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More Tuesday items – 9/26/17

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cannabis columbia

It’s page one news today in LNP – Always Lancaster!

Cannabis comes to Columbia first.

fake newsA lot of news, especially social media posts, are incorrect about the NFL players and the National Anthem. Here’s what Snopes.com has to say:


The NFL’s rulebook says nothing about player conduct during the pre-game playing of the U.S. national anthem.


The NFL’s game operations manual may contain a regulation stating that players must be present on the sidelines during the national anthem, but not that they must stand.

fall fest

bavarian band

blank“Lancaster County coroner urges relatives of 64 people set to be buried in 1 grave to claim their loved ones” – Lancaster Online

Tuesday – 9/26/17

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help PR“A man rides his bicycle through a storm-damaged road in Toa Alta, west of San Juan, Puerto Rico, on September 24, 2017, following the passage of Hurricane Maria”

The devastation in Puerto Rico is nearly total; these images from The Atlantic are heart -wrenching.

“In the Wake of Hurricane Maria, Here’s How to Help People in Puerto Rico”Global Citizen

citizen rightThe above is posted at a local facebook site. This citizen participation in addressing government is applauded.

The involvement of citizens in the political process is an essential part of democracy. … This dialogue serves as an opportunity for those involved in strengthening citizen participation in local governments, as well as those interested in it, to discuss these questions and share their experiences and ideas.” – newtactics.org

cpd busy day

https://columbianewsandviews.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/cpr.jpg?w=604There are still some spots remaining for the free CPR classes on Friday, September 29. Register today.

homeschool dayHere’s a Special Invitation to Homeschoolers from the National Watch and Clock Museum

5th fridayFive Fridays in one month only occurs a few times a year. HeritagePA has decided to use those days to encourage Pennsylvanians to take in the history and heritage of their region. During each 5th Friday through the end of 2018, there will be community events held throughout the different heritage areas.

Here’s ours: Susquehanna Heritage Area:
* Zimmerman Center for Heritage – The Zimmerman Center will extend its regular weekend programming to include HeritagePA’s 5th Friday.
* Columbia Crossing River Trails Center – Current Color: A Year on the River is a special exhibit presenting the work of local artist Diana Thomas. –
News release

HS equivalency

library invite

household hazmat


This news is at the Columbia borough Website:

“Recycling Lottery Winner for the week of 9/18/17 thru 9/22/17 – 343 Union Street.  Congratulations and Thank you for Recycling!”

The Public Safety Committee Meeting Minutes for September are posted at the Borough Website. The minutes are quite comprehensive and here are a few of the items mentioned in the minutes of the meeting:

  • The Columbia Borough School District’s dining facilities “were inspected with no major violations.” Jeff Helm “noted that the community can be assured of the high quality and food safe measures displayed at and in our school system.”
  • There’ll be a “‘Landlord Meet & Greet’ during the second week of October. This event is focused on a gathering of Columbia Borough Landlords and the Columbia Codes Compliance Manager and Officers to bring together as many Landlord as possible for open discussions/comments and provide an opportunity to introduce members of the Columbia Borough Codes Compliance Department.”

police“The Persistent, Wide Racial Gap in Attitudes Toward the Police” Route Fifty

media“The Media Has A Probability Problem | The media’s demand for certainty — and its lack of statistical rigor — is a bad match for our complex world.”fivethirtyeight.com

Monday – 9-25-17

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mayors letterMayor blasts LNP – Always Lancster in letter-to-the-editor.

And in the very next letter below the mayor’s letter, Randy L. Herman of Manor Township echoes a similar sentiment. H-m-m.

kept in darkFILE PHOTO: A compressor station pumps natural gas into the Tennessee Pipeline in Dimock, Pa. (Katie Colaneri/StateImpact Pennsylvania).

What happens when government is not transparent: “Susquehanna County, public remained in dark about big methane leak.” | Think Equifax and government that only want favorable things said about them.

lots of targetsWhen everyone and everything is a target … who knows when, where and toward what or whom the next crazed lashout will be directed?

crazed“Trump Renews Debate Over National Anthem Protest, NFL Players Respond”NPR

NASCAR owners stand with POTUS – Business Insider

Why do people stand for the national anthem at sporting events? The Washington Post

Ever wonder who, besides POTUS, didn’t enlist in the United States military when they had the chance? We do.

Sanity remains in Germany … for the moment | Merkel wins fourth term but far-right populists make gains”Financial Times

Disrespecting the colors | people do it every day!Penn Live

vietnam burnsThe second week’s installments of The Vietnam War began last night; four more nights beginning tonight on WITF. This column: “Maybe President Trump should watch PBS” is a statement about the insanity of war without a reason.

