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Saturday – 9/23/17

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cpd postCheck it out: Columbia Police Department facebook page.

Those roving throngs of hooligans are the topics of numerous facebook page strings and at Thursday evening’s School Board meeting, the District’s Director of Operations, Tom Strickler, said that there are non-students who are waiting for students at the bottom of the hill at the end of each day’s classes.

This facebook page (What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1) has posts from an ad hoc citizens’ group claiming “The Mayor and Chief are willing to meet with about a dozen of us in a week or two to discuss this further.”

posted at borough websiteLooking for employment? Look at the Columbia Borough Website. Ditto, LEGAL ADS now appear there, too.

sticks and stonesIsn’t is something to see the leaders of two nations calling each other names – heck of role-modeling for kids. What is a “dotard” anyway?


McCain knows what it is; of the 54 in the US Senate, only McCain, Susan Collins and a few others know the meaning of the word. Surely ours doesn’t – his drone-like subservience to party and the cash kings override courage.

And Lancaster County is “blessed” with its own subservient representative who spoke at “non-town hall” assemblies of “friendly faces.” – Lancaster Online

comcast letterIsn’t that special! Another “comcastic” complaint in a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

columbia events





Monday’s messages – 9/18/17

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exclamation-point-507768_960_720Truth in labeling! The owner of Aberrant Investments LLC is on the agenda at the Historical Architectural Review Board of the Borough of Columbia at it’s Wednesday evening meeting according to an item in the Government Calendar in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Several county school districts have their board of directors meeting agendas summarized in the Government Calendar, too. Columbia’s is not one of them. That agenda for Thursday night’s board meeting should, though, be posted at the Website soon.

The unattended Columbia Borough School District splash page though remains out-of-date as it proclaims: “SCHOOL CLOSED September 1 and September 4, 2017″ (Fixed; thanks!)

Another letter writer claims: “The Washington Post titled ‘School quality has mighty influence on neighborhood choice, home values,’ the president of Homes.com, David Mele, is quoted as saying that ‘we know there’s a direct correlation between school quality and home values that’s pretty dramatic.’

market chatterThe above post from the facebook page, What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1, begins a string that includes the above screen print. There’s nothing at the Columbia Market House Website – or its facebook page – about this, but it may be a discussion topic at the Public Works/Property Committee meeting on September 19, 2017

pollutedA letter to the editor writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster asks: “Also, there are a lot of public sewer treatment plants spewing into the rivers. Who knows what else is illegally dumped into our waterways?”

Great point! Who knows how much unchecked raw sewage is directed into The River?

lawsuit“New trend among government agencies: Filing lawsuits against those seeking public records.”USNews.com

dominoesBurns’ Vietnam: the first program – It was about dominoes, as the US just coming out of Korea and World War II feared the prospect of communism and wanted to stop it everywhere. Following the French colonialism, US warriors were asked to side with the puppet regimes against a foe that wanted only to have its nation.

“Ho Chi Minh asked the Americans to honor their commitment to independence, citing the Atlantic Charter and the U.N. Charter on self-determination. However, by the end of the war, the U.S. government had begun to redirect its foreign policy from the wartime goal of the liberation of all occupied countries and colonies to the postwar anti-communist crusade, which became the Cold War.” – Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Tonight on WITF at 8:00: President Kennedy and his advisors wrestle with how deeply to get involved in South Vietnam. As the increasingly autocratic Diem regime faces a growing communist insurgency and widespread Buddhist protests, a grave political crisis unfolds.”

up-downIncomes are up. Poverty is down. And job openings have hit a record high. But if the economy is so wonderful, why are so many Americans still feeling left behind?” The New York Times

“The middle class is back — or so it seems.”The Washington Post

It still hurts when filling the gas tank on a 1992 Camry costs 20 percent more than it did just two months ago.

“Ken Burns: How Vietnam War sowed the seeds of a divided America” – The Guardian

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vietnam 3“An image from the first episode of Ken Burns’ 18-hour documentary The Vietnam War, which premieres on America’s Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) on Sunday Photograph: BBC”

It’s going to hurt! Watching The Vietnam War is going to be a journey into truth because Ken Burns tries to be a truth seeker in this 10-part chronicle of an American adventure into an abyss.

