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Sunday – 11/12/17

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comp II

EMPLOY A VETERAN | Here are “a few sobering statistics from the Labor Department and some reasons for hope. The unemployment rate for veterans is at an all-time low of 2.7 percent. But the data behind the numbers tells a slightly different story. The labor force participation for U.S. veterans is 49.7 percent, which means that more than 10 million veterans are currently not working or actively looking for work. Some of these veterans may be in school or on disability, but others have given up on job prospects. Nearly a third of veterans are underemployed, meaning they are working low-wage jobs that they are overqualified for.” –  MarketPlace

who are the veterans

Increasingly, there’s a deeping divide between the American population and it’s shrinking military – because “Americans know fewer veterans than ever before.  After World War II, just about all Americans knew veterans, but today many don’t. The misunderstanding and distrust of America’s modern day legionaires has concerns.

“This disconnect between civilians and the military weakens our democracy,” says the author of this article, “It’s lonely being a veteran.”

What America Looks Like After Military Service | Veterans reflect on shootings and ever-changing definitions of patriotism.”The Atlantic [NOTE: This is a website with a pay gate. The article states that veterans demonstrate hypervigilance – sense of being on alert, always!

More than a few Vietnam veterans were told by “multiple recruiters that it was a shame that I had wasted three years in the service because it made me a less desirable candidate for jobs.” It is a shameful world that rewards those who don’s serve with employment advantage.

Another veteran theme recurs: ” If I was to fight for a right, I’d fight to make sure we had our opinions heard, especially opinions that are different from our own.”

Another is: “My own version of patriotism, which is more about civic duty and shared American values of civil liberty is often discounted as un-American.”


“Americans agree about what makes them feel loved” Futurity

Where the Small-Town American Dream Lives On | Home should not be idolized — only loved.”The New Yorker

the spotJust over a week ago, Yvette Whitfield cut the ribbon opening her new business, The Spot, a new dining opportunity in Columbia at 438 Locust Street. It’s open for business 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday. A facebook fan says, “The SPOT on LOCUST ST. Best deli this side of the river. They even DELIVER! Food is bangin.”

Were you on Second Life? Way back when we were; “Looking back, the future didn’t last long.” “The Digital Ruins of a Forgotten Future”The Atlantic


Lancaster County’s Inspections at Lancaster Online. Tobias S. Frogg’s parking is always overflowing. It must be the booze, because if people are going there to eat, they should be liquored up first. Check out the food preparation violations. And Mount Joy’s Sonic’s is equally bad. Both their inspections included this tip off phrase: “The person in charge does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this noncompliant inspection.”

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.

Tuesday – 11/7/17 | Election Day

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A facebook post: “This is my last post about November 7 2017 I am running for mayor of Columbia Borough, Borough Council and School Board . If you want a change in office do a write in vote for Joe Waid. I will work with the people not against them.Thank You and God Bless” – Joe Waid

[NOTE: In another post, “Joe Waid If you vote do a write in for me i also running for Borough Council and School Board as a write in vote. If you can get the word out for me. Thanks”

At another facebook site, another candidate for mayor, Riley Kilhefner wants your vote to toughen codes and hold landlords and homeowners accountable.

What? Again? In Wonderland, it’s the threat every year – “Must-do bills in a divided Congress could lead to shutdown”Lancaster Online

PIPELINE STOPPED FOR NOW! | Appeals Court Grants Temporary Stay on Fracked Gas Pipelinenews release

“The annual Columbia Veterans Day Banquet will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at the VFW Post, 401 Manor St., Columbia. Guest speaker will be Lt. Gen. Dennis L. Benchoff. Cost of the dinner is $18/person. For more information or to make reservations, contact Kevin Kraft, 717-684-2370; or Bob Herman, 717-672-1525.” – news release

fingersWhich finger? | “Woman fired after photo of her giving Trump motorcade the finger goes viral” Penn Live

Robbery and Simple Assault – Columbia Police Department facebook and CrimeWatch pages.

