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Despicable enough to diminish the death of a United States warrior? YES! 

“Donald Trump Told Slain Soldier’s Widow Her Husband ‘Knew What He Signed Up For'”  – Fortune

Despicable enough to overstate contributions? YES! 

“A Trump Golf Course Said It Gave Millions To Charity. Here’s What The Numbers Say”NPR

Despicable enough to pad his pockets and other uber-rich at your expense? YES!

“Casey: GOP tax plan a ‘giveaway to the rich'”NPR

Despicable enough to lie the way Hitler did? YES!

“Trump Isn’t Hitler. But the Lying … ”The New York Times

Despicable enough to hire friends, family and flunkies? YES!

“Trump hires campaign workers instead of farm experts at USDA”Politico



Thursday – 10/19/17

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“Hinkle’s Pharmacy restaurant will remain open as developers buy it”The York Daily Record

“If it’s true, it’s great news.” – A quote from one of the usual suspects from an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

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Great Questions?

A letter- to-the-editor writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster asks these questions:

Where were you when I was 12 years old and denied entrance to swimming pools? Where were you when I was escorted out of dances for asking a white girl to dance? Where were you when I was repeatedly arrested for disorderly conduct for not showing proper humility to a police officer? Where were you when 11 percent of the population made up more than 20 percent of the combat deaths early in the Vietnam War? Please tell me, where were you?”

And concludes the letter with, “At any given time I might do things differently; that’s what a free society means.” 

Eloquence, we think.

drug-rabbitDid you see this? They’re out there and they want to represent us.

“Candidate falls for hoax, proposes drug-sniffing police bunnies” – Philly.com

Yep, a candidate for mayor believed an article at the People of Lancaster Website. This brilliant Website regularly spoofs news events with reports so obviously outlandish that you gotta’ wonder, “Who would believe this to be true?” Yet, they walk among us and they do believe this stuff.


The People of Lancaster Website fully discloses this: “People of Lancaster is a mix of news, opinion, and satire about the people, places and interests of Lancaster County, PA. Much of the content on this site is satire inspired by real people or events that we love to coat with a heavy layer of snark and sarcasm.

“How can you tell what is real and what is satire?

“Well, if ‘obvious’ escapes you and you lack the intellectual curiosity to discover the truth for yourself you can view the tags assigned to every story published on the website. Stories that are satire are assigned the ‘satire’ tag as shown in the image below and displayed at the bottom of every article published.”


Really should not have to explain “satire” to anyone. But, it is a different world.

“Scranton Police and Inspectors Hit the Streets in the Fight Against Blight” PA HomePage

A Photo Collection – “Students at Park Elementary School in Columbia Borough School District are expanding their palate and taste buds with locally grown produce thanks to a farm-to-school mini-grant from the Pennsylvania.”


BREAKING NEWS | Hinkle’s Restaurant will stay in Columbia

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Murphy agrees to acquire Hinkle’s Restaurant. Restaurant to remain open.

Columbia, PA, October 18, 2017. Local Real Estate Investor and developer Don Murphy and his wife Becky have agreed to purchase the restaurant and real estate from the Hinkle Family for an undisclosed price. The Murphy’s, through their company, Cimarron Investments already own several landmark historic buildings in downtown Columbia. Mr. Murphy said he began discussions with the Hinkle Family immediately after they announced earlier this month that they were closing their pharmacy and restaurant located at 261 Locust Street.

“We have been working diligently to structure a deal to keep the iconic restaurant intact and retain as many of the amazing dedicated employees as possible,” says Mr. Murphy.

The Murphys have retained two long time managers/chefs of the restaurant, Mr. John Sipe and Ms. Robin Ortman as proprietors of the restaurant. Sipe and Ortman have established their own business whereas they will lease the restaurant from the Murphys.

The Murphys also acquired the name “Hinkle’s Restaurant” as they felt it was extremely important to carry on the legacy of the Hinkle’s brand that so many locals and visitors to downtown Columbia have come to recognize over their 124 years of operation.

The current business will close as planned on October 25th for a transitioning period of four days and reopen at 7:00am, Monday, October 30th. Mr. Murphy said his future plans are to renovate the restaurant, expand the kitchen and increase seating by adding additional dining space. Current catering services are planned to be expanded as well.

He also hopes that this latest acquisition will help enhance the downtown and that maintaining this location is a key element in the revitalization of Columbia.

SOURCE: news release