Salsa’s Mexican Grille about 25 minutes ago and every parking space was taken.

Remember the line from the movie, “If you build it, they will come.”

Welcome to Columbia, Salsa’s!


salsa now open


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