Simple assault is an attempt to do a serious bodily harm to another person, or actually committing an act to put another in fear of serious bodily injury. Here is Pennsylvania’s definition.

“Veterans Day 2017: Restaurants thank veterans with free meals, deals” Penn Live

cambria “‘There’s not many white Americans left. They’re a dying breed …’ a confederate flag on a Trump poster in North Carolina. Photograph: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters”

It starts in Johnstown | “My travels in white America – a land of anxiety, division and pockets of pain” The Guardian



Friday – 11/3/17

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Schopf,+AArt Schoff – longtime educator, Columbia historian and horse aficionado dies.

In the case of Manheim Township’s School District’s board of directors’ attempts to flummox its citizens there’s considerable open debate NOW AFTER THE FACT. Manheim Township’s citizens have been bamboozled by a school board that has acted in the shadows and appears not to know the meaning of the word “transparency.” A majority of the letters-to-the-editors in LNP – Always Lancaster the past several days attest to that.

Last night citizens in Columbia learned what many suspected: in the rush to install a new superintendent at the Columbia School District Board of Directors’ Committee of the Whole meeting, no position vacancy had been posted or announced and no search for candidates with the requisite Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) – The attributes required to perform a job and are generally demonstrated through qualifying service, education, or training.
  • Knowledge – Is a body of information applied directly to the performance of a function.
  • Skill – Is an observable competence to perform a learned psychomotor act.
  • Ability – Is competence to perform an observable behavior or a behavior that results in an observable product. – WikiPedia

From an article at Lancaster Online: “When the agenda item to hire Strickler was first addressed, Hohenadel, in a surprise move, made a motion to table the agenda item until the December school board meeting. She then read a seven-minute litany of her concerns for hiring Strickler that appeared to span more than five years.”



sheriff salesThe listing for the Lancaster County Sale listing for November 29 is fairly large and includes several Columbia properties.

seeing red

Click here to see a sample ballot of next Tuesday’s election – know who and what are on the ballot to make your informed selections.

Posted at the Borough Website: Please note the Borough Office will be closed Tuesday, November 7, 2017, in observance of General Election Day.

From the Columbia Borough Council Legislation Committee meeting minutes for October (now posted at the Borough Website): “Amendment to Chapter 40 authorizing appointment of an Assistant Borough Manager:  The current Columbia Borough Code does not mention this position.  Motion made by Wickenheiser, second by Murphy to request Council at the November 13 meeting to authorize the advertising of this ordinance.”

Tuesday – 10/31/17

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cola trick or treat

“There have been multiple recent reports of candy and other edible forms of marijuana in New Jersey and nearby states.” That’s the start of the Pennsylvania State Police notice posted at the Columbia Police Department Crime Watch page.

halloween history

The History of HalloweenHistory.com

Did you know about “the witch of Marietta — aka Nellie Noll” or “The Legendary Murder of Hex Hollow”?OZY

Pennsylvania Department of Education School Performance Profile gradesColumbia Schools

In an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, it states that “Columbia Borough School District, which, along with School District of Lancaster, has historically under-performed according to state standards. Columbia High School received a 57.9 rating on its state report card — 11.3 points less than in 2016.”

Though across the county, nearly all school district scores were down from the previous year.


“Deer the culprit in fatal SUV/Eastern York bus crash”WITF

The new casino state: “Pennsylvania OKs betting online, in airports, at truck stops” WITF

From an election article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “ Four candidates are vying for three fouryear seats. Key issues are revitalization and economic development, opportunities for young people, tourism, transparency and quality of life. Democratic incumbent Pamela S. Williams, 63, has had a career in office management. Democrat Robert Thompson, 40, is self-employed in information technology and network support and is on the ballot because of write-in votes in the primary. Republican incumbent Frances FitzGerald, 62, is retired from teaching. Republican Todd Burgard, 52, owns marketing firm Burgard Design.

