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Saturday -11/18/17

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exgiv final

Looking over the list of participating entities in this year’s EXTRAordinary Give, there are several fire companies, ambulance companies among the 464 participating entities. Wonder why your local non-profit was not in the list? Here are the Complete Rules.

Mount Bethel Cemetery Announced as an Official Location for the 2017 National Wreaths Across America Day | The cemetery will join more than 1200 participating locations across the country on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017, to proclaim “I am an American. Yes, I am!” 

Columbia Falls, MAINE, and Columbia, PENNSYLVANIA—December 16, 2017 National nonprofit Wreaths Across America [WAA] announced today that Mount Bethel Cemetery in Columbia, PA will be joining in the effort to support the mission to REMEMBER, HONOR, TEACH, as an official location for 2017.  This is the FIRST year that the cemetery will participate in this national event.

This year, the ceremony, held simultaneously across the country at more than 1,200 locations, will be on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017.  Beginning at 12 noon, at 700 Locust Street, Columbia, PA. Master of ceremonies Ed Wickenheiser, will acknowledge seven branches of military service. Included will be the Catholic War Vet color guard, a bugler to play taps and a  21-gun salute.

Mount Bethel Cemetery and Cub Scott Pack 35 plans are to raise enough funds to place 690 remembrance wreaths on the headstones of all the local heroes laid to rest at Mount Bethel Cemetery.  The goal to place a live, balsam fir wreath at the headstone of every veteran buried there and spread patriotism and commemoration for the ultimate sacrifices they made for our country. Mount Bethel Cemetery has veterans from the Revolutionary War and every US conflict up to and including Vietnam.

“Every donation and wreath sponsorship is a meaningful gift from an appreciative supporter who knows what it means to serve and sacrifice for the freedoms we all enjoy,” said Karen Worcester, executive director of Wreaths Across America. “We are so grateful to the community of Columbia, PA for participating in our mission to Remember, Honor and Teach.”

National Wreaths Across America Day is a free event, open to all. For more information, to donate or to sign up to volunteer, please visit www.WreathsAcrossAmerica.org.

SOURCE: news release

Columbia Police post outstanding “Traffic Warrants at Crime Watch Page. Mostly, the warrants appear to be parking violations for the street sweeping that may or may not have happened. (NOTE: There’s out-of-date street sweeper information at the Borough’s Website.)


These young Columbia kids will be “charged as adults” for their alleged armed robbery. Read the Columbia Police Crime Watch report here.

Updates at the Crime Watch page include:

  • An overnight hit and run involving 3 parked vehicles in the 300 Blk of Linden Street
  • Found property to be returned

There’s no pause for “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance … it reads this way, with no comma: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” – See this source for further explanation.

evangel210,000 gallons – that’s the reported number – Odds are the number is greater, because American citizens are shielded from the truth by government entities (or flat out lied to) and corporations when bad stuff happens. And pipelines are bad stuff.

Another contentious, and secretive, school board superintendent issue in another town. – WITF


“Pa. couple sues after police mistake hibiscus for marijuana” – 60-some year-old couple “arrested when an insurance agent mistook their hibiscus plants for marijuana.” Following that, police “with assault rifles arrested the couple … and held them for several hours inside a police cruiser” – Lebanon Daily News


Incredible – Astounding – WOW, JUST WOW!

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Lancaster County sure is proving to be a giving place. $6 MILLION AND COUNTING.

Have you made your EXTRAORDINARY GIVE?


Thursday – 11/16/17

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do the work

“In 1885, Leonard Huxley, published The Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley, a memoir of his distinguished zoologist father. Included in this is T. H. Huxley’s account of a meeting of the X Club, which was a gathering of eminent thinkers who aimed to advance the cause of science, especially Darwinism:

“Talked politics, scandal, and the three classes of witnesses – liars, damned liars, and experts.

true today

spy surveillance

Where’s the truth (or the lies) in the conversation about the number of spy cameras in Columbia?


The Extraordinary Give starts at midnight tonight – Your contributions will be matched when you make donations to the agencies that “do good” in Columbia and across the county.

