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Monday news/views items – 7/24/2017

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weed warsSaturday, though quite hot, was weeding day for us; we decided to weed along the sidewalk, the flower beds and the little garden area. This is one of those years that is a weed’s paradise. Hot or not, the appearance of weeds sends messages of resignation and not caring about the appearance of a property. As do the commenters to this news source and Columbia Spy‘s, we wonder why Columbia’s codes department cannot see what we see: the prevalence of weeds all over the town. High grass and weeds and accumulation of trash are automatic QuickTicket $25.00 ticket immediately is what the Borough Code says.

In March of 2015, in this LNP – Always Lancaster article, the mayor stated Columbia’s police would partner with codes enforcement to tackle codes violations. “Later this month, the borough hopes to roll out a community policing program paired with codes enforcement to address problems head-on. By dividing the borough into three zones, officers will be assigned to patrol one of those zones each day that they work, Lutz said. In addition, the three part-time code enforcement officers that the borough employs will be assigned a zone. Lutz said officers have been asked to get out of their vehicles while on patrol and walk the neighborhoods. This way, he said, residents can get to know the officers and know that they can report any problems directly to that person. Lutz said the program is not expected to cost the borough any additional money; it’s simply better organizing of police and code enforcement officer time.”

keep water clean“Anomalies abound. Seems ironic to have all the blue painted signage extolling someone to ‘KEEP OUR RIVER CLEAN’ and ‘PROTECT OUR WATER’ when there’s organic matter, cigarette butts and trash serving as flotsam at nearly every grate. – From a Columbia news, views & reveiws, April 2014 news post.

protect the water

dont go backWhile looking at old Columbia news, views & reviews files, happened across this from three years ago.

There is no military solution in Iraq—so end the threats of U.S. airstrikes, bring home the Special Forces, and turn the aircraft carrier around. (Photo: Jayel Aheram / Flickr) – SOURCE: ForeignPolicyInFocus.org

outside the lines 2We seem to see lots of evidence of “coloring outside the lines” in town. Wonder, for example, why the car above couldn’t see the white “wide turn” line at the corner of 3rd & Hinkle’s? We did. Wonder, too, why, “law enforcement officers” feel they’re outside the laws of parking within the designated parking lines.

failure-to-communicateSo several media sources reported the water leak and subsequent evacuation of residents at the Susquehanna Valley Nursing facility. Columbia Spy reported it. Lancaster Online reported it. The reports stated that (depending on the source) between 50 and 70 residents were moved to a Harrisburg facility.

What’s disturbing is that no notice about the “critical incident” appears at the Susquehanna Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s Website. What’s dismaying, is that the facility evidently is unaware of the Guidance for Surveyors, Providers and Suppliers Regarding the New Emergency Preparedness (EP) Rule issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services last year. Facilities have to have emergency plans and they have to exercise them.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Health has fined nursing homes more in the first four months of this year than in the previous three years combined, as regulators started using a more rigorous penalty system after coming under fire for going too lightly on substandard care.” – The Morning Call

other newsThe Lancaster County Land Grant Authority still hasn’t posted a meeting agenda nor minutes since September of last year.

This LEGAL NOTICE appears at Lancaster Online: A special meeting of the borough council will be held on Monday, July 24, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. to “determining whether to move forward with acquiring real estate” of the property known as the McGinnis Airport.

Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is filled with Government Calendar information from numerous municipalities across the county … and nothing about Columbia. Why does the Borough not have someone assigned as the Public Information Officer? Someone who would be assigned to communicate with the outside media and citizens in an ongoing manner?

Any Columbia dogs on the Pennsylvania Dangerous Dog Registry?

“Strong thunderstorms with gusty winds and hail are possible Monday

This make the county look bad | “There are more than 300 tier 3 sex offenders in Lancaster County”Penn Live [NOTE: “Tier 3 offenders, which account for about 12,000 people in the state database, carry a lifetime registry and they must have their photo taken every 90 days. Tier 3 offenses include rape, kidnapping, aggravated indecent assault and incest.”] – The Sentinel, Carlisle

school takeoverFar more commenters at this facebook string than persons attending School Board meetings.





weekend news items | 7/22/17

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WEATHER“Mostly Sunny then Severe Thunderstorms – Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds 60 mph or greater and large hail exceeding 1 inch in diameter are possible late Saturday and also Sunday afternoon.”

then nowHere’s the problem when those elected public servants only want to play “revenge politics!” They just want to undo everything the other side did. Doesn’t matter whether it benefits or harms people, they just want to follow the commands of the uber-wealthy who want their ways. The public be damned.