A courageous family writes in an obituary notice in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: ” … died on Sunday, October 29, 2017 following a seven year courageous battle with opioid addiction.”

11-13 Death Cafe flyer

exercise pill

“What if a drug could give you all the benefits of a workout?” The New Yorker

Football players suffer more concussions than any other high school athletes – High school football concussions and long-term health concerns”Journalist’s Resource


Monday – 10/30/17

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hinkles reopening

At five to seven, we joined three others in the alcove by the parking lot entrance to Hinkle’s Restaurant. Four others joined the line as Tom Davis opened the door at 7:00 am. He welcomed us to Hinkle’s Restaurant re-opening.

hinkles reopen 2

By 7:45 the booths and counter stools were filling and there were about 40 or so people enjoying breakfast and chatting. It was as it used to be and is supposed to be.

Lancaster Online touts Mountville

Lancaster City: “Public meeting scheduled on Lancaster’s proposed lead hazard regulations” Lancaster Online

The Public Works council committee October meeting minutes are posted at the borough Website.

halloween safetyAccording to the Borough Website, Trick-or-treat will be held on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 from 6pm-8pm.

31 sweets

“The City of Lancaster has partnered with Penn State Cooperative Extension and the DEP for a free tire collection on Saturday, November 11 from 7 to 11 am at 421 S. Broad Street, Lancaster.” – CityofLancasterPA.com

Here’s a great question! “Will more statesmen retire and be replaced by white supremacists and intemperate scofflaws out to destroy the system?” – Ann McFeathers column, Seattle Times

What would POTUS 45 do? | “Barack Obama called for jury duty in Illinois and plans to serve”BBC

cape may in the fallCape May is kind of a remarkable community.  More than 12.5 million people visit Cape May each year. That and other economic impact data is from the 2016 Cape May Tourism Report. What a contrast with the unremarkable comment that one Columbia elected public servant once said, “It’s difficult to put a number on economic impact.”

People and dollars can be a measurable metric. At the Cape May Website there’s lots of information about the town and its management, including Purchasing Bids & RFP’s.

cape may in the fall 2

Websites: The Magic Brain CafeThe Marquis de Lafayette HotelCape May tourism (Cape May has a trolley and a ghost tour, too.) – Cape May Chamber of Commerce


Friday – 10/27/17

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The Public Works committee meeting minutes for October are posted at the borough website.

Residents don’t always have the time to show up to public meetings, and those who might want to participate may be overshadowed by the louder voices or in the room. As a result, many valuable voices are never heard from.” | “How to Rediscover ‘Heart and Soul’ in Small-Town America”Route Fifty

Two Columbia venues on this list of “6 free things to do this weekend in Lancaster County” Lancaster Online

parade pixA nice collection of parade photos is posted at the Mardi Gras Parade facebook page.

It’s a spending thing! | “It is spending, not taxes, that needs to be reformed, but few want to give up their government ‘benefits.’ Ever try getting information from a government office? And yet people continue to turn to government, even though it does few things well.” – Cal Thomas, columnist

There’s a LEGAL NOTICE in today’s  LNP – Always Lancaster about Columbia’s recent decision to define, legalize and allow for dispensing/ growing and processing medical marijuana. Council will vote on the proposed zoning ordinance at the November Council meeting on November 13.

While the notice invites readers to come to the borough office to inspect a complete copy of the ordinance, curiously the Legal Notice is not posted at the borough website – though there’s virtually no cost to do that.

sessionsWhat’s it say when this joker is living in another era – an era when racial discrimination was legal and marijuana was a “gateway drug?” Science says you’re out of touch, Jefferson (Beauregard).

Today is October 27! It is the fourth Friday of the month. There’s a Columbia event called Fourth Friday.

Where does one go to find information about events during Fourth Friday?

“Fourth Friday is a monthly happening inviting the public to enjoy an evening visiting galleries, restaurants, antique and specialty shops & other various venues in Columbia, Marietta, and Wrightsville.”