The countdown to the 2017 Extraordinary Give is on! On November 17, 2017 donations will be accepted at this site from 12 midnight – 11:59 PM as part of Lancaster County’s largest day of online giving. On that day, every dollar donated will be stretched by at least $500,000 from the Lancaster County Community Foundation,our Presenting Sponsors Rodgers & Associates and the S. Dale High Family Foundation, plus our generous community partners, to support the causes you care about!”

20 mittens

When you want to exclude the universe from your personal / non-government facebook page, you can. You can set up a group that excludes “outsiders” from seeing your posts and information.

A “closed group” is the digital version of communications incest or xenophobic thought.

“When you create a Facebook group you can make it Open, Closed or Secret. In an open group anyone can join and everything is viewable by everyone online, including search engines. In a closed group, admins must approve members and only group members can see posted content. Secret groups are, of course, secret. They are off the grid, don’t appear in members profiles, and only reveal information to members. That’s right, anyone on Facebook can now create their own private Darknet right from their profile page.” – PC Magazine

You can set standards and conditions for commenters on your facebook page. So you can block or remove comments. In essence, you can censor what appears on your page.


BUT if you are a government agency using a facebook or social media platform, the rules are different because of that pesky First Amendment.

This Indianapolis Star article reports: “Gov. Mike Pence was hotly criticized in 2013, when IndyStar reported that constituents suspected their comments were deleted from the governor’s official Facebook page because they were critical of Pence and his views on gay marriage. Pence later apologized.

“Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard was similarly blasted last year when citizens complained that their critical comments were deleted from his Facebook page. In Brainard’s case, the Facebook page was for his re-election campaign and therefore under his own control. But a government Facebook page is different and should be considered a public forum, experts and city officials say.”

Are there government entities that remove or block comments? Most certainly there are. Can a court find those kinds of governments guilty of abridging someone’s First Amendment rights? Of course.

This article at a law firm’s Website, “Five Tips for Moderating Public Comments on Government Maintained Social Media Pages, is good guidance. This is one of the tips: “Respect the right to free speech—including unfavorable criticism. – Speech may not be disfavored because it offends.  A federal court in Virginia recently held that a county supervisor violated the First Amendment by deleting public comments from her Facebook page.   The court explained that “the suppression of critical commentary regarding elected officials is the quintessential form of viewpoint discrimination against which the First Amendment guards.  By prohibiting [a citizen] from participating in her online forum because she took offense at his claim that her colleagues in County government were unethical, she committed a cardinal sin under the First Amendment.”

Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 18, 2017 – 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM for the Columbia Historic Preservation Society’s Benefit Auction.

Monday – 11/13/17

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Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 18, 2017 – 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM for the Columbia Historic Preservation Society’s Benefit Auction. This is a consignment auction. Preview Friday, November 17,2017 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM. Cash or check only. Food will be available.

Many great items from vintage bottles, Christmas & Halloween, Columbia memorabilia, Columbia Newspapers, Furniture, glassware, Pfaltzgraft, pottery, tinware, tools and much more…

Location: Columbia Historic Preservation Society’s Banner Hall, 21 North Second Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania – www.columbiahistory.net

15 biggie

Here are the results of  the MAG 5k Fall Flash – Held annually on the first Saturday of November – Saturday, November 4, 2017.

“A place to talk about dying: Another Death Cafe is coming to Lancaster County” Lancaster Online

shelter photoA long line of hopeful people looking for a dog or cat to adopt waited for the doors to open yesterday at the Pennsylvania SPCA on South Prince Street in Lancaster yesterday. One reason: no adoption fee yesterday. A shelter worker came to the tail end of the line to tell people they probably will be disappointed because there were not enough dogs available.

A slew of municipalities’ meetings are listed in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster’s GOVERNMENT CALENDAR, Columbia’s borough council meeting is not, but there is a meeting tonight starting at 7:00 pm. and here’s the  Preliminary Borough Council Meeting agenda.

In the POLICE LOG in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster this: “MANHEIM TWP.: Tasha L. Vargas, 31, of Columbia, was charged Nov. 5 with retail theft after she took $28.90 worth of merchandise from Walmart, 2030 Fruitville Pike, police said.

