“Fed Up With Fundraisers On Facebook? You’re Not Alone” – NPR

fundraisersDuncan Andison/Getty Images

by Tovia Smith

“If it seems that your Facebook feed is flooded with as many fundraising appeals for animal shelters, humanitarian groups and cancer researchers as your postbox was in December, you aren’t imagining things.

“Those birthday fundraisers you’ve likely seen posted by your friends, tripled over the past year, from $300 million raised for charities in 2017-18, to $1 billion a year later. It’s great news for those nonprofits. But some Facebook users think it’s getting to be too much of a good thing.

“Vinita Kochhar, a 47-year-old marketing executive from New Jersey is one of the many who are making the fundraisers something of a new birthday tradition. When she first heard about a charity raising money for school supplies for children in India, Kochhar felt she had to help.

“‘It hit me in the heart,’ she says … ”

Read more; click here.

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