How about the Chamber of Commerce Website? Yep, there it is information about the events in August? H-E-L-L-O???

ff august 2017

bike friendly rankings 2017Pennsylvania is a “bike-friendly” state. – Route Fifty


Thursday – 10/26/17

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Burglary /kidnapping over – commenters hypothesize why Lancaster Online

“On 10-26-17 at approx. 12:38AM the Columbia Borough Police Department was called to the 500 blk. of Concord Ln. for a report of a burglary in progress.” – Columbia Borough Police Department facebook page and CrimeWatch page.

The minutes for the October 2017 Safety Committee meeting are posted at the borough website.

Posted, too, at the borough website: “Contractors Wanted: The Borough is looking to compile a listing of local contractors interested in working with residents undertaking (Columbia Home Improvement and Homeownership Loan Program) CHIHL home improvements. While we will not recommend contractors, providing a list will be helpful to both potential program borrowers and Columbia area contractors. If you are an interested contractor, please contact Greg Sahd at 717-684-2467 to provide your contact information and any potential discounts on services you might offer to residents who take part in the CHIHL program.”

Tonight’s Parade Night!

And here’s Parade information from the Columbia Police Department.

Here’s something you don’t see every day | “Police: West Hempfield Township man paid teen to cut, burn him for sexual pleasure” – Lancaster Online

Here’s something we’re seeing almost every day | GOP gators in the swamp vote to rip regular Americans as Pence votes as expected and with the “party of the rich people” to disallow class action lawsuits against banks. – The Los Angeles Times

hospital perforrmance report“A performance report of Pennsylvania hospitals in Southeastern PA shows significant statewide decreases in hospital mortality and readmission rates. Released yesterday by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4), the annual report, known as the Hospital Performance Report, includes hospital-specific mortality and readmission ratings as well as volume of cases and hospital charges for patients discharged from Pennsylvania’s general acute care hospitals between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016 (federal fiscal year [FFY] 2016). Statewide and regional trends were also examined.” An LNP – Always Lancaster article states the report ” … found that Lancaster County hospitals are generally meeting the council’s expectations on death and readmission rates with a few exceptions.”

Just imagine if citizens built their income budgets based on credit cards and gambling! | That’s what your Pennsylvania elected public servants are doing. – The Morning Call

For Trump, I would simply take a knee. – The last sentence in a letter-to-the-editor written by a Columbian in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. The letter writer condemns the “rich draft dodger” and applauds Senator John McCain.

Another letter-to-the-editor condemns a Pennsylvania Senate Resolution which reaffirms ” …  the historical and symbolic significance of the flag and national anthem of the United States of America; referencing federally prescribed standards for conduct during a rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed; and expressing the prevailing sentiment of the Senate of Pennsylvania.”

Lancaster County’s Scott Martin’s one of the Pennsylvania “swamp creatures” who introduced this piece of redundant governance. Is this all Pennsylvania’s “elected public servants” have to do: “Reaffirm the historical and symbolic significance of the flag and national anthem of the United States of America?”

Shouldn’t the nation’s largest and second-highest paid legislature have more important tasks to accomplish? NOTE: Actually New Hampshire has more state representatives, but they get paid $200 a year and they get no per diem perks.

sheriff sales

Some familiar Columbia properties on the November 29 list.

We’re in good shape | “The average person in Lancaster County should have nearly $4,300 in discretionary income to spend.” – Central Penn Business Journal

Some of us – more than others | “Financial adviser from Lancaster County indicted”Central Penn Business Journal.

Heart Cafe, 17 E Market Street, Marietta, is holding its Grand Opening celebration from October 25th through October 29th. A ribbon cutting is scheduled at 4:30pm on Thursday, Oct. 26th. Come join us, see what we’ve created and enjoy some refreshments. Specials will be offered during the entire Grand Opening week.

