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today’s news … Monday, October 10

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Today’s Weather!   Today in History! Rts. 30 & 441 Traffic Cam! The Official Time!

Quote for today“Since we can no longer trust our elected representatives to represent us rather than their large donors, we are creating a microcosm of what democracy really looks like,” reads a flier (at the Occupy Wall Street protest rally).

  • BHI Properties “buy Columbia” continues … “USA Housing & Urban Development conveyed 823 Blunston St. to BHI Properties LLC for $35,110.” – Lancaster Sunday News
  • Know what happens in Columbia and how it impacts you … plan to attend the monthly Council meeting tonight at 7:00 pmSee all the Borough’s committee and board meetings.
  • PennDOT press release about bridge lane closure: “Eastbound Route 30 on the Wrights Ferry Bridge over the Susquehanna River between York and Lancaster Counties will be reduced to one lane for the daytime hours between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. today, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 10 – 13, weather permitting. In other words, the right eastbound lane has been closed to traffic and eastbound motorists are now restricted to the “express lane” across the bridge. Eastbound motorists are reminded they cannot exit for Route 441 from the express lane – to reach Route 441, they need to either exit before reaching the bridge and take Route 462 over the river, or they need to go beyond the exit for Route 441 and take the next exit at Prospect Road. The traffic restriction on the bridge is necessary to limit vibrations on the bridge as newly-poured concrete cures and also for the replacement of bridge bearings.” Click here to read the entire release.
  • Letter to the editor about the failure of flood insurance Intelligencer Journal/New Era
  • How much will this plan cost Columbia taxpayers? “School boards throughout Lancaster County will vote this month on two Lancaster County Career & Technology Center proposals, Read the rest of this entry »

ProPublica: “Our Guide to Obama’s Floundering Foreclosure Programs”

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This article is part of an ongoing investigation by ProPublica.com.

More than 6 million Americans are behind on their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. Housing prices have continued to drop, and many neighborhoods across the U.S. are filled with foreclosed homes.

What exactly has the administration done in the face of such historic need? We’ve put together a guide to the administration’s major efforts to help homeowners, laying out the promise of each and how they’ve actually performed.

It’s a sobering list. Obama himself has called his approach to the foreclosure crisis one of his biggest mistakes dealing with the recession. Overall, the foreclosure programs have failed to reach more than a fraction of the homeowners they were designed to help.

Here are the depressing details:

Programs That Have Been Enacted

Plan: Help millions of homeowners by encouraging servicers to lower mortgage payments

Obama launched his “homeowner bailout,”Making Home Affordable, in the spring of 2009, with the aim of helping at least 3 million to 4 million homeowners avoid foreclosure. The program gives banks and other mortgage servicers modest incentives to adjust the terms of mortgages so that homeowners who can’t afford their current monthly payments can stay in their homes.

Reality: Mistakes, lost documents, lax oversight; billions remain unspent

As we’ve detailed, the program has been marked by deep disfunction. Mortgage servicers mishandled cases, made errors and lost documents, while government Read the rest of this entry »

a snapshot of Columbia in 1983 with a description of the Market House

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In 1983, a consortium of concerned citizens filed a “nomination form” application to the United States Department of Interior, National Parks Service, National Register of Historic Places Inventory to have “an irregular 22 block area … inclusion in the National Register and certify that it has been evaluated according to the criteria and procedures set forth by the National Park Service.”

Very early photo of Market House, not from 1983.

“Columbia Historic District is important because it illustrates two centuries of the town’s growth and development as a key transportation and industrial center in south-central Pennsylvania. Starting with the establishment of Wrights Ferry in 1730, Columbia served as a: key to river, canal, rail and road travel, and as a result, the Community developed transshipment and industrial facilities to capitalize on the relatively easy access to major urban areas & markets.

“In addition, from its earliest settlements, Columbia and its leaders aided & influenced settlement & emigrations to adjacent York County & beyond. The district is also important for its well preserved 18th, 19th, & .20th century architecture, the high quality of which reflects Columbia’s prosperity & prominence.”

“Situated on the eastern bank of the Susquehanna River, amid rich farm county, Columbia occupies a gently sloping landscape where the river widens to, almost a mile’s breadth  presenting a peaceful lake-like appearance dotted by small islands, The harmony is broken by the busy traffic of the Read the rest of this entry »