Friday’s news items, part 2 [2020 meeting dates; Columbia’s own “Loch Ness Monster”; cute town & more] – 1/10/2010

Prison speak | “It’s kind of like being mayor but for a lot less money.”The Morning Call:

2020 meeting dates2020 Columbia Borough meeting dates published in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster (click on image to enlarge) ALSO published at the Borough’s Website.

Sheriff Sales | Eight pages of Lancaster County properties.

Columbia’s own Loch Ness Monster? | “Theres Something In That River And Its BIG.” is part of a post at the “You know you’re from Columbia PA if…” facebook group.

something in the riverscreen print from facebook page – click to enlarge

p-ville“Scenes seen” | along the main street in Schuykill Haven (population: 5,138) on Tuesday. The main street is lined with attractive store fronts and welcoming parking meters. While meeting in one of the businesses there, a police officer stuck his head in the door to ask, “Anyone parked at the meters?”

Discovered the police officers actually have assignments that include “monitoring the meters” — but they do that in the nicest manner. The eight-person police department has an “ongoing commitment to providing professional community oriented police services.”

New broom | “Reading police chief resigns; mayor names new leaders” WFMZ69-TV

“Is There Hope For The American Dream?“What Americans Think About Income Inequality” NPR





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