Friday – 10/20/17

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cpd missing 15 yo.jpgFrom the Columbia Police Department facebook page though the most recent comment states: “Olivia is safe and has shown up at her mom’s. Don’t know any more details. Thank you for all your prayers.”

kidsscreenshot from What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1 facebook page.

A frustrated citizen reported an encounter with “kids” at last night’s council public safety meeting. This string at a local facebook page is another about the actions and antics that Columbia’s “kids” are party to. People have been complaining about “kids” for years; remember this classic?

Another group of frustrated citizens will meet! “Good news, the library has offered us a room for Columbia PA Crime Watch to meet. The meeting will be held November 6th from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM all are welcome to attend. Donations to the library are appreciated. Hope to see many of you. We will be discussing current arrests and ways to combat crime. Please let me know if you will be attending I will have some handouts” – SOURCE: A post at this local facebook page.

susquehanna shuttleYep, according to the lead article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, “Susquehanna Heritage hopes to set up a water shuttle service between Columbia, York County. Click here or on the above graphic to “take a bird’s-eye view journey along the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail from the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center downriver to the Zimmerman Center for Heritage.”

vfwWhen organizations lose track of their purpose, membership begins drop off … until the organization ceases to exist. In 2014, Columbia news, views & reviews posted this article: “VFW National commander puts posts on notice.”

We wrote a letter of support to the then-national commander and commending him for taking the stand he did. Have there been any changes. Evidently not enough as this FOX43-TV report (“VFW loses nearly 1 million members over past 25 years”) shows.


From the POLICE LOG in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “MOUNT JOY: Quincy V. Mancotywa, 22, of 521 Locust St., Columbia, was charged after an incident Sept. 21 in the 500 block of West Main Street, police said.” and “LANCASTER TWP.: Sandy Tejada, 25, of Columbia, has been charged as the result of a crash Sept. 17 at Manor Shopping Center, police said. Tejada drove his vehicle through the parking lot before crashing into a front pillar at Regal Cinemas, police said.”

opioidWho’s responsible for the opioid scourge? How about the drug companies, their lobbyists and our elected public servants for starters? Read this Washington Post article for more particulars.

other news

“Pa. House approves bill to license home inspectors”Central Penn Business Journal

preschoolAt the Library!




Saturday – 10/14/17

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Police Departments in other communities do communicate juvenile arrests; is it just Columbia that doesn’t? At last Monday’s borough council meeting, the mayor bragged that Columbia’s Police Department had arrested nearly two dozen violators of sundry crimes in the borough while suggesting that more than a few were juvenile offenders. Where are the juvenile arrests at Columbia’s CrimeWatch page?

convolutedor just boldfaced disinformation?

Two reports at Columbia Spy, show the disparate and selective reporting of criminal acts in the borough. One links to this Lancaster Online article, “Cash registers, cigarette cartons stolen in rash of burglaries at Columbia businesses.”

The other, “Columbia resident seeks answers from mayor and council on borough crime.”

Notice the selective release of information. None of this information is shared with either Columbia news, views & reviews or Columbia Spy?

Can you find information about the burglaries at the CrimeWatch page or at the Police Department facebook site? Should citizens be alerted at these sites?

after the factLocking the barn door … This LEGAL NOTICE is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. At the time of the power outage and the canceled meetings, could Columbia’s citizens find any news at the Borough Website? Did any citizens get an email from the Borough’s Notify Me email alert system? At Lancaster Online?

But Columbia’s local news sources did respond by posting information about the Power Outage and the canceled meetings. Columbia news, views & reviews and Columbia Spy responded to alert visitors to their sites.

haunted trolley

zombie fashion

In E-town, Borough Council candidates talk issues in forum before November election – Lancaster Online

State-of-the-art Storage Units in Lititz, that is “all internet-driven on the cloud. You can rent a unit, buy unit insurance, pick a PIN and input your credit card number, all on your smartphone.” – from an article in today’s LNP – Lancaster Online

jesterJohn Kass, Chicago Tribune contact reporter, has written a column that applies across all disciplines. Though this column condemns the smug jesters who knew about Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting patterns and practice, it really applies to all those who kiss the butts of those in power … even though everyone knows they’re disgusting beings.