“Wow. We have learned nothing!” cries the writer, Ann McFeatters.

lititz beer fest

amphitheaterSpringhettsbury Township’s amphitheater.

From the Municipal Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Elizabethtown’s “” Borough Council on Thursday approved a change order to the Community Park amphitheater project to construct a tiered seating area for spectators instead of the current arrangement of having people sit on the grassy hill. The new seating area should allow audiences to view performances more comfortably, adding value to the new stage being built to replace one that was in a flood-prone area.” 

newsosaur_web_w230In other news in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, the Lancaster County Land Bank Authority has this on its agenda: “resolution authorizing acquisition of 208-210 Locust St., in Columbia Borough.” This is the property formerly owned by the Biglers – the one that was falling down. The Land Bank’s website if chock full with Columbia property information. But the minutes of the most recent meetings are lacking – none since June despite two meetings announced to be held.

And the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority has this on its agenda: “Resolution approving a contract with the Lancaster County Land Bank Authority for the expenditure of Community Development Block Grant funds to acquire the residential property at 324 Union St., Columbia.”

Interestingly, at the Redevelopment Authority’s Website, the Land Bank’s meeting minutes from the July and August meetings are posted; this is from the August minutes: “Mr. Justin Eby said that the website will be kept up to date so if members have a question about any of the properties, they can find the most current information there.”
Mr. Justin Eby stated that 839 Blunston Street had just been closed on.”

Confused, yet?


Sunday – 9/24/17

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Lancaster County’s Inspections at Lancaster Online. – Yes, all food serving establishments have to be inspected. Interesting this week are the number of schools that were inspected including one with this in its report: “Non-food service workers, unauthorized personnel are entering kitchen to serve themselves soup.” Not suprisingly, the “mess hall” can turn into a watering hole without a qualified, assiduous dining facility supervisor.

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.

cowsIt’s the top of page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster and an excellent Lancaster Insider presentation: “‘Lancaster County would never be the same’: Complaints rise to top as Plain Sect dairy farmers struggle to survive.”

GRATE AGAINGrate, yes! Proud, no!

He’s not a role model for America’s children: “Donald Trump blasts NFL anthem protesters: ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field'” The Guardian

POLICE LOGFrom the Police Log in today’s LNP: Always Lancaster: a report from the Manheim Township Police Department: “Christopher S. Youst, 30, of Columbia, was charged with retail theft and theft by deception after he took four bottles of motor oil from a shelf, “returned” two bottles for $60.82 and stole the other two Sept. 19 at Walmart, 2030 Fruitville Pike, police said. Total loss was $118.18.”

mtpdAlso noticed the photo of the Manheim Township Police Department at its facebook page. Can this be the entire department (16 persons) that has responsibility for policing two townships – Manheim and Lancaster Township?

equifax jailWhy are the folks at the top of this mess not in prison? “After Massive Data Breach, Equifax Directed Customers To Fake Site”NPR

Library ground breaking.png



Saturday – 9/23/17

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cpd postCheck it out: Columbia Police Department facebook page.

Those roving throngs of hooligans are the topics of numerous facebook page strings and at Thursday evening’s School Board meeting, the District’s Director of Operations, Tom Strickler, said that there are non-students who are waiting for students at the bottom of the hill at the end of each day’s classes.

This facebook page (What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1) has posts from an ad hoc citizens’ group claiming “The Mayor and Chief are willing to meet with about a dozen of us in a week or two to discuss this further.”

posted at borough websiteLooking for employment? Look at the Columbia Borough Website. Ditto, LEGAL ADS now appear there, too.

sticks and stonesIsn’t is something to see the leaders of two nations calling each other names – heck of role-modeling for kids. What is a “dotard” anyway?


McCain knows what it is; of the 54 in the US Senate, only McCain, Susan Collins and a few others know the meaning of the word. Surely ours doesn’t – his drone-like subservience to party and the cash kings override courage.

And Lancaster County is “blessed” with its own subservient representative who spoke at “non-town hall” assemblies of “friendly faces.” – Lancaster Online

comcast letterIsn’t that special! Another “comcastic” complaint in a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

columbia events





Friday – 09/22/17

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9-22 legalHere’s a sad story. This LEGAL NOTICE appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Unless you buy the newspaper and read the little innocuous legal notices in the classified section (or see this post), you are in the dark. Columbia Borough has the luxury of communicating with its shareholders at its Website but does not!

museum dayTomorrow is “museum day live!” | “Museum Day Live! is an annual celebration of boundless curiosity hosted by Smithsonian magazine. Participating museums and cultural institutions across the country provide FREE entry to anyone presenting a Museum Day Live! ticket.”

