Monday’s news items [outreach event; most photographed bridge; cigarette butts and more apartments] – 2/10/2020

SAVE THE DATE | State Senator Ryan Aument’s Spring Outreach Event in Columbia: Coffee and Conversation – March 12 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. at Columbia Crossing, located at 41 Walnut Street in Columbia.

Lancaster County’s Fire Departments | Wondering about the numbering system for Lancaster County’s 70 Fire Departments; here’s the list. And here is the list for York County’s 55 departments.

do not kill the fishPhoto from 2015 Columbia news, views & reviews post.

Cigarette butts | According to the top of page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “Cigarette butts, plastic cups, old TVs and worn-out tires are costly problems that need more attention. Lancaster’s tackling the trash issue with training programs designed to focus “more attention on prevention and education.

In a 2012 study, “Cigarette Litter: Smokers’ Attitudes and Behaviors”, while “the majority of respondents believed that cigarette butts are harmful to the environment. However, one quarter of respondents did not believe cigarette butts are toxic, and more nonsmokers believed cigarette butts to be litter than smokers.” This study also found:

“While most smokers and nonsmokers today understand that cigarette litter is an environmental problem, a minority of smokers still do not recognize flicked cigarettes butts as litter or waste. … this misunderstanding was associated with littering behavior, indicating that education is still needed, especially in light of new evidence on the toxicity of cigarette butts.”

Estimates of the percentages of populations in Lancaster County range from 11 to 14 percent of adults.

Nothing is out of bounds |POTUS “lobbies to end Pete Rose’s lifetime ban from baseball”The Guardian [MAGA Making Americans GAG again.]

Qualify “most” | So what to believe? While some may think the Veterans Memorial Bridge AKA COLUMBIA-WRIGHTSVILLE BRIDGE AKA Lincoln Highway, Bridge over Susquehanna River AKA Lancaster-York Intercounty Bridge is “Most photographed bridge in the world.” There are others who think this is.

“for people who want to live near the amenities” | Another apartment development is coming to Lancaster as “Eclipse at Belmont” will be build next to the shopping complex on Fruitville Pike at the Shoppes at Belmont. That announcement is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, too.

olp“I had the privilege of meeting Donna Anderson, an East Hempfield Township resident, and presenting her with a House citation in recognition of the 25th anniversary of her business, On-Line Publishers, Inc. Donna started On-Line Publishers in 1995, and has grown the business to include 14 employees who produce several publications and coordinate many local events. On-Line Publishers hosts 15 annual expos, serving veterans, senior citizens, job seekers, and more. On-Line Publishers’ offices are located just outside of Mountville. Congratulations and thank you for your service to our community!” – SOURCE: State Representative Brett Miller’s e-newsletter.


Disappointed with Pelosi | Trae Crowder: “I cannot believe what Nancy Pelosi did at the State of the Union, y’all.”

“ …we are not all in this together | some pigs are smarter than other pigs and deserve more money.” Consultants, as Buttigieg was, are the ruination of lots of organizations. This is a LONG READ about management consultants and the “economic inequality and the destruction of the American middle class.” The Atlantic Magazine


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