Did you see this Lancaster Online article about the Susquehanna Glass Company’s decision? “3 years after dropping health insurance under Obamacare, Lancaster County company resumes it.”

Or this VOX.com article: “A majority of Americans now say they like Obamacare. That’s a first.”

Remember these REVENGE POLITICIANS the next time there’s an election. Toomey, Smucker, et al.

geographyGeography make your head spin? Then you’ll love this Lancaster Online geography quiz all about Lancaster County. “How well do you know your way around Lancaster County? Take our geography quiz.”

pipelinespills“Sure – pipelines are safe?” | “Mariner East 2 construction has resulted in dozens of spills, documents show.”State Impact


24 - cfd

25 - safari

Mary Loreto – a life of giving

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mary d

Mary Loreto’s obituary Lancaster Online

Mary Loreto, Columbia’s visionary & guardian

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A look back at several of the articles about Mary Loreto at Columbia news, views & reviews.

Mary Loreto – Columbia’s guardian

“Our Lady of the Angels School’s Hall of Fame gathering on Saturday” – January 2013

“waiting to see what’s next – July 1011

“not to be served, but to serve” – chapter 1 – April 2011

“not to be served, but to serve” – chapter 2 – April 2011


Sunday news glimpses – 7/16/2017

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two-sides“Portrait of a four-star veterans’ hospital: Care gets ‘worse and worse’ The Boston Globe SPOTLIGHT REPORT

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs annually rates its facilities; the 2016 End of Year Hospital Star Rating lists its healthcare facilities. Lebanon Veterans Affairs Medical Center received a four-star rating as did the Manchester, NH hospital.

Here’s the link to the Manchester, NH VAMC Website and the link to its facebook page.


animal abuse fb post


adorers pipelineNext Steps to Stop the Pipeline in Lancaster County – “The Adorers allege that FERC’s action places a substantial burden on their exercise of religion by taking their land, which they want to protect and preserve as part of their faith, and forces the Adorers to use their land in a manner and for a purpose they believe is harmful to the earth.” Adorers of the Blood of Christ

RELATED: Eco-terrorism in Lebanon County: “Sunoco pipeline portable toilet target of arson”Lebanon Daily News [NOTE: One person’s terrorist is another’s hero.]

POLICE LOGLocal interest arrests in today’s Police Log at Lancaster Online. Incidently, the Wyomissing Police Department has an amazingly informative Website. On it is this information: “The Police Department makes available the Daily Activity Report on-line for the benefit of our resident, businesses, and visitors.  We also refer to the information as our ‘blotter report’ or ‘daily blotter.’ This information is a public record under the Pennsylvania Right To Know Law.” If only …


Lancaster County’s Inspections at Lancaster Online.

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.

ice cream coneToday’s National Ice Cream Day – “This weekend marks your best chance to get deals on this popular dessert during National Ice Cream Month”Lancaster Online – Including “FREE ICE CREAM EXPERIENCE: You can get a free Dixie cup of Turkey Hill ice cream at The Turkey Hill Experience, 301 Linden St., Columbia, on Sunday. You don’t have to pay the admission fee to get that one free ice cream serving per person.”

phonix“Worker killed at Phoenix Packaging in Mount Joy” The York Dispatch. Some may remember Phoenix Packaging used to be a Columbia company. The building the company occupied is now home to Gorman Distributing.

prisonWelcome former hotshots | “Former Penn State officials report to jail”FOX43-TV

consultantHere’s an old story that’s been told around the globe. We first heard it from someone in a post-Soviet central European nation in the Caucuses. It is so true … around the world today!

A sheepherder is tending his flock when a city slicker rolls up in his BMW, hops out and asks, “Hey, if I tell you exactly how many sheep you have, can I take one?” The farmer nods, so the city slicker opens his laptop, calls up some satellite photos, runs some algorithms, and announces, “You have 1,432 sheep.”

