Trump Coronavirus cases reported in Pennsylvania, December 19, 2020

covid-19 cases 12-19-2020

SOURCE (numbers): PA Department of Health

 As viruses are wont to do, there have been new coronavirus strains identified in Great Britain and South Africa; note, lemmings, no one’s renaming these strains as the English coronavirus or the South Africa coronavirus. No one is stupid enough to go there — except for the sumvabitch who renamed the COVID-19 as the China virus oh so long ago.

Thank goodness, this moron will be gone in the near future. What patch of soil will he contaminate next? Hard to say, but the neighbors don’t want the neighborhood going to hell around Mar-a-Lago. But here are some of the likely properties in New York State.




  1. He should be behind bars for killing over three hundred thousand people for raping. Women for impersonating a president tax fraud etc etc fraud taking money for the election and on and on

    • He will be. Or he’ll escape to another country … probably Russia … to live his miserable life in abject aloneness.

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