There’ll be those (RWNJs) who will say Burns’ effort is blasphemous and anti-American. Among them are those who have not tried to understood the history – those who have only a minuscule understanding of the machinations of elected public servants and their relationships with “those who write the rules.”

This Guardian article is excellent reading.

Here are several more articles worth reading:

How the Pentagon tried to cure America of its ‘Vietnam syndrome’”

“Vietnam War: Who was right about what went wrong – and why it matters in Afghanistan”

How Vietnam dramatically changed our views on honor and war”

“During Vietnam War, music spoke to both sides of a divided nation”

The Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War

There were those who were passive bystanders; they neither served on either of the sides in a divided nation.

“‘For those Americans who fought in it and those who fought against it back home, as well as those who merely glimpsed it on the evening news, the Vietnam War was a decade of agony, the most divisive period since the Civil War.’

Vietnam seemed to call everything into question: the value of honor and gallantry, the qualities of cruelty and mercy, the candor of the American government and what it means to be a patriot. And those who lived through it have never been able to erase its memory, have never stopped arguing about what really happened, why everything went so badly wrong, who was to blame and whether it was all worth it.” – The Miami Herald



Thursday – 9/14/17

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lidlYeah, it’s good news that the food shopping experiences are really blossoming. It looks like Lidl will be coming to Lancaster County with two stores – one on Lincoln Highway East and one on Columbia Avenue on the northeast corner of Columbia Avenue and Good Drive. And Whole Foods and Wegman’s are coming, too.

Staid, local grocers will have to step up their games.

documentation1020 Cloverton Drive residents read statement at last night’s council meeting (audio files)”

what columbia needs“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”

What Columbia Needs Now … one person’s “humble opinion on where the massive change many us us know needs to take place can start.”

UNDER RUGSocial media can be an informative form of “digital intelligence “ | Comments as this – some with long strings – appear at these Columbia facebook pages: What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1 and You know you’re from Columbia PA if….

LIP news notesLIP News: “All White Jury”

position changeLIP News also reports: “UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** RODA DEMOTED?”

magnifiedPositive community communications … MAGNIFIED! | “Red-balloon pranksters spend a merry half-hour in a Lititz jail cell after ‘It’ spoof goes viral “Lancaster Online

ask the candidatesBright Side Opportunities Center at 2:00 pm


18 preschoolnursing home ICSIt’s not the first time! Columbia news, views & reviews has written about this before.

Yet eight people in a Florida nursing and rehabilitation facility died as a result of ineffective leadership.

This facility, and others, are required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to implement plans and practice for “those never gonna’ happen – but do” events. They’re provided with “internal planning scenarios” (complete with guides); the scenarios include:

  • Scenario 08: Internal Flooding
  • Scenario 09: Loss of Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Scenario 10: Loss of Power
  • Scenario 11: Loss of Water
  • Scenario 12: Severe Weather

Gee, did any of these incidents happen? Did the facility diligently have a plan? Did the facility practice the plan? Did the facility prepare to execute the plan? We doubt it.

The facility’s Website is still in marketing mode with NOTHING about the tragedy; that’s brazen, heartless and certainly, not communicative. It’s facebook page has been shut down.



Monday morning – 9/11/17

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9-11 remembranceSOURCE: Brindle Media

WATER HIKECome to the meeting to find out the justification for the huge rate increase requests – PUC schedules Sept. 27 hearings on Columbia Water Co. rate increase request Lancaster Online

update the website

council meeting

Look for “a formal ‘Officer Introduction’ to the community at the September 11 Council Meeting” is an item at the meeting minutes for the 8-9-17 Safety Committee Meeting Minutes.

The borough’s recycling revenues have “steadily declined (2014: $15,000, 2015: $8,000) from the expected amount ($20,000+)” according to the Public Works Committee Minutes 8-15-17.

From the Finance_Committee’s August meeting minutes:

  • Request to approve allocating $50,000 per year for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019, for a total commitment of $150,000, to the Columbia Public Library for their building expansion Capital campaign will be forwarded to Council for consideration of approval at the September 11, 2017 Council meeting.
  • Request to approve a request from Our Home of Hope to waive the $45 permit fee for repairs to their personal care facility at 223-225 Cherry St. will be forwarded to Council for consideration of approval at the September 11, 2017.
  • Request to approve authorizing the borough solicitor to engage an agreement of sale with JayDesh Properties, LLC for purchase of 400 Locust St. at a price of $75,000 will be forwarded to Council for consideration of approval at the September 11, 2017 Council meeting. 
  • Motion to approve the write-off of 8 Open Invoices with a total amount relieved of $1,276.37 will be forwarded to Council for consideration of approval at the September 11, 2017 Council meeting.