Impressed, the sheepherder says, “You’re right. Go ahead and take one.” So the city slicker loads one of the animals into the backseat of the car. “Now,” says the shephard, “I’ll bet all my sheep against your car that I can tell you what you do for a living.”

A gaming sort, the city slicker says, “Sure.”

“You’re a consultant,” says the sheepherder.

“Wow!” says the consultant. “How’d you know?”

“Well,” says the shephard, “you come from nowhere even though I never asked you to. You drive a flash car, and wear a smart suit. You told me something I already knew. And you don’t know anything about my business. Now give me back my dog.”

slumlordsThat’s one of the phrases flung in a string that asks how to get in touch with a notorious multi-property landlord in Columbia at the “You know you’re from Columbia PA if…” facebook page. The tenant asks, “Does anyone have Israel Weiss as a landlord from best choice realty? We r having major issues with house and i need help contacting him or his maintenance man. Any help would be appreciated.”

and finally …

meeting minutesThe June Community Development Committee Meeting Minutes have been posted at the Borough Website.

markets and ideas – July 15, 2017

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crepes - cakesVisited the Columbia Historic Market House earlier today.

Stand holder and owner of The Wild Batch, Gerrianne Currey, is an absolute joy to talk with. Her infectious smile and abundantly joyful personality set the tone for her stand at the Columbia Historic Market House. A cake-creating diva and a superior crepe-maker, Gerianne’s persona is easily worth the trip to the Market House.

Crepes, Custom Cakes, Pastries, Gluten Free, Vegan options as well as regular items.

The Wild Batch | 717.825.5099 | thewildbatchbakery@gmail.com

moroccanA new standholder, Royal Tagine, served up hand-made beautifully created, sumptuous treats – perfect for a lunch treat.

In Morocco, there is a wide variety of special sweets and cookies. They are  all  tasty and delightful,  made with natural and fragrant ingredients. Almonds and Seeds (Fennel and Anis ) Orange blossom water are the main ingredients in our Moroccan pastry.”

Bushra Fakier, the owner, graciously offered taste of a few of her special preparations and and chatted about the ingredients the culture.

Royal Tagine | 717.606.5526 | royaltagine@yahoo.com


Marietta’s Market was operating today, too. It’s moved down Front Steet and is now fixed at  the Railroad House Inn Courtyard and Gardens. This compact outdoor market is open on the first and third Saturday of the month. The market’s vendor list is posted on the board at the entrance and here.

Marietta Market | For any information please call Ed Lincoln, Jr. at 717 819 6265 | chowderfest16@gmail.com

heartDropped into the “cute-as-the dickens” Heart Cafe in Marietta today, too. Bustling staff attending to a room filled with people eager to stock up for a walk or bike ride on the trail. Friendly, smiling staff make it happen.

The Heart Cafe | 17 East Market Street, Marietta | 717.604.1169

Here are a couple more equally compelling spots on the other side of the county. Great staff; wonderful food and a delightfully, small-town sophisticated atmosphere in Denver. Yup, this tiny town boasts this worth-the-trip experience at

The Courtyard Cafe on Main | 349 Main Street, Denver | 717.336.0556

Ephrata now boasts a tea shop. The Tea Press Cafe is “NOW OPEN! Local tea and coffee shop serving finger sandwiches and pastries with a workshop space. It too is staffed with genuinely amiable and gracious people.

The Tea Press Cafe | 30 E. Main Street, Ephrata | 717.450.7768

great ideaHere’s an absolutely great idea! This Lancaster Online article, “Lancaster Chamber seeks business volunteers to mentor high school students” is about the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s initiative – an initiative that can easily be borrowed and modified here.

Where there’s a will …





five more facts – 7/14/17

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july 14Today is July 14th – France’s “Independence Day.” Click to go to the French Website.

creepyYep, that’s what our President said to France’s First Lady. Making Americans Grate Again.

car seatCar Seat Safety Check on Saturday – Details at the Columbia Fire Department facebook page.

marietta marketAlso on Saturday in Marietta – a one-day outdoor market with a growing list of vendors.

pipelineGive us unpolluted water or give us death! A clean, dependable water supply is the most important commodity! Who didn’t believe this would happen? “Sunoco halts drilling in Chester County where pipeline construction damaged drinking water wells.”



five more facts – 7/13/2017

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lnpThe “hold-it-in-your-hands” version has been delivered. We’re read The New York Times; Morning Call; Lebanon Daily News and several other online publications, but the online version of LNP – Always Lancaster is not available at 6:00 am. A call to the Customer Service department yielded no results other than there is a problem. At 7:20 am, Thursday’s e-edition is now up and running.

