Saturday’s news items [beer drinking buds; rigged economy; WWCD & more] – 1/11/2020

Beer drinking friends in high places | This guy’ll get off when this case gets to the Supreme Court.WJAC-TV6

Joe helped do it | Biden played “a central role in the creation of the student debt crisis that he and other candidates are now promising to fix.” The Intercept

You betcha’ | “Is the U.S. economy rigged?MarketPlace

One in five | of us wear a fitness trackerFactTank

WWCD? | What would Columbia do, indeed? This week the Minnesota County commissioners made news for being the first in Minnesota to bar refugees from settling in their county upon arrival to the U.S. —  The vote was prompted by an executive order from President Donald Trump that leaves it up to local governments to decide whether or not to allow new refugees to be settled within their jurisdictions.” – Minnesota Post

Why, indeed? | “Why Are The Majority of White Evangelicals Against Welcoming Refugees?”Newsy

Columbia-Borough-Road-Closure-1-16-20SOURCE: Columbia Borough Website

Census 2020 Travis Lehr Jan 2020 tues - friday

01-2020 MT DC DRAFT 2

fh dogs

Nifty fundraiser | On sale at ebay


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