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Archived | Lancaster Online‘s archived newspapers on line are a trove of interesting history. Another Riverfront idea that came and went was the tallest structure in the county, a spa and a windmill.

Crime in Columbia | Is Columbia’s crime rate higher today than it 20 some years ago? Maybe or maybe not. This 2015 Police Log published in the May 10, 1995 Intelligencer Journal (below) certainly was far more thorough than the police logs of today. Maybe Columbia was more transparent then?

police log then.jpg



  1. Those thorough police logs were the reason I fessed up to my parents about things that I had done. Had it not been for the newspaper, I would have never told them I got a ticket for running a stop sign. It was also a deterrent for bad behavior – there was no way I wanted my parents friends and my relatives to know I was cited for doing stupid stuff like damaging property or drinking underage, or driving recklessly.

    • Why did the school board approve those two places on north 5th st more things being done behind closed door something is rotten in Denmark

      • Not sure this was “behind closed doors.”

        Though the item appeared on the agenda that was distributed at the 10/17 school board of directors’ meeting and it was not on the agenda that was initially posted at the Website. Just seemed a bit odd that the mayor was in the audience, then spoke up advocating for the board’s approval.

        Citizens will never know the circumstances for certain, but we understand why suspicions as yours abound.

  2. Yes, indeed. Our parents, grandparents, former bosses and others always said, “Don’t get your name in the paper?”

    That’s a lot easier to do today – since the large daily newspaper allocates less space; since the Columbia News (print version) has gone the way of dinosaurs; since the police department doesn’t post its entire police log online … and since the borough refuses to consider Columbia news, views & reviews and Columbia Spy as news resources that Columbia people read … though we know they do! This combination of happenstance and purposeful circumstances make it tough for those in authority roles in Columbia to claim true transparency.

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