Saturday’s news items [confused communications; herd immunity: fact or fiction & more] – 12/19/2020


The hired communications firm cannot come quickly enough | Which post should citizens and visitors believe? Is there a snow emergency or not? According to the borough Website there is. According to the Police Department Crimewatch post, there’s not.


Anything to it? | Is it junk science? That’s how one of the commenters at the restaurant’s facebook page refers to the restaurant owner’s claim about the Great Barrington Declaration, which essentially endorses the “herd immunity” approach to wrangling with the Trump coronavirus. There’s an article in 

“I wish I could purchase a gift certificate however I’ve just learned of the email sent to patrons claiming the benefits of herd immunity. That is junk science. The thing is, without a vaccine, there is NO “herd” immunity. Just as there was never any herd immunity to polio or smallpox or chlorella or the common cold.”

So what is the Great Barrington Declaration? | Amidst all the political arguments about how to “defeat” the coronavirus, this is one that’s surfaced. Because it has some defenders and some detractors, we’ve just decided to list some of the points, you decide:

Regular “opiner” opines | in yet another LNP – Always Lancaster letter-to-the-editor: “Regarding Trump and news coverage”

What? | “Because an opt-out resolution was approved, a preliminary budget will not be released for public inspection. The board will vote on a proposed final budget in May and adopt a final budget in June.” That’s what’s in this article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

school briefs

What’s behind the link? | What’s behind the “#” link at the Borough Website (see below)




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