18 biggie

good news

“‘He is failing’: Trump strikes out solo as friends worry and enemies circle” – The Guardian



Sunday – 10/8/17

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older opioidA page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster shines the addiction light on the senior populations who are addicted to opioids. The article points to chronic pain issues as the cause. “It is also the grandparents in their retirement communities, that great-aunt who lives by herself, the retiree with the painful hip.

York’s Mayor Kim Bracey’s son is addicted to opioids, she says, and that’s the reason he attacked her.


Lancaster County’s Inspections at Lancaster Online. And this week, the printed results of the food serving facilities at the Ephrata Fair. Disturbing to read that two food serving establishments not a the Fair, but in Willow Street and KFC were cited because, “The person in charge is not performing the duties as required by the PA Food Code to actively manage food safety.” That is a scary thought.

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location.

The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.

255 no third then now

Remember all the early-on fanfare about 255 North Third Street? Remember that the excitement? Remember the Coming Home to Columbia Websites: The projects of Columbia’s Housing Steering Committee & the Columbia Housing Steering Committee facebook page?

That died quickly. But now that property has been sold … for $92,500. The intention of the project has been fulfilled.

Here’s more about the LHOP announcement about the property: “The first Columbia community rehab in partnership with LHOP and Impact Missions is ready to WELCOME YOU HOME! Everything NEW! Efficient natural gas heat and hot water will keep utility costs low. 1st flr powder rm, kitchen island, gas oven/range, stunning floor coverings and covered rear patio area leading to rear yard and off street parking. $10k downpayment/closing cost assistance available for qualified buyers.”

Note, too, that the Columbia Borough School District is finally receiving its share of the Real Estate Property Transfer Tax – the tax that one school board director said it had ceded to the borough at one time in exchange for a per capita tax.

bb5Thousands sauntered, strolled, shopped and snacked their way across The Bridge yesterday on a warm sunny day. We noticed:

  • Increased law enforcement security.
  • Several elected public servants volunteering at the Columbia entrance point.
  • Fewer people on the Wrightsville side around 11:00 am.
  • A handful of chalked vendor spaces with no vendors.
  • At least one vendor displaying or offering for sale the Confederate flag; more than a few fairs and similar venues have banned the sale of that banner.

nra“Here are the members of Congress who take the most money from the gun lobby” MarketWatch

But columnist Jonah Goldberg says the amount the NRA spends to manipulate elected public servants is piddling compared to others. So it’s OK to not have any curbs on automatic weapons.


Flu you! ” | Why should people get vaccinated against the flu?


“The importance of bringing broadband to the heartland” Route Fifty

cpd instagramYah!!! Columbia’s Police Department announced it’s now on Instagram at its facebook page. Another step to social media inclusion … another way to communicate with citizens! Well done, CPD.

Can the borough be far behind?

school successFrom SCHOOL BRIEFS in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

wowNoticed this in the MUNICIPAL BRIEFS column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “Several of the 45 residents who attended a lively (Denver Borough) Borough Council meeting Sept. 25 peppered officials with questions and comments related to a new quality-of-life ordinance.”

45 people at a council meeting in a town of 3,867 people. But the town’s leaders explained the reasons for the new ordinance that hones in on “specific violations covered by the ordinance: weeds, parking vehicles on grass, furniture outside of residences, accumulation of waste, improper location and storage of trash containers, animal waste build-up and unlicensed or uninspected vehicles on property.”

In another MUNICIPAL BRIEF from Manheim, that borough is wrestling with the costs of continuing to operate the borough-owned swimming pool. And the borough has a K-9 program abetted by a GoFundMe page.