Saturday’s news items [We’re #1 in taxes!; police log & more] – 7/7/18

highestThe page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster shows Columbia school district taxes now have surpassed Lancaster’s and Octorara’s making the district the one with the highest school taxation in Lancaster County.

In today’s POLICE LOG | “WEST HEMPFIELD TWP.: Kearia O. Moore, 28, of Columbia, on June 8 was charged after placing $143.05 in unauthorized charges on someone else’s credit card between Dec. 20 and 30, 2017, police said.” – LNP – Always Lancaster

A woman and her husband are talking in Red Lion. | Funny arrest in Red Lion.The York Daily Record

“Hey, there’s a naked guy out back,” she said.

He said, “Yeah, whatever.”

trump-babyTrump baby peaceful protest“Giant ‘Trump Baby’ could fly over London for president’s visit”BBC

BBBB - St. Peter 8 1-2 x 11

$10, one-way promotional fares through July 14. | Express bus service takes patrons from York to New York in 4 hours” Central Penn Business Journal


“Pa.’s American Legion celebration in Harrisburg to mark 100th anniversary”Penn Live

“Police find reports of shooting in Ephrata false, investigation found it was accidental” ABC27News

Exodus continues | “Another abc27 journalist, Miranda Ruiz, will be leaving the station”Penn Live

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  1. I wonder where Columbia schools rate on the poverty index. Wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t have the most poverty and the highest taxes. In addition, 25% of Columbia students are classified as special education. I doubt there is a “successful” school system anywhere that face these challenges; if there is we need to find it and study it closely. More money is not the answer; there is no more to give at least not from higher property taxes.

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