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Monday news/views items – 7/24/2017

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weed warsSaturday, though quite hot, was weeding day for us; we decided to weed along the sidewalk, the flower beds and the little garden area. This is one of those years that is a weed’s paradise. Hot or not, the appearance of weeds sends messages of resignation and not caring about the appearance of a property. As do the commenters to this news source and Columbia Spy‘s, we wonder why Columbia’s codes department cannot see what we see: the prevalence of weeds all over the town. High grass and weeds and accumulation of trash are automatic QuickTicket $25.00 ticket immediately is what the Borough Code says.

In March of 2015, in this LNP – Always Lancaster article, the mayor stated Columbia’s police would partner with codes enforcement to tackle codes violations. “Later this month, the borough hopes to roll out a community policing program paired with codes enforcement to address problems head-on. By dividing the borough into three zones, officers will be assigned to patrol one of those zones each day that they work, Lutz said. In addition, the three part-time code enforcement officers that the borough employs will be assigned a zone. Lutz said officers have been asked to get out of their vehicles while on patrol and walk the neighborhoods. This way, he said, residents can get to know the officers and know that they can report any problems directly to that person. Lutz said the program is not expected to cost the borough any additional money; it’s simply better organizing of police and code enforcement officer time.”

keep water clean“Anomalies abound. Seems ironic to have all the blue painted signage extolling someone to ‘KEEP OUR RIVER CLEAN’ and ‘PROTECT OUR WATER’ when there’s organic matter, cigarette butts and trash serving as flotsam at nearly every grate. – From a Columbia news, views & reveiws, April 2014 news post.

protect the water

dont go backWhile looking at old Columbia news, views & reviews files, happened across this from three years ago.

There is no military solution in Iraq—so end the threats of U.S. airstrikes, bring home the Special Forces, and turn the aircraft carrier around. (Photo: Jayel Aheram / Flickr) – SOURCE: ForeignPolicyInFocus.org

outside the lines 2We seem to see lots of evidence of “coloring outside the lines” in town. Wonder, for example, why the car above couldn’t see the white “wide turn” line at the corner of 3rd & Hinkle’s? We did. Wonder, too, why, “law enforcement officers” feel they’re outside the laws of parking within the designated parking lines.

failure-to-communicateSo several media sources reported the water leak and subsequent evacuation of residents at the Susquehanna Valley Nursing facility. Columbia Spy reported it. Lancaster Online reported it. The reports stated that (depending on the source) between 50 and 70 residents were moved to a Harrisburg facility.

What’s disturbing is that no notice about the “critical incident” appears at the Susquehanna Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s Website. What’s dismaying, is that the facility evidently is unaware of the Guidance for Surveyors, Providers and Suppliers Regarding the New Emergency Preparedness (EP) Rule issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services last year. Facilities have to have emergency plans and they have to exercise them.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Health has fined nursing homes more in the first four months of this year than in the previous three years combined, as regulators started using a more rigorous penalty system after coming under fire for going too lightly on substandard care.” – The Morning Call

other newsThe Lancaster County Land Grant Authority still hasn’t posted a meeting agenda nor minutes since September of last year.

This LEGAL NOTICE appears at Lancaster Online: A special meeting of the borough council will be held on Monday, July 24, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. to “determining whether to move forward with acquiring real estate” of the property known as the McGinnis Airport.

Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is filled with Government Calendar information from numerous municipalities across the county … and nothing about Columbia. Why does the Borough not have someone assigned as the Public Information Officer? Someone who would be assigned to communicate with the outside media and citizens in an ongoing manner?

Any Columbia dogs on the Pennsylvania Dangerous Dog Registry?

“Strong thunderstorms with gusty winds and hail are possible Monday

This make the county look bad | “There are more than 300 tier 3 sex offenders in Lancaster County”Penn Live [NOTE: “Tier 3 offenders, which account for about 12,000 people in the state database, carry a lifetime registry and they must have their photo taken every 90 days. Tier 3 offenses include rape, kidnapping, aggravated indecent assault and incest.”] – The Sentinel, Carlisle

school takeoverFar more commenters at this facebook string than persons attending School Board meetings.





Hard knock life’s a comin’!

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hard knock

Click here to listen to Annie while you read the rest of this post about living in Columbia.

The Sheriff’s Sale notice  show’s it’s a hard knock life for citizens trying to live in Columbia and people trying to do business in Columbia.

And then the Columbia Water Company wants to jack double-digit water rates. The claim is for “improving its system and providing service.” Forgot to mention for the elaborate digs down by The River.

