Sunday’s news items [happy car drivers; Census 2020; Columbia in 1892; Where are August’s food serving inspections & more] – 9/15/2019

Cars Brands With the Happiest Drivers“Keeping drivers happy is essential for the long-term success of a car manufacturer. If drivers have to contend with poorly designed interiors and mechanical issues, they are likely to look elsewhere for their next vehicle. But if they are happy, they are more likely to return and buy the same brand again and again.” – 24/7 Wall St.

wasted money

Waste of money | “Pa. state legislators among the highest paid in U.S., but they’re doing less and less actual lawmaking”SpotlightPA

Why it counts | “The 2020 Census counts every person living in the United States and the five U.S. territories.” Find out more here at the new version of

first census“President George Washington, Vice President John Adams, and Speaker of the House Frederick Muhlenberg signed the 1790 census act, March 1, 1790.”

“The first census | … began more than a year after the inauguration of President Washington and shortly before the second session of the first Congress ended. Congress assigned responsibility for the 1790 census to the marshals of the U.S. judicial districts under an act which, with minor modifications and extensions, governed census taking through 1840. The law required that every household be visited, that completed