Sunday’s news items [restaurant inspections; “scenes seen”; & more] – 1/12/2020

Food serving inspections | Recent ones in ColumbiaPA Department of Agriculture

a January treat? | Yesterday’s balmy 60-something degree day gave everyone an ideal opportunity to get out-of-doors. Lancaster Online‘s got photos here and Columbia news, views & reviews took advantage to capture several “scenes seen” on the Northwest River Trail and around town.

ss1The trail north of Marietta hosted lots of activity as dozens of walkers, joggers, runners, bike riders and cyclists shared the trail’s sights and the rare warm January day in nature.  ss2

river park for familiesRiverfront Park north of Marietta features functional amenities for families.

privacy fence

In retrospect, when the former public works director decided to construct a safety fence separating the Norfolk Southern tracks from properties adjacent to the tracks, he opted for a decorative metal fence installed across Heritage Drive abutting the properties known as the cabin properties. In retrospect, would privacy fencing have  been a better option to afford a “gated community effect” and to mask some of the more unsightly properties? Wonder, too, whether Norfolk Southern may one day insist that Columbia Borough install the same type of safety fence to the other side of Heritage Drive — as the chain link one that lines River Park to the north?

new parkAnd the safety “chain link” fencing is gone from the former hole in the ground property at the bottom of Locust Street. Guess borough residents and visitors using the parking lot across Bank Avenue will now be able to use the sidewalk to head uptown to shop and dine … as soon as “someone” cleans it up? Then “someone” can move the unsightly concrete safety barriers from the street. What’s going to happen with the now graded property? Perhaps a park? 

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