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“Bridge Beams to be Set over Rt. 30 at Columbia Early Monday Morning”

In Government, In Columbia, Opportunities on May 16, 2015 at 3:47 pm

The construction project building the new Route 441 bypass around Columbia Borough in western Lancaster County has reached the stage where it is time to
install bridge beams for the new bridge over Route 30. Motorists are advised that between midnight on Sunday night and 5 AM on Monday, May 18, traffic will be stopped on Route 30 each time that a bridge beam is set in place.

There are five bridge beams, and they are very large – each measuring 6 feet in height and 120 feet in length, and weighing around 37 tons. The contractor will
be using two large cranes – a 500-ton crane and a 225-ton crane — to place the beams.

When it is time to stop traffic in both directions on Route 30 for the placement of each beam, traffic may be stopped between 15 and 30 minutes.

Motorists are encouraged to use Route 462 as an alternate route around each road closure on Route 30.

PennDOT began work in May last year to build the Route 441 bypass on the west side Columbia Borough that will help direct truck traffic away from traveling
through downtown Columbia. PennDOT has contracted with Kinsley Construction, Inc. of York, Pennsylvania, to build the bypass for $11.8 million. The bypass
is scheduled to be finished and open to traffic by October of this year.

SOURCE: PennDOT news release

Council meeting agenda: new councillor, new name for Trail Services Building, but lots of same old, same old

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It was yet another truly head-shaking, eye-rolling council meeting tonight as the interim borough manager, the solicitor, six seated councillors, the mayor and the financial officer meandered through the agenda. The meeting was convened at 7:08 pm and concluded at 9:44 pm. The council president seemed to have an insight into what might be going to happen as he opened the meeting with the caveat, “no outbursts.” As the night trudged on, there was at least one “bona fide” outburst. In addition:

  • The council shunted Mary Loreto off to the end of the meeting as she attempted to speak to the Avenue J turbulence.
  • The Mayor read a Kids to Parks Day proclamation.
  • Four aspirants for the council position created by the sudden resignation of Jody Gable were introduced for interviews by the seated councillors. One of the aspirants, Robert Gainer, withdrew because he deferred to the expertise of at least two of the others. After a few perfunctory questions, the council selected Sherry Welsh. Welsh recently earned a PhD and is employed by the York / Adams Transportation Authority, according to her LinkedIn page.
  • It appears the police department wants money to buy computers but there appears to be no idea, at this time, what the specifications of the laptops are nor what the pricing for them may be.
  • Councillor Jim Smith appeared to exhibit a series of outbursts when others questioned his suggestion that asked council to advance money for a project that included buying something for somewhere in the range of $25,000 that would be placed in Rotary Park. The mayor suggested the something was what used to be referred to as a “jungle gym.” Then the councillor bellowed “it’s playground equipment for six to 12-year olds.”
  • A citizen returned to bring the subject of raw sewage draining into his basement at 501 Walnut Street. The interim borough manager and a few councillors said the codes department was looking into the situation of the seeping liquid containing “a small trace of sewage.” According to the interim borough manager, codes officer Jeff Helms assured him that the small trace of sewage was not enough of a problem to warrant condemning the property from which the sewage was seeping. According to the interim borough manager, the codes official assured him that a private plumber would be digging up the pipes tomorrow morning by “breaking through the concrete patio.” The 501 Walnut Street property owner has asked the borough to condemn the violating adjacent property by identifying the seeping sewage as a public safety and public health issue.
  • And yes, the name for the building in River Park is Columbia Crossing.

As Columbia news, views & reviews has stated previously, in order to be sure that you get the facts as they occur, it’s best to not rely on only one source. It’s best to attend the meetings to see and hear who’s saying what and who’s reacting to the issues that surface.

page onecouncil meeting May 2015 page 1

page two

council meeting May 2015 page 2

more on those oil “bomb trains”

In Everyday Living, Government, In Columbia, Opinions, Opportunities, The Susquehanna, Treasures on May 10, 2015 at 11:25 am

Do they pass through Columbia? Yep!

“It was a busy week for crude-by-rail news. Once again we saw images of fires and massive clouds of black smoke ballooning into the air after another train derailed in a small North Dakota town. That’s at least six crude oil trains that have derailed in North America this year.” – PublicSource

“Top 10 Questions about oil trains: Industry lobbies for weak rules while derailment fire rages”Huffington Post

“In the first three months of 2015 four oil train accidents sent emergency responders scrambling, crude oil spilling into drinking water supplies, and fireballs blasting into the sky.” – Huffington Post

Bomb Trains … a facebook page

rethinking “what works” and “what doesn’t”

In Everyday Living, Government, Opportunities on May 5, 2015 at 6:17 am

In one town, fire department consolidation talks break down at the end … even after the town’s council “extended the date” of the talks. – The Reading Eagle

“Police rethink long tradition on using force.”  – The New York Times

Starting tomorrow … the 27th annual Lancaster Senior Games

In Everyday Living, Opportunities on May 3, 2015 at 9:20 am

Click here or on the graphic below.

senior games

Ban fracking on public lands.

In Everyday Living, Government, Opportunities, People on May 2, 2015 at 8:06 pm

Will you email Rep. Joseph R. Pitts, asking him to support a bill to ban fracking on public lands?


“We’re often told that we’ll never be able to ban fracking. After all, who can stop the oil and gas industry? But after years of our persistent emails, phone calls, letters, meetings, rallies and movement building, New York banned fracking in December, and, to date, more than 450 communities across the country have passed measures against fracking. The fight will continue, and we hope you’ll stay with us until fracking no long poses a threat to our drinking water, communities and precious public places.” – (SOURCE: FoodandWaterWatch.org)


“What Not to Do After Baltimore” – Bloomberg View

In Opinions, Opportunities on April 29, 2015 at 12:57 pm

“The government could start by training cops not to automatically treat people in such predominantly black neighborhoods as criminals — a practice that crushes opportunity and engenders incidents that can spark riots in places that have endured high unemployment and poor living conditions for decades. Better schools would help, too. Tackling social woes becomes a lot easier if people in poverty can see a way out.”

Read this entire opinion column at Bloomberg View.

“Questioning The Black Male Experience In America” – NPR

In Everyday Living, History and Heritage, Opportunities on April 28, 2015 at 3:43 am

question_bridge“‘Question Bridge: Black Males’ attempts to represent black male identity in America via a video question-and-answer exchange. At top center is Jesse Williams, the project’s executive producer.” Question Bridge: Black Males

“How would you like to be remembered, in a word or two? That question was posed by a black man and answered by other black men in a multimedia art project called ‘Question Bridge: Black Males.’

“Some of the answers to that query included ‘warrior,’ ‘sincere,’ ‘motivated,’ ‘dedicated,’ ‘family-oriented’ and ‘father.’”

Click to continue reading this NPR report.


Free event – “Living YOUR WAY” on Thursday at Hempfield Brethren in Christ Church

In Opportunities on April 28, 2015 at 3:21 am

living your way

“The arrival of man-made earthquakes” and other wonderful side effects of fracking

In Everyday Living, Opinions, Opportunities on April 28, 2015 at 3:13 am

This New Yorker article offers a perspective about the relationship between fracking and the intensity and frequency of earthquakes, “In recent years, other states with oil and gas exploration have also seen an unusual number of earthquakes.”

seismicityThe increased seismicity is likely due to changes in the way oil and gas are produced. Credit Illustration by Shout

The article prompts questions for each of us in the quest for oil and gas.

  • What is the impact on the environment?
  • What about the water supply?
  • What’s the danger with “oil trains” and pipelines?
  • What else do we not know?


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