Copper downspouts just like yours. Think the Columbia Water Company would have the courage to put the RATE INCREASE NOTICE on its Website.

Nah! NO cajones!

Hate to be living on a fixed income in Columbia!

Glad the borough property taxes are not going up. And the School taxes. What’s that you say? Oh, yeah, the school taxes are going up.


Today’s news – Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for the day … “It seems like the AG is trying to find a way to punish us, the board or the students.” – Current Manheim Township School Board of Directors president crying about the possible loss of school funding as a result of the recent auditor general’s report about duplicitous, non-transparent actions on the Board’s part. [NOTE: B-w-a-a-h, the Board’s crying now because they got caught! Why was it OK when they were screwing taxpayers?!] – This is from a page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.


  • It’ll likely get worse before it gets better. Nationally, the death toll for the opioid addiction epidemic could top 650,000 in the next decade. – STATNews
  • No wonder E-town’s Chamber made a decision to cut the executive director’s compensation! | Pay cuts are needed when the Chamber of Commerce’s executive director’s compensation was “$68,391, and the organization’s overall revenue as nearly $181,000.” If it’s a one-person private entity, one thing; but totally something different when it’s a not-for-profit. – From an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

oh please

  • Want to get sickened or pissed off? Read this piece from today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. The writer, a former Armstrong president writes: “We acknowledge that there are crooks in the business world, along with top-level executives who don’t give a hoot about the people who make their companies run. Some executives are paid outrageous salaries and bonuses just for showing up without making big mistakes.”

27 - lego

28 - famikly fun

Today’s news … Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … Pennsylvania, which educates more students than any of those three states, is the largest state in the nation in which local property taxes pay for such a large portion of the school costs.”Extracted from this LNP – Always Lancaster page one article entitled, Money at the root of school problems.

A second quote … Why can’t all the people in the U.S. get the same insurance that the Congress in Washington, D.C., and the state legislators have? I’d still like to know why we the people are treated like we are not as good as the people we put in Washington, D.C., and the legislatures we have in every state. – A good point from a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. [NOTE: Reckon it’s because these “elected public servants” think they’re something special – better than everyone else?]

less talkYou can listen to Toby Keith (click here).  while reading today’s news.


Wrightsville’s approach to the pedestrian crossing issues that are frequently brought up at Columbia Borough Council meetings. Painted cross-walks identified and signage.yield in wrightsvilleIn a 2013 Columbia news, views & reviews piece, we wrote: “Notice the pedestrian friendly signage in the town across the river. There are five of those ‘Yield to Pedestrian – IT’S THE STATE LAW’ signs dotting the main drag in town. And they’ve been there for at least the last month or so. Council ought to give consideration to having signs like this at some of Columbia’s crosswalks.”

  • Of the largest borough’s in Lancaster County, Columbia is the only one with no July Fourth fireworks. BUT … in Mountville, there will be fireworks according to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:”The borough’s 4th of July Fireworks will take place at dusk at Froelich Park, 350 W. Main St., Mountville. Rain date is July 2. For details, call 717-285-5547.”
  • Congratulations to these Crimson Tide athletes being named to the LNP – Always Lancaster L-L Spring Season All-Star List in today’s newspaper: Joeleen WakefieldTiffany Hoffmaster – Kylee Lachapelle – Kamron Andrews – Serenity Faus.

26 - build

river access an issue in Marietta, too

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susquehanna“Susquehanna River looking north from Chickies Rock County Park” by Dough4872 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Susquehanna_River_looking_north_from_Chickies_Rock_County_Park.jpg#/media/File:Susquehanna_River_looking_north_from_Chickies_Rock_County_Park.jpg

The rights of citizens to river access is being issued in Marietta, too.

Read more here.

Two of the Q&A questions about Riparian Rights at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Website are:

What rights does the public have in public waters?
The rights of the public in public waters are quite broad and extend to fishing, boating, wading, floating, swimming and otherwise recreating.

Do the rights of the public include being able to cross private property to gain access to the public waters?
No. The public does not have a right to cross on private property to gain access to public waters. However, if you enter a public waterway lawfully (e.g., through a public access point), you can wade, boat, float or otherwise be in the waterway where it passes through private property.

Recently, this Columbia Spy article identified the public roadway to a public access point to the River … for many the roadway was not clearly defined as “public.”

The Susquehanna River is a naviagable waterway and “Riparian rights for navigable waterways are more complicated, since the public has more rights to use the waters.”


signs seen at River Park

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seen sos signs

Seen the signs at River Park?

