Wednesday’s news items [another gold standard; macadam sidewalks; mayor’s “food for thought” and more] – 10/16/2019

Another “greatest generation” WWII passage | John “Jack” Milton Lockard obituaryLancaster Online

Falling behind | “Social Security benefits’ buying power is fading, despite adjustments”MarketPlace

Not an other “Gold Standard” | Yep, this time it marijuana legalizationLancaster Online

Backs off | PA Senator Aument backtracks on teacher evaluation – Lancaster Online

Teachers key, yes | but other factors weigh on education outputPA Department of Education


Once before | “How Nixon’s Hatred of the Press Led to His Downfall” –  The Daily Beast

Overdue | “Pennsylvania expanding tax to more out-of-state corporations”WITF

quote 2True enough | Extracted from a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Interesting concept | Mount Joy’s council is considering a proposed amendment that “would allow property owners to install bituminous concrete (asphalt) paving in place of concrete sidewalks if all property owners on a block agree to the measure, subject to construction standards. This is expected to provide 30-50% cost savings to affected homeowners.” – Source: LNP – Always Lancaster

Broken links | In the April 23, 2011 Columbia news, views & reviews post entitled “riverfront property – timeline of published documents and events” there are a number of broken links. Several of the links have been removed by the hosting entity. Click on the graphic below to see the mayor’s “Food for Thought” letter.

food for thought



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