Thursday’s news items [Musser’s is gone; school board meeting agenda & more] – 10/17/2019

Goodbye | Musser’s is goneLancaster Online

An article of interest | “The Price the Poor Pay For Gentrification”Medium

School board meeting tonight | Click on the graphic below to enlarge. On the agenda is item 11, g.: “Approval of Shared Service Agreements with Eastern Lancaster County School District.” LNP – Always Lancaster reported yesterday, that “Under this extension, Columbia would continue to receive support from three members of Elanco’s full-time staff: Keith Ramsey, business manager; Donna Prokay, human resources director; and Lotsie Wooten, IT director. Additionally, Columbia would receive its own tech support specialist, alongside an array of network services and equipment. The service would be provided to Columbia at an annual cost of $315,000, up $35,000 from the prior agreement.”

sb agenda

two fingers

You can’t do it | “Student suspended for pointing ‘finger guns’ at classmates”FOX43-TV

Every story has lots of sides | “911 recording: Boy found hanging in Berks County home with sister was bullied, ‘didn’t want to go alone’”The Morning Call

Parking woes | Another borough wrestles with on-street parking WFMZ69-TV

24 parade

Video recorded and streamed | Here’s how Reading handles its H.A.R.B. meeting – uses BCTV (Berks County TV and has a youtube channel). Citizens in Berks County are quite fortunate to have a local access TV. Reading citizens are double fortunate that the city archives video recordings for lots of its municipal meetings including it’s Historical Architectural Review Board’s meetings. NOTE: Pay attention to the audio quality of the recording. 


01-2020 MT DC DRAFT 2.jpg


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