Friday’s news items [H.A.R.B. meeting notice; greater transparency; patriot(?) scumbag & more] – 12/18/2020

meeting notice | The next Columbia’s Historic Architectural Review Board will meet on December 22. The H.A.R.B. largely is staffed in interim status by council members as most of the qualified citizens who sat on the volunteer board quit in protest of council actions countermanding their recommendations.  This legal notice is posted at the Borough Website, too.

Here’s your big chance | “Atlantic City Is Offering Bidders The Chance To Blow Up A Former Trump Casino”NPR

greater transparency

PUC communicates | Pennsylvania’s Public Utility Commission regularly communicates with citizens with news releases. While much of the information may be boring, tedious and seemingly inconsequential for many, the information in the news releases and the clear concise Website is important to gain shareholder trust.

Setting the example | “PUC Moves to Require Diversity Reporting by Public Utilities

another example | “Charles Dickens meant for A Christmas Carol to serve as a scathing indictment of wealth concentration and neglect of the poor.” Futurity

OPINION | “The year of fear and the fragility of the white, male myth” The Boston Globe

Coronavirus economic aid package near | but nothing for state and local governments. Route Fifty

editorial | nice work if you can get it: magisterial district judge Lancaster Online

In 1954, this nation had another scumbag claiming to be a patriot | In the above video, “Joseph Welch, chief counsel for the U.S. Army, tires of Joseph McCarthy’s accusations and innuendo regarding Communist infiltration.” Wikipedia’s got an interesting synopsis of McCarthy’s stint in the US Marine Corps (at least this scumbag served, if unremarkably and for his own self interest). By the way, while he didn’t go to prison, he died a lonely and broken human — a fitting end to a disgraced life.

all in all, we were lucky | Despite the pre-snowfall warnings, Lancaster County got off better than anticipated as “Snow blankets Northeast, breaking records in some areas.”WITF

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