NO MINUTES.jpgNothing? No meeting minutes are posted at the borough website.

well well wellJust look and prayers are answered. The Community Development Committee Minutes finally have made it to the borough Website … just in time for tonight’s council meeting.

rooseveltThere’s an intriguing quote in an obituary in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. 67 year-old Michael Brown, a Vietnam veteran, died of of “Agent Orange related cancer.” The obituary notice also states, “As a returning combat veteran, Michael struggled with PTSD, but found relief in following Teddy Roosevelt’s advice that ‘black care rarely stays with a rider whose pace is fast enough.’

Many dispute the attribution of quotes to famous personalities; we don’t know, but President Theodore Roosevelt has so many reasonable quotes attributed to him at Brainy Quote – take a few minutes  to read them.

We do, however, like this quote from his speech to veterans in Springfield, IL on July 4, 1903: “A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have.”

altoona blightA blighted house was taken down in Altoona. – KATE LAO SHAFFNER / WPSU File Image

“Altoona Forms Task Force To Fight City’s Blight Problems”WPSV




Sunday – 9/10/17 – part 2.

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black teachers.pngThink white Americans and black Americans have the same outlook? The same experiences? How many black teachers did you have during your elementary, middle and high school years? “Teaching topic of race is its own topic” is a page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

World Suicide Prevention Day Observed In KashmirToday is “World Suicide Prevention Day: How to ‘Take a Minute, Change a Life’”Metro

take backfrom a facebook post at “You know you’re from Columbia PA if” facebook page.

NOTE: Appears this planned meeting venue has been changed according to facebook posts: “Sorry about my last post and after some thought decided to continue the meeting for those seeking to help solve some of the problems in Columbia. This is just a preliminary meeting to see how many are interested, bring your thoughts and ideas. From there we will take it a step further. Many expressed changing the location, it will now be in the park by Park Elementary school at 6 pm. Hope to see many people there”

This elegy starts a string at the same facebook page:

I am sad to see “Our beloved little town” being broken down piece by piece.

I am sad that our children cannot walk home from school without seeing a fight every week.

I am sad that our neighbors are afraid to sit on their front porch.

I am sad that we “The People” feel like they need to matters into their own hands.

I am sad that no one volunteers to help make the children of our community better people.

I am sad that my children may not have the memories that I have of “Our Beloved Little Town” but only of violence.

But I AM PROUD to say that I am from Columbia, “Our Beloved Little Town.” And this town has made me the person that I am today. COLUMBIA PROUD!!!


grave concern

Grave Concern will be holding a quarterly public meeting and program on Wednesday  September 20,  7:00 PM at the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Road – Route 30 East Lancaster, PA 17602-1499 – (717) 393-9745.

“I’ve Finished My Race” – Cemeteries and Funeral Traditions at the Ephrata Cloister

presented by Michael S. Showalter, Museum Educator at the historic Ephrata Cloister.  

This meeting is free and open to the public. Grave Concern is an organization dedicated to the history, preservation and restoration of historical burial places. – news release


Family First Health’s Center of Excellence provides patients with substance use disorders the support they need to reach, and maintain recovery. The team links patients to community resources and support services, and then walks alongside each patient to ensure that critical needs are met and that the patient remains in care for as long as needed. The goal – to give each patient the supports needed to get, and stay healthy.

The program began in 2016, with Family First Health’s Hanover Center and George Street Center offices. On September 12, 2017, Family First Health will begin offering these services to patients in our Columbia Center office. Services at these three locations include:

  • Support and medical care coordinated with the primary care provider.
  • Access to a comprehensive care management team comprised of case managers, recovery support specialists, and a licensed clinical social worker.
  • Customized support to navigate the care system and get to/maintain recovery.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to support sustained recovery.

For more information regarding the Center of Excellence, substance use treatment program, please call the program manager, Erin Cosgrove-Findley at 717-801-4864. – news release

TH pumpkinTurkey Hill’s Pumpkin Pie Premium Ice Cream Pumps Up the Fall Flavor

LANCASTER, PA, September, 2017—Delicious seasonal flavor reminiscent of homemade pumpkin pie will soon return to a nationally known Lancaster County favorite—Turkey Hill Ice Cream—but only for a limited time.

Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie Premium Ice Cream, a limited-edition recipe from Turkey Hill Dairy, starts with a rich, creamy base flavored with pumpkin puree and spices you would expect to find in a homemade pumpkin pie—like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. A cinnamon graham cracker swirl adds a crusty touch to complete the taste sensation of a slice of pie in one delicious scoop of ice cream.

“In many families, it’s a tradition to pair a scoop of ice cream with a slice of pumpkin pie—so why not put it all together in one delicious dessert?” said Kim Hertzog, Public Relations Manager, Turkey Hill Minit Markets. “It’s a fast and easy way to enjoy the taste of a classic treat any time, without all the effort of baking a pie. Just scoop and enjoy. But remember: Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie Premium Ice Cream will be available for a limited time only.” – news release

Don Williams dies at 78The New York Times



Sunday – 9/10/17 | part 1.

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An article in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster stated: “Superintendent Bob Hollister will return to Elanco full-time beginning in January, officials in the Columbia School District announced at a school board meeting Thursday night.”

That’s curious, because folks who attended the meeting have contacted us to say  that no open discussion about that topic was discussed at the meeting. That poses questions about open public transparency, extracurricular activities, media “leaks” and more.

And other questions such as:

  1. What will be the status of the director of operations position?
  2. That position’s salary is being paid by Eastern Lancaster County School District; which district will pay it after January 1, 2018?
  3. When will the terms of the agreements for “technology, business, and human resources services with Columbia at an annual cost of about $280,000” be released to ALL media for Columbia’s tax payers see?
  4. What happens if Elanco’s board does not vote to accept the “shared services agreements proposed Monday?”

(Due to a work commitment, Columbia news, views& reviews was unable to attend the Columbia Borough School District committee of the whole meeting last Thursday night.)

walk with a cop

Took the above photo of the “REALLY GOOD IDEA” posted on the community bulletin board at the Lebanon Farmer’s Market. Chief Todd Breiner told us the response has been “really good.” He said it’s a really positive way to build community connection with the Lebanon Police Department.

Lebanon’s facebook page is a diary of positive communications with its citizens, businesses, partners and visitors.

transparencySeems to be happening not only here | Equifax breach sows chaos among 143M Americans. | “A day after credit-reporting company Equifax disclosed that “criminals” had stolen vital data about 143 million Americans, it had somehow managed to leave much of the public in the dark (FOR MORE THAN TWO MONTHS) about their exposure, how they should protect themselves and what Equifax planned to do for those affected.”

The bastards at Equifax not only let bad guys steal our identity information – they don’t sound the alarm for months! Why do our elected public servants think there’s nothing wrong about this?

“If you want to know if you were one of the 143 million people whose data was breached in a hack of Equifax’s data, the company has a website you can use to find out — but there appears to be a catch: To check, you have to agree to give up your legal right to sue the company for damages. The outrage that clause has now generated could complicate the company’s efforts — backed by Republican lawmakers — to block an imminent rule that would ban companies from forcing customers to agree to such provisions.” – International Business Times


Lancaster County’s Inspections at Lancaster Online. – GOOD POINT – law makers work hard to pass new dog laws but wont do anything to force these places to comply or shut down !!– a comment following the article. 

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.

SPEWERDumass spewer of trash “not-news” | “Rush Limbaugh is Fleeing Florida, Two Days After Ranting That Hurricane Irma Was a Liberal Hoax” News Corpse

Invitation and information

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better use


No safety alerts – but lobbying initiative is OK

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Columbia Borough is lobbying its citizens; this message was sent to citizens via its email alert system:

lobbyHere’s the text of the message:

Action Alert: Please contact your PA House members today and ask them to stop the pending raid on state funding committed to conservation, recreation, and preservation projects across Pennsylvania, including important projects right here in the Susquehanna Riverlands. Click here to find contact info for your House member: goo.gl/j3gBHz

We fully support the statement below from the PA Growing Greener Coalition and have joined the sign-in letter to our legislators with the same message:

Coalition Statement on ‘Taxpayer Caucus’ Budget Proposal

(HARRISBURG, PA) The Pennsylvania Growing Greener Coalition, the largest coalition of conservation, recreation and preservation organizations in the Commonwealth, today issued the following statement from Executive Director Andrew Heath in response to the ‘Taxpayer Caucus’ budget proposal.