Guess which museums in Columbia are part of the celebration? And in Wrightsville?

pa leaves

Goodbye, Summer of 2017, but this is the first day of fall and “Pa. expected to have great foliage this fall”WITF| find how where and when here.

millersvilleAlt-right flyers at Millersville University, Elizabethtown College and other Pennsylvania campuses.Keystone Crossroads

In this photo illustration, a Facebook logo on a computer screen is seen through a magnifying glass held by a woman in BernFacebook: a powerful medium for the right reasons: “Dad of bullied son takes to Facebook, pleads with parents to teach compassion, love”Penn Live


Thursday – 9/21/17 | part II

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grate again“‘Yup, We’re Embarrassed Too’: Viral Photo Shows WH Chief of Staff John Kelly Face-Palming During Trump’s UN Speech”People magazine

Madness and “delusional” commentary reminiscent of the rantings of another megalomaniac.

paul quoteAs the Republican sycophants try to push through yet another poorly prepared repeal and replace agenda, “Republicans rip Rand for rejecting Obamacare repeal | And the Kentucky senator is just fine with that.” – Politico

Want to “shake your head?” Read this vox.com piece: “GOP senators are rushing to pass Graham-Cassidy. We asked 9 to explain what it does.”

Remember this at the next several elections!

suicide“Suicide and self-harm remain taboo topics in schools, despite the fact youth suicide has reached a ten year high.”The Conversation

toilet-paper-2613704__340Sometimes it isn’t what it looks like … this post at a local facebook page: “Saturday , our daughter … treated us all to Lunch at Shady Maple, as i was going into restroom , this guy ,about 76 hurried out, didn’t take me long to see why, 1. he stuffed paper in the toilet ,and 2. he tried to do the sink also but i came in. I opened them both up.” has a string of comments, but one especially lucid one, “Maybe he has dementia or a brain injury.”

Alzheimers and related diseases are not funny and the commenter’s point may be accurate. Here’s an informative guide “Understanding and supporting a person with dementia.”

5th fridayFive Fridays in one month only occurs a few times a year. HeritagePA has decided to use those days to encourage Pennsylvanians to take in the history and heritage of their region. During each 5th Friday through the end of 2018, there will be community events held throughout the different heritage areas. Here’s ours: Susquehanna Heritage Area:
* Zimmerman Center for Heritage – The Zimmerman Center will extend its regular weekend programming to include HeritagePA’s 5th Friday.
* Columbia Crossing River Trails Center – Current Color: A Year on the River is a special exhibit presenting the work of local artist Diana Thomas. –
News release

walking“The U.S. just got really bad grades in walking” Futurity

islamophopia“Islamophobia Isn’t About Them; It’s About Us”Franklin & Marshall College

woman-covering-mouth2_1600-971x647“Middle-aged Americans report tooth trouble”Futurity





Thursday – 9/21/17

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price of waterA Borough e-blast reminding citizens to attend one of the hearings about the price of water.

newsletterAt the recent borough council meeting, the borough newsletter was listed as a communication initiative. September’s reaching the two-thirds’ gone mark and no Fall newsletter is it yet available online. In the two previous years, the Fall newsletters were posted in early September.

senior resourcesA Webpage at the Borough Website directs readers to a Website that’s only slightly helpful and somewhat out-of-date. A better, up-to-date and more accurate Website for Senior Resources is the Lancaster County Office of Aging.

resource directory

Another resource with up-to-date information is On-Line Publishers, Inc. Located next-door in West Hempfield Township, the locally owned company produces numerous senior living guides in print and online.

borough movieAnother borough e-blast reminding citizens about Saturday’s “Movie at River Park.”

27 movie nightSpeaking of movies, this one’s going to be shown at the Library.



The U.S. Census Bureau announced recently that real median household income increased by 3.2 percent between 2015 and 2016, while the official poverty rate decreased 0.8 percentage points. At the same time, the percentage of people without health insurance coverage decreased.

Median household income in the United States in 2016 was $59,039, an increase in real terms of 3.2 percent from the 2015 median income of $57,230. This is the second consecutive annual increase in median household income.

The nation’s official poverty rate in 2016 was 12.7 percent, with 40.6 million people in poverty, 2.5 million fewer than in 2015. The 0.8 percentage point decrease from 2015 to 2016 represents the second consecutive annual decline in poverty. The 2016 poverty rate is not statistically different from the 2007 rate (12.5 percent), the year before the most recent recession.