EX GIVEIt’s getting close; look here for Columbia area not-for-profits you want to support!



“chickenhawk” talk

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no chickenhawkNOTE: The above quote is from a column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster; not a letter-to-the-editor. We apologize for this error.

There’s lots of “chickenhawk” talk spewed by the RWNJ radio radicals – Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Savage, Beck et al – none of whom ever wore any uniform of any of the military branches of the United States.

Chickenhawk talkers spout jingoistic rhetoric and fake patriotism yet they actively avoided military service when they had the chance to enlist.

Former US Senator (and a US Army veteran) Frank Lautenberg said, “They talk tough on national defense and military issues and cast aspersions on others. When it was their turn to serve where were they? AWOL, that’s where they were … ”

This column from this column: “retired US Army officer reflects on anthem protests”LNP – Always Lancaster

sanity argumentAn argument for sanity and civil discourse in this column: “The Flag, the Military, and Patriotism.”


Saturday – 11/11/17 – Veterans Day

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veterans day 2017

“The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

“Should You Say “Thank You for Your Service?”Psychology Today

“Honoring Those Who Served” | A Weis Markets email message offers “Take 5% off your order Saturday, November 11th! Take 5% off your order Friday, November 10th and Saturday, November 11th!”

“Businesses, restaurants offer freebies, discounts for Veterans Day weekend”Lancaster Online

it is the soldier

With apologies to the writer of “It is the soldier,” it is the soldier, the Marine, the sailor, the airman and / or the Coast guardsman/woman who have given us freedoms.

“Wes Moore, US Army veteran says “Thank you for your service just isn’t enough” in this 14 minute TEDTalk. “It’s a call for all of us to ask veterans to tell their stories — and listen.”

November 15 | “With over 80 cultivars on display, the Pennsylvania Poinsettia Trials is a long-running program, held each November in eastern Pennsylvania. Both a natural season and a shaded plant trial of each cultivar will be on display making this trial a one-of-a-kind!”

benefit auctionIdeas for the future | “4-in-1 system makes power, water, A/C, and heat”Futurity.com

In the aftermath of the mass-shootings in Texas and Las Vegas | our opinion column from 2012, “no more thrills – an opinion.”

“LHU ranks first among PASSHE schools for performance funding |  Lock Haven University has ranked first among The Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) universities for performance in the 2017-18 academic year. The Performance Funding Program is designed to measure the outcomes of each university in the areas of student success, comprehensive access to opportunity, and stewardship of PASSHE and Commonwealth resources.

The assessment is based on institutional performance and peer comparisons on 10 measures that align with the themes of success, access and stewardship. The measures are divided between five mandatory measures and five optional measures selected by each institution. All indicators of university performance are measured according to their progress toward institution-specific goals and against external comparisons based on similar universities.

While LHU tied for first in the 2016-17 cycle, this year’s awards see LHU in first place for performance funding, having earned the most points out of all 14 universities for meeting performance expectations. The achievement will provide LHU a total of $2,592,046 in funding.

“Our staff and faculty are to be congratulated for their dedication and hard work which have led to this impressive distinction,” Dr. Michael Fiorentino Jr., LHU president, said.

For more information on Lock Haven University, visit www.lockhaven.edu, email admissions@lockhaven.edu or call 570-484-2011. – SOURCE: news release


Friday II – 11/10/17

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Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

And tomorrow morning … the SEMPER FI 5K RUN / WALK COMES TO TOWN.

semper fi 5k

11 crochet

Still safe and not on the Sears/Kmart closing list – our K-mart and the Sears in Park City. And a Sears store opening in Harrisburg.

This video from a Sears store closing in Canada will bring tears to the eyes of loyal Sears Customers and, especially those Sears employees, who remember the Lancaster Sears store of the 1970s and 1980s.

Here’s a comment from another site about Sears: “Sears published its last catalogue in 1993. Yep, they closed down their once huge mail order business right as the WWW was coming to life. Amazon thanks their CEO for his lack of vision. They had everything setup to be Amazon and didn’t see it.”

BUT you can bet the upper-eschelon folks at Sears will leave the wreckage with huge golden parachute payments. Everyone else who worked there – not a damn thing!

