Friday’s news items [it’s Christmas day; “Step it up Columbia!” the starting teams & more] – 12/25/2020


Merry Christmas | We hope you got what you wanted.

step it up

Lose the lard in 2021 | Columbia’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee invitation: Let’s start 2021 off great.  Challenge yourself to the Step It Up, Columbia! challenge.”  

Suspect identified | “Thank you to everyone for all the tips. The female that (sic) was stealing packages from the 200 block of south Fourth Street has been identified.” – Columbia Police Department facebook page

If the GOP in Harrisburg would step up | … as the Governor has asked them to “approve $145 million in grants for hard-hit businesses, restaurants and bars in particular”, it would help mitigate the impact of the recent decision to shut down on premises dining. The courts have upheld the Governor’s decision. 

starting teams

Introducing the starting teams | One got players with experience, education, credentials  and one was loaded with sycophants, amateurs and hacks, many of whom didn’t make it through the first quarter. And a bunch more flunkies are being burrowed, too.

pardon my slime as I take care of my in-laws | “Kushner pardon revives ‘loathsome’ tale of tax evasion, sex”Associated Press

How else will they keep it all for themselves | “Republicans block $2,000 virus checks …” as the “I got mine and you ain’t getting yours” party of bastards has its say. – The York Dispatch 

Lancaster County | Sheriff sale listings

Br-r-r-r | “Up to 2 inches of rain fell in central Pa.; deep freeze coming” Penn Live

Just guessing, but | the Lancaster County Coroner’s office reports have been updated, and the number of natural deaths through November 2020 is more than twice as high as last year. And there’s still a month not yet reported. It’s a wonderment, though, there’s no mention of COVID-19 as a contributor to or cause of death. Suicides, indigent/unclaimed bodies and cremation counts are up but autopsies performed and homicides are down.

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