Tuesday – 9/19/17

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SCHOOLBOARDMEETINGThe Agenda for the Thursday night School Board meeting is posted. This is just one of the advances that the joint services agreement has produced: on time, before the meetings, agendas that citizens can see and review.

WARFARE STATEWhere are we going? “In a rare act of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill, the Senate passed a $700 billion defense policy bill on Monday that sets forth a muscular vision of America as a global power, with a Pentagon budget that far exceeds what President Trump has asked for.” – The New York Times

will quote.jpgThis George Will column in The Washington Post (‘The Vietnam War’ is a masterpiece — and a model for assessing our history) is another look at the mis-steps to the Vietnam experience.

We revere the subtitle at The Washington Post Website: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Without newspapers and online publications willing to seek truth and shine light into every corner – there is no democracy.

seasonsOn Friday – It’s the Fall Equinox; the first day of fall begins at 4:02 pm. – The Old Farmers’ Almanac

No more mortgage deductions on federal taxes? That and more are being considered by the Senate.The Star-Advertiser, Honolulu

The Shame of the Mortgage-Interest Deduction: It’s not just a failure of housing policy. It’s a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the American tax code.”The Atlantic magazine

facebook privacy

Communicating with the public | According to the Municipal Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, in Marietta a councilwoman and public outreach committee member, ” Leah Nagle brought up the possibility of the borough setting up its own Facebook page. She said there are 3,000 people in the Marietta area who are active on Facebook. Council decided to try some test posts by posting to the Facebook page entitled “17547,” a page dedicated to Marietta but not affiliated with the borough.”


legal 9-12This second publication LEGAL NOTICE appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster AND still does not appear at the borough’s LEGAL NOTICES page at the Website. Despite all the chatter about communications, yet the borough does not use its own FREE resources to inform citizens who may not read LNP – Always Lancaster especially the LEGAL NOTICES section.

Monday’s messages – 9/18/17

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exclamation-point-507768_960_720Truth in labeling! The owner of Aberrant Investments LLC is on the agenda at the Historical Architectural Review Board of the Borough of Columbia at it’s Wednesday evening meeting according to an item in the Government Calendar in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Several county school districts have their board of directors meeting agendas summarized in the Government Calendar, too. Columbia’s is not one of them. That agenda for Thursday night’s board meeting should, though, be posted at the Website soon.

The unattended Columbia Borough School District splash page though remains out-of-date as it proclaims: “SCHOOL CLOSED September 1 and September 4, 2017″ (Fixed; thanks!)

Another letter writer claims: “The Washington Post titled ‘School quality has mighty influence on neighborhood choice, home values,’ the president of Homes.com, David Mele, is quoted as saying that ‘we know there’s a direct correlation between school quality and home values that’s pretty dramatic.’

market chatterThe above post from the facebook page, What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1, begins a string that includes the above screen print. There’s nothing at the Columbia Market House Website – or its facebook page – about this, but it may be a discussion topic at the Public Works/Property Committee meeting on September 19, 2017

pollutedA letter to the editor writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster asks: “Also, there are a lot of public sewer treatment plants spewing into the rivers. Who knows what else is illegally dumped into our waterways?”

Great point! Who knows how much unchecked raw sewage is directed into The River?

lawsuit“New trend among government agencies: Filing lawsuits against those seeking public records.”USNews.com

dominoesBurns’ Vietnam: the first program – It was about dominoes, as the US just coming out of Korea and World War II feared the prospect of communism and wanted to stop it everywhere. Following the French colonialism, US warriors were asked to side with the puppet regimes against a foe that wanted only to have its nation.

“Ho Chi Minh asked the Americans to honor their commitment to independence, citing the Atlantic Charter and the U.N. Charter on self-determination. However, by the end of the war, the U.S. government had begun to redirect its foreign policy from the wartime goal of the liberation of all occupied countries and colonies to the postwar anti-communist crusade, which became the Cold War.” – Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Tonight on WITF at 8:00: President Kennedy and his advisors wrestle with how deeply to get involved in South Vietnam. As the increasingly autocratic Diem regime faces a growing communist insurgency and widespread Buddhist protests, a grave political crisis unfolds.”

up-downIncomes are up. Poverty is down. And job openings have hit a record high. But if the economy is so wonderful, why are so many Americans still feeling left behind?” The New York Times

“The middle class is back — or so it seems.”The Washington Post

It still hurts when filling the gas tank on a 1992 Camry costs 20 percent more than it did just two months ago.