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It just gets scarier and scarier!

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“White House Bars CNN, NYT, LAT, Politico From Briefing” Deadline

… and “that’s how dictators get started.”

government integrity for sale

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Ah, those elected public servants and their sycophant drones. Anything for a buck or a trip to Turkey. They’ll sell their souls to make a buck or to find another country to invade or another leader to depose.

And in a while, this kind of information may be really hard to find as alternative truth manages to rise to the top and float, kind of like turds do.

For now though, thoughtful, resourceful and untainted news sources as The Center for Public Integrity shares information as this.

“Air Force Secretary nominee helped a major defense contractor lobby for more federal funds”

“Scores of state lawmakers took trips subsidized by controversial Turkish opposition movement | Gulen groups are connected to U.S. charter school network overseen by legislators”

“The Center for Public Integrity was founded in 1989 by Charles Lewis. We are one of the country’s oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations. Our mission: To serve democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public and private institutions, using the tools of investigative journalism.”

“Exploiting black labor after the abolition of slavery” – The Conversation

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prisonersConvicts leased to harvest timber in Florida around 1915.

“The U.S. criminal justice system is riven by racial disparity.

“The Obama administration pursued a plan to reform it. An entire news organization, The Marshall Project, was launched in late 2014 to cover it. Organizations like Black Lives Matter and The Sentencing Project are dedicated to unmaking a system that unjustly targets people of color.

“But how did we get this system in the first place? Our ongoing historical research project investigates the relationship between the press and convict labor. While that story is still unfolding, we have learned what few Americans, especially white Americans, know: the dark history that produced our current criminal justice system.

“If anything is to change – if we are ever to ‘end this racial nightmare, and achieve our country,’ as James Baldwin put it – we must confront this system and the blighted history that created it.”

Click here to continue reading this article at The Conversation.

“”The possibility of war increases”

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Think the actions by the POTUS are unnoticed? This is scary stuff.

“US-China war increasingly a ‘reality,’ Chinese army official says”CNN

Somebody once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

The promise | “I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.”

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trump-speechDonald Trump’s Victory SpeechThe New York Times

Click on the above link to watch the speech and to read the transcript.

Who said … ?

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who said

Yeah, you think? Duh?

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“serious problems in both the decisions to go to war and in the bungled occupation — planning for which, it deemed, was ‘wholly inadequate’ — that followed the ousting of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.”

That comment’s coming from some “after the fact” introspection of Great Britain’s involvement in a war that never should have been fought. This Washington Post article states how the nation “gets it now” that Saddam Hussein posed no real threat to the war-thirsty western nations.

From a Columbia news, views and reviews opinion – August, 2013

It’s just a national shame, for Great Britain and for the United States, that those in authority in the US then (and those elected public servants in Congress who cast “yes” votes) allowed the US to be suckered down the path to war.

Read the Executive summary of the Iraq inquiry.


rainy day – spring cleaning

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ok some time today to try to get rid of some items, including lots of paper … the result of collecting of mostly “insignifica” – – articles, instruction booklets and the mostly meaningless stuff that men tend to hang onto.

It’s time, we reasoned to get rid of stuff and bow to Grandma’s “spring cleaning” idea.

So lots of items are going into the “shred box.” Among the items are the printed article, “The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism.” Of the miracles of modernity that can be forgotten is that online items can remain online, so why keep this?

This HSToday article is not online, but was in 2010 and today worth reading one more time.


Kinda’s sad though that the author says “The framers of the Constitution were fully aware of peoples’ propensity toward hysteria and emotion. It’s why they created a congress to stand between passion at the grassroots and the making of government policy.”

The author failed to recognize that the lawmakers are bought and paid for by those who want this great nation to engage in “hysteria and emotion.” It is where the money is.

Finally, found this, too.

Columbia news stock0001front


randomality | notes on stuff we read about

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treeNotice all the chatter about the razing of the trees at River Park? And the comments about new ones being planted in the spring. How long does it take for a tree to get to be the size of the downed ones? Depends, but lots of folks may not be around to see the growth. Here are the “fastest growing trees.”

Supreme Court of the United StatesKind of disturbing to know there are some “elected public servants” who would rather blindly follow party tripe than follow the intent of the Constitution. Among the beautiful, lasting tributes to our form of government is that positions in the branches of government can be filled in an orderly manner. The appointment process has precedent.

See here.

Or here.

Or here.

Or here.


“Nobody listens to us!”

The divisiveness in politics is at the root of the current malaise in government. This column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster kind of “nails it” we think, as the author plainly speaks out: ““Nobody listens to us!”

Politicians, increasingly career politicians, march to the dogma spewed by party leadership rather than than those they’re elected to represent. Ergo, the “elected public servants” are serving the wrong masters. Stop them – vote them out!


Why does it seem that Columbia never appears in the Municipal Briefs or the School Briefs?


In some cultures, when there’s a major screw-up impacting public safety or ethics, the perpetrator “falls on his sword” or resigns or is arrested. Why is it that we don’t get the same from the folks who screw up in this country?

For instance, when the folks at the helm of the protected monoply, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, “left more than 500 vehicles stranded on the turnpike in Somerset County, some for more than 24 hours” recently, the highly paid leader, turnpike commission Chairman Sean F. Logan said, “We want to learn from this. Our team recognizes that we need to be held accountable for our management of this emergency.”

More than 75 people with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission get paid more than $100,000 plus generous benefits – the chief executive officer made nearly $195,000 in 2014. Ah, again, the beauty of being on the career political merry-go-round.

Wouldn’t you think if you were paid that much you’d get weather reports right; particularly if you were handed  the instruction manual that included many of the things that were identified in the Valentine’s Day Massacre?

o-o-p-s! Our goof … we lost a post.

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Earlier this week, Columbia news, views & reviews showed examples of the more of the downtown properties that reflect the “paint and porches” improvements that are part of the Columbia improvements. With the swipe of a few keys, we “lost” the post.

Here’s a recapture of sorts.

weber paintsome of the L. Weber downtown properties

A local paint contractor, L. Weber Painting, appears to be on the preferred list of the property owners at the vanguard of the “plantings, porches and paint” concepts posted here nearly two years ago.

L. Weber’s Angie’s List listing.

Other improvements that we see in downtown Columbia.

perked up locust

hpt awardmore positive changes

if-onlyIf only that COLUMBIA DOWNTOWN MASTER PLAN could get going …

downtown master plan