“Today, a handful of Republican House members presented a revenue proposal that relies heavily on special fund transfers, including transfers from Growing Greener Environmental Stewardship Fund, the Keystone Recreation, Park & Conservation Fund and the Agriculture Conservation Easement Fund. Each of these funds provide critical investments in local communities in order to address a growing list of conservation, recreation and preservation challenges facing the state.

By raiding these accounts, this group of legislators discount the critical work being accomplished and the jobs these projects produce. These are not just numbers on a page – these are real Pennsylvanians who will be affected. These funds go towards protecting our water, building our community parks and trails, maintaining our state parks and forests, protecting our family farms, promoting our state’s heritage and tourism, and much more.

It is unclear, at this time, just how many Pennsylvania businesses and communities will be affected if this proposal is accepted.

It is also unclear whether the proposal would target previously dedicated funds for state and local parks, farm and open space conservation, environmental protection and other community projects. Many of the account balances referenced by the House members include funds obligated to projects, but not yet dispersed.

This proposal misses the mark of addressing the real budget issues facing the state.”

In addition to the statement released today, the Coalition distributed a sign-on letter to House members last week urging them to reject environmental special fund transfers. The letter garnered the support of more than 125 organization and community leaders, along with 34 County Commissioners. A copy of the letter can be found on the Coalition website at: https://pagrowinggreener.org/2803-2/

While there was a recent public safety communication gap of more than a few days, and little open communication about other issues that citizens want and seek, this lobbying effort is evidently important  enough to someone to use the email alert system.

Thursday – 9/7/17

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borough communicationsCommunication about happenings in Columbia is possible!

Lititz Borough’s Police Department’s facebook posts are garnering lots of eyes, minds & hearts | “Lititz Police post light-hearted response after red balloons tied to storm grates reference Stephen King’s ‘It’”Lancaster Online

Don’t worry no clowns here in Lititz just 5 teenage girls having fun!FOX43-TV

ElectoralCollege2016The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Your state’s entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators.” – WikiPediA

“Is the Electoral College Doomed? | There’s a campaign to kill off the antique institution, and it’s further along than you think.”The Atlantic

bffNew BFF’s | POTUS’s “new best friends in Congress are Nancy and Chuck.”The Atlantic

TRUTHBREAKING: POTUS “Says Something That’s Actually True – Hurricane Irma Will Be ‘Not Good’”News Corpse

sheriff candidateLancaster Independent Press (LIP News) makes a statement about the financial strife of Christopher R. Leppler. | Leppler is the Republican Committee’s “nominee on this November’s local election ballot to replace ousted Sheriff Mark Reese,” according to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

MUNICIPAL BRIEFSLNP – Always Lancaster (today)

In Lititz, “Borough Council unanimously approved zoning amendments that provide potential to expand the central business district … to entice developers to build homes for a range of incomes …”

Borough leaders felt that more could be done to ensure Lititz remains an appealing place to live, work, shop and play.

But one resident worried, ““I don’t want Lititz to change. It scares the heck out of me.”

newspaper demos“Around half of newspaper readers rely only on print edition”Pew Research Center Content in letters-to-the editors in newspapers largely reflect traditional, from-another-era ideologies and myths, it seems to us.

grandparents-dayNational Grandparents Day 2017: Sept. 10 – In 1970, Marian McQuade initiated a campaign to establish a day to honor grandparents. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a federal proclamation, declaring the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. To honor our nation’s grandparents, the U.S. Census Bureau presents statistics about their role in American society as caregivers of their grandchildren.

Grandparents as Caregivers:

7.3 million | The number of grandparents whose grandchildren under age 18 were living with them in 2015.

2.6 million | The number of grandparents responsible for the basic needs of one or more grandchild under age 18 living with them in 2015. Of these caregivers, 1.6 million were grandmothers and 1.0 million were grandfathers.

509,922 | The number of grandparents responsible for grandchildren under age 18 whose income was below the poverty level in the past 12 months, compared with the 2.1 million grandparent caregivers whose income was at or above the poverty level.

642,852 | The number of grandparents who had a disability and were responsible for their grandchildren.