Sunday’s news items [local note obituaries; Council meeting agenda & Columbia Market House hours & more] -12/20/2020

Local note obituaries Craig A. Banner Rosemary “Snookie” Pennell • Elaine P. Menchey • 

posted at the borough website | 12-22-2020 Regular Meeting Packet and PFM Presentation – Supplement to 12.22.2020 BC Packet.

Also STILL posted at the borough website | “SNOW EMERGENCY12/16/2020 AT 12:00 PM TO 12/18/2020 AT 12:00 PM”

pandemic portrait

Worth the price of today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | “This is my daily life. So forgive me if I won’t patronize the local restaurants defying the governor’s order to temporarily close indoor dining. And forgive me that I don’t support the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office’s statement that it would not enforce ‘any edicts from the Governor’s Office’ relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Forgive me that I find anti-maskers selfish.” – A must read, this first person column by a local registered nurse.

Scanning the property transfers last week | shows three more Columbia properties have been sold to investor landlord entities. Without hours of research, it’s unclear how many rental properties are owned by private individuals not registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State. Two of the corporately owned investors have at least five properties in the borough. The third just registered its corporate name in August of this year and owns its second. Awakened Properties, the only one with a Website, says, “Awakened Properties is a Lancaster based company that buys the worst of properties and turns them into the most attractive in the neighborhood.”

Want to know more about hemp? | Read this Lancaster Online article

mh plan

Market days | The Columbia Market House floor plan and days/hours of operation as shown at the Market House Website.

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