Saturday’s news items, part 1 [local interest obituary; meeting summary; boxing day; out-of-date info & more] – 12/26/2020

boxing day

Today’s Boxing Day | “In 2020, Boxing Day falls on Saturday, December 26.”The Old Farmer’s Almanac

a br-r-r-r day | “Mostly sunny, with a high near 28 – Today’s Weather!”

muni briefs 12-22 meetingextracted from today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

posted at the borough Website | the 2020 budget, yes. The 2021 passed budget, no

local obituary of note | John H. Ruhl, Jr.

our question, too | This from a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:

A simple question I have not seen addressed: If some Republicans are saying the election was a fraud and President Donald Trump won, then does that mean all the other Republicans who were elected or reelected lost? – Donna Becker Providence Township


pathetic communication | The holiday’s over; Customers (residents, business owners and visitors) deserve information timely accurate information at municipal Websites. Screenshot: 5:12 am, 12/26/2020.

Phillies fans: this is a great read | “A secret visit to Dick Allen’s farm brought him back to the Phillies and cemented his Philadelphia legacy”The Inquirer

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