And now Target is closing “under-performing” stores too. – Penn Live

Scummy elected public servant | “Marino has received about $100,000 in donations from the pharmaceutical industry throughout his career, but he denies charges he’s in their pocket.”WITF

Here are the keys to my house, “Go ahead, rob me!” | Scummy elected public servant II gets relected mayorFOR THE FOURTH TIMEWITF



scary stuff

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scary stuff

Like this: “Energy undersecretary wants nuclear safety reports hidden from public”The Center for Public Integrity

or this: “Bounce House Regulations, Enforcement Lacking as Injuries Soar”StateLine

or this: “Report: 2 docs approved for Pennsylvania medical marijuana program have suspended licenses”Lancaster Online




Thursday – 11/9/17

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Congratulations! From a facebook post: “At the Lancaster/Lebanon league cross country banquet held at the Double Tree Resort, Jordan Haberstroh garnered some major awards. She was awarded first team all-star status, she was a scholar athlete (3.5 GPA or higher) and won the Section 2 Girls Sportsmanship Award for her team. She also was the only runner at the banquet to win a 2017 district cross country title. Over the last 4 cross country seasons, Jordan has represented Columbia in an extraordinary manner, bringing recognition to her school.”

A reachout plea to folks with traffic warrants at the Columbia Police Department facebook and CrimeWatch pages: “If you (sic) name appears on the list please stop at Judge Bixler’s office.”

From an article at Lancaster Online about nursing home violations | “Susquehanna Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 745 Chiques Hill Road, Columbia: Complaint inspections March 1 and April 13; two minimal harm deficiencies. Federal regulators imposed a payment denial on March 1.”

At last night’s Legislation committee meeting, it was reinforced: Columbia’s not going to be a mecca for marijuana. There’ll an item on next Monday’s Council Meeting agenda to simply advertise and identify places within the borough that can be designated as “Marijuana Dispensary, Marijuana Grower/Processor, Medical Marijuana, Medical Marijuana Act, Medical Marijuana Organization and Registry venues.”

Remember, at this point no place in the Commonwealth will not be a “free fire ’em up” zone as Colorado is; Pennsylvania has only authorized the use of “medicinal Mary Jane.” Though – in Pennsylvania – there are enlightened municipalities (State College, Harrisburg and others) have reduced the penalties for marijuana possession and marijuana.

“Here are some of the ceremonies and special offers to mark Veterans Day in Central Pennsylvania” FOX43-TV

Tomorrow is the United States Marine Corps Birthday!

And on Saturday morning … the SEMPER FI 5K RUN / WALK COMES TO TOWN.

semper fi 5k

Meanwhile …

“The ‘Horrifying’ Consequence of Lead Poisoning” – The Atlantic

Three Billionaires Have More Money Than Bottom Half of US | That’s rich. The three wealthiest people in America — Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett — own more than the whole bottom half of the U.S. population combined. According to a report by the Institute for Policy Studies, their aggregate fortune of $248.5 billion exceeds that of 160 million Americans combined — 63 million households. Wealth inequality is increasing, the report concludes, and it recommends that the GOP revise its current tax reform plans to close loopholes for the rich and help the poorest Americans instead.” – OZY

In a quick unsophisticated google search on some of the POTUS supporter letters-to-the-editor writers. Guess what? Mostly they’re over 65 years old and preservationists … defending the wonderful recollections of years gone by.

Turkey Hill Thanks Area Vets With Free Coffee and Car Washes

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LANCASTER, PA, November 8, 2017—This Veterans Day, November 11th, Turkey Hill stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana are honoring America’s heroes by welcoming active, inactive, and retired military personnel to stop by for a free 16-ounce coffee or cappuccino. And, at locations where car washes are available, they are invited to enjoy a free Ultimate Wash service. Customers can find car wash locations by visiting turkeyhillstores.com.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the service and sacrifice of our past and present heroes, and we hope they’ll join us on Veterans Day and enjoy a small token of our gratitude,” said Kim Hoffert, Public Relations Manager, Turkey Hill Minit Markets.

SOURCE: news release