A1-OneManFire-Final-v2How long will small town fire and EMS departments survive?PublicSource article

legal noticeA couple legal notices with Columbia relevance are at Lancaster Online | Flavor Approved Fresh Food and Shift Forward, Inc



Related to Monday’s Council Meeting agenda item I – 5. ” Lindsay Brenner & Tim Hess, 1020 Cloverton Drive.”

big tobaccoSwamp draining continues – smoke ’em if you got ’em. | “Tobacco companies tighten hold on Washington under Trump – Top White House figures – including the vice-president and health secretary – have deep ties to an industry whose donations began pouring in on day one.” – The Guardian



five more facts (and some opinions) | 7/12/17

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shrinking schoolsWith fewer students, school officials struggle to maintain offerings and still provide a quality education. Is consolidation a potential solution … ? – Public Source

take the trolleyThe trolley needs riderseblast message from the borough

blight2“‘We’re coming for you’ |Shamokin mayor issues warning to owners of blighted properties”The News-Item, Sunbury

trump“Inside the minds of Trump’s ‘true believers’” – The Conversation

toxicSo what kinds of actions make up toxic leadership? Surely, the blowhards who love to hear themselves talk. The ones who promise the world and deliver nothing … consistently. The ones who always seek the spotlight. Yes, those and “Sometimes it takes an asshole to get an outfit ready for war. Other times, though, an asshole is just an asshole.” This article is about a tactically, technically competent leader who expected his teams to perform. He admits, “I’m an ass who expects you to do your job, and I fully admit to that because I want people to be combat ready.” – Taskandpurpose.com

This AZCentral article paints another picture of a leader who intends to wipe away the “good old boy” system.

Six more facts | 7/12/17

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CAUTIONIf you happen to walk by the disgraceful structure at 208-210 Locust Street (the one formerly owned by Sam and Cindy Bigler and now by the borough, be extremely cautious and aware of the metal sheeting that’s raised, and now marked by caution cones, four or more inches above the sidewalk.

mattresses.jpgCropped from a photo posted at this facebook page: The photo and this verbiage begins a string: “Two piss stained bed bug infested mattresses lying on the corner of 4th and AveJ, but if my grass is three inches too long I’m getting a fine, screw you Columbia Borough.” Think the author refers to the inconsistent application of codes in the borough.

white collar crimeCrime and punishment: “There are two classes of criminals in this country: The poor ones who get disproportionately punished and the rich ones who head multinational corporations and escape unscathed. That’s one of the premises in Jesse Eisinger’s new book, ‘The Chickenshit Club: Why the Justice Department Fails to Prosecute Executives.’ Eisinger talked with us about why prosecutors stopped going after the heads of companies committing fraud, the revolving door between the prosecutor’s office and Big Law, and his ideas about how to fix the system.” – MarketWatch

STREET SWEEPERSThis question starts a facebook string that’s got so many residents confused, perplexed and scratching their heads. Searching for the schedule at the Borough Website produced this out-of-date page: “STREET SWEEPER MAINTENANCE – Maintenance  is still being done on the street sweeper, thus there will be no street sweeping for the week of July 13 through July 17, 2015.” Citizens may want to bring their questions and concerns to the attention of the “Public Works Committee (Includes Wastewater and Highway) – The Committee on Highways shall, in conjunction with the Borough Manager and Highway Supervisor, direct, control and have charge of the grading, paving, repairing and cleaning of all streets, alleys and highways; shall direct and control all surveys, engineering, sewerage, drainage and all matters and things in any way relating to or affecting the highways, footways, wharves and bridges; shall attend to all duties which may be properly referred to such Committee by Council and shall comply and enforce the requirements of all laws and ordinances which relate to highways.

more shoppingSeriously, nobody’s reading about the turbulence in retail? Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s lead article is about the retail nightmare at the Rockvale Square shopping area – store vacancies abound.

drain that swampIt just gets “curiouser and curiouser” | “The State of Play When Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort Met Natalia Veselnitskaya” The Daily Beast