on river walks and paradise lost

Premiere river walk | Council candidate Sharon Lintner mentioned San Antonio’s River Walk at her facebook page.

  • Remember when Columbia had access to water and gave it away for 30 cents on the dollar.

RiverwalkCoulda’, woulda’, shoulda’ – One of Naperville’s (IL) greatest summer attractions is its picturesque riverwalk. (SOURCE: Columbia news, views & reviews, May 16, 2014)

Thoughts opined, August 13, 2019 | “Photopinion – While walking across the bridge yesterday, we were struck by the sheer majesty of the river and the unique potential it presents. The new Riverfront Park structure is taking shape and it is an impressive sight. And future generations of residents and visitors will treasure the foresight that town leaders had when they decided to use the land that was given to them to build that riverwalk dappled with eating and drinking places, park benches and unique shops. Columbia’s riverwalk could be like the ones in Naperville, IL or Williamsport, PA or Millersburg, PA. Present generations will question the weeds that welcome Bridge travelers from the West. (Columbia news, views & reviews)

May, 2011 | “what some towns do with their river property” 

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