Wonder what SOSPennsylvania.org is?

Wonder whether the group received permission to post the signage there?

Wonder if it’s OK for anyone to post signs at River Park?

Any kind of signs?

It’s time for the Columbia event | Bridge Bust happens on October 3!

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The Route 462 Veterans Memorial Bridge spanning the Susquehanna River between Columbia and Wrightsville will be the site of the 27th annual Bridge Bust on Saturday, October 3, 2015. This event, coordinated by the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce, is sponsored by Clyde W. Kraft Funeral Home, Columbia Fraternal Association, and the Columbia-Middletown Elks Lodge #1074. Hours are 8 AM to 4 PM rain or shine.


Over 300 vendors, including over 75 vendors new to this show, are scheduled to participate in this year’s event. Commercial food vendors will offer crowd-pleasing fare such as butterfly fries, blooming onions, wraps, paninis, crab cakes, pit beef and pulled pork, egg rolls … and plenty of other food and drink items that await your taste buds. Individual vendors will offer items such as crafts, artwork, and antiques. Look for goods ranging from home or country décor to garden or specialty food items, with a wide variety of products available beyond that. Local nonprofit organizations will be on hand to raise awareness of their organizations and to raise money for their causes. Other sponsors of this event include Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, Engle Printing and Publishing Company, and St. John’s Herr Estate.

Live entertainment by Sneakers the Clown, Tux Trio, and The Banjo Man will be featured on the bridge throughout the day. This entertainment is brought to you through the sponsorship of Workman Funeral Homes and Sahd Metal Recycling.   Local sister radio stations ESPN 92.7 and FUN 101.3 are exclusive radio sponsors for this event. Look (and listen) for the stations which will be located on the Columbia side of the bridge.

The Bridge Bust features free parking and shuttle service from Glatfelter Field (located at Rt. 462 and 12th Street) in Columbia and Eastern High School (Cool Creek Road) in Wrightsville.  Patrons who wish to cross the bridge in only one direction may do so by pre-planning use of the various shuttles. For details, visit the SVCC website www.PaRivertowns.com. Donations will be accepted for this service.

Admission to the Bridge Bust is $2 for adults and $1 for children ages 6-12 while children under 6 years of age enter free of charge. Please remember that absolutely no pets, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or scooters are permitted on the bridge. The Bridge Bust will be held rain or shine. All proceeds will benefit the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center.

scenes seen today: September 9, 2015

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Looks as the Columbia Water Company can do no wrong.

Unless you call staging all that heavy construction equipment on a borough street – wrong?


Maybe it’s a construction zone and maybe the benign monopoly will bring the roadways back to standard?

Besides isn’t this where visitors to River Park are supposed to be able to park and stroll?


All that space “inside the wire” and the dump trucks and other equipment are staged on borough property at the newly opened Columbia Crossing. Don’t try this at your home, kids … you’ll probably get a visit from the codes officer.


Let’s see: there are newly posted “NO” signs at the park at Locust and Fifth.

NO dogs, gee, imagine parks with no dogs allowed. Goofy, huh?

But not as goofy as a park, with a brand-new kazillion dollar trail services building enveloped by a mangango-sized ashtray for cigarette butts.

There are signs, to be sure, but there’s no enforcement. What’s worse: dogs in a park or hundreds and hundreds of cigarette butts that eventually find a path into the beloved River?


and a visitor.

master pos grasshopper

along the trail

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Northwest Lancaster County River Trail Reviews

along the trail

as the councillor said … part two

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A week or so ago, Columbia news, views & reviews acknowledged a councillor’s ominous warnings about “maintenance-free” claims at Columbia’s River Park and the new Columbia Crossings trail services building.

It’s a good thing that the council may soon decide to hand off “management services” of the Columbia Crossings building. An agenda item at Monday’s council meeting indicated the Borough is considering management proposals from the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area or Chris Vera and Daisy Pagan. Or some other interested and capable entity?

Hopefully, part of any of agreement entered into, issues of maintenance will be included.

Funding for the Columbia Crossroads train services building came from agencies funded by Pennsylvanians and others paying taxes.

“Funding of this project is moving forward through the generous grant funding awarded to the Borough by Lancaster County (Urban Enhancement Funding $425,000), Department of Conservation & Natural Resources $650,000, PA Fish & Boat Commission $250,000 and Department of Environmental Protection $325,000. Additional funding and “in kind services” are being provided by Columbia Borough.”