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Here’s a concept: community policing by walking around

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In private sector, there’s a practice known as MBWA; “managing by walking (or wandering) around” according to WikiPedia is “The management by wandering around (MBWA), also management by walking around, refers to a style of business management which involves managers wandering around, in an unstructured manner, through the workplace(s), at random, to check with employees, or equipment, about the status of ongoing work.”

The world’s changed a lot since police officers regularly walked a beat. They were seen in the community. Citizens could and would interact with them.

Curiously, schools seem to embrace the same philosophy with the introduction of “school resource officers” who do similar walking around and interacting with students.

By walking around and being seen by community members, police are supposed to become more identifiable protectors and defenders of the law. Sergeants did that same kind of service in the military, as did hall monitors in elementary schools. Visibility helps to create and reinforce trust and confidence in societies’ systems.

Today’s Reading Eagle reports, “Pottstown reorganizes police force to boost community response.”

Revelation! Consultants’ view

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Revitalize Columbia’s 146-year-old Market House. Prospect for more antiques and art dealers. Encourage upscale housing.”Lancaster OnLine

“The consultants will make a public presentation of their findings 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 8 at 200 Locust St., Columbia.”

Fourth Fridays along the River Towns

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Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce invites the public visit our local galleries and restaurants in Columbia, Marietta, and Wrightsville.

Garth Gallery & Custom Frame Shop will have their Annual Abstract Show, see his facebook page for more information.

Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts will be having a panel discussion in the main gallery of their “Mountain – Interpretation” display at 6pm.

Weavings Ink. Gallery is having an opening reception on Fourth Friday, March 27th from 5 to 8pm. “New Works and Family Favorites” by Robert Oughton and Phyllis Koster, they will be displaying pen and ink and weavings. This will be on display from March 14th until April 18th. Change of Saturday hours, 10am to 4pm.

While here have dinner or a cocktail and shop in our shops along the river towns.

SOURCE: news release, Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center

March 23, 2015 council of the whole agenda

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Agenda – side one

cotw 03-20150001

Agenda – side two

cotw 03-20150002

Last night’s meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm; it was adjourned at 10:42 pm … a four hour and 40 minute meeting. Columbia news, views and reviews will recap points from the meeting in separate posts.

Legislators to hold “concealed carry” seminar

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Concealed Carry Seminar
DATE: Tuesday, April 7
LOCATION: Blue Rock Fire Rescue (South Station), 3079 River Road, Conestoga (MAP)
START TIME: 6:30 p.m.

Register to attend at either of these sites: State Representative Brett Miller or Representative Bryan Cutler.

Reception and panel discussion at Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts on March 27’s Fourth Friday

In Everyday Living, In Columbia, Opportunities on March 20, 2015 at 5:37 pm

mountain card

Please join us on March 27 for our second reception for the Mountain Show.

We will host a panel discussion on the show at 6 p.m. in the main gallery.

Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts

“cops & codes” and jumping to confusion

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It was announced at the Monday council meeting when the mayor said that the police department would be “sectored” and partnered with codes staff to begin catching codes violations and provide a police presence that will reassure residents.

Here’s the Lancaster Online article about it.

The article takes a rather one-dimensional side of a story as it references citizen complaints to councillors. Everyone knows there are at least three sides to the tale of truth. One teller of “truth” – another teller of “truth” and the real truth.

Columbia news, views & reviews has spoken with the alleged codes violators and curiously, another side of truth surfaces.

Is it possible that an accuser has made ethnic comments and unsubstantiated allegations?

Are there drugs on the block? Absolutely!

Is it possible that Columbia’s Police Department and codes folks will be as transparent about the new planned alignment as Lancaster is?


What do you think?

Here’s the thought of one commenter to Cole Unber’s news site about this issue:

“sounds ridiculous to me. and you SHOULD attend boro council mtgs and tell that to the councilpersons……and oh didn’t we ALREADY have all this onthe books??? they don;’t enforce now…why the hell spend more money and hire more people for codes???? it’s absolutely unacceptable.”

Great suggestion; citizens should attend council meetings. On Monday, March 23 the Council meeting of the whole will be held at the Borough Hall beginning at 6:00 pm.

And the info on the back side of the monthly – March and April – sewer bills contains a raft of spring clean-up information and warnings.

New owner?

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Perhaps … the glorious property at 360 Chestnut Street may become a home again.

Zillow.com values the property at $410,000, the bank probably let it go substantially less. Berkshire-Hathaway had it listed at $229,000 at its Website.

“This 5,474 square foot single family home has 8 bedrooms and 9.0 bathrooms. It is located at 360 Chestnut St Columbia, Pennsylvania. This home is in the Columbia Boro School District.”

Trulio.com says, “360 Chestnut St This is a Multi-Family Home located at 360 Chestnut Street, Columbia PA. 360 Chestnut St has approximately 1,776 square feet. The property was built in 1900. 360 Chestnut St is in the 17512 ZIP code in Columbia, PA. The average list price for ZIP code 17512 is $140,881.” It also lists the 2014 property tax as $7,510 based on an assessed value of $266,300.

Take a video tour of the property:

The Coffee Grill … a new business comes to town

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coffee grill

Here’s another good happening for Columbia – continued economic development on the 200 block of Locust Street. The Coffee Grill Internet Cafe’s facebook page says its opening will be next Friday, March 20.

The pictures at the facebook page are inviting; it’s an exciting time for the 200 block.

Congratulations, Ricky, on your new business.

Why does “it always have to hit the fan” before there’s a response

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Maybe because of the “behind closed doors” mentality and the total lack of transparency at so many levels of government – local – state – federal.

Reading this New York Times article about Ferguson, “A city where policing, discrimination and raising revenue went hand in hand,” has got to produce revulsion, disgust and no surprises when government is operating without everyone being able to watch. When there are unadvertised meetings! When there are back-room meetings? When business is done on private email accounts!

Governments exist for many reasons … to serve its people.

Not to oppress them.

Not to discriminate.

Not to serve the interests of itself or just a few.

We found a few recent articles so very interesting, because the articles are about a country that has transparency: “What makes this tiny country interesting in terms of governance is not just that the people can elect their parliament online or get tax overpayments back within two days of filing their returns.”

“Envying Estonia’s digital government”Bloomberg View

“Lessons from the world’s most tech-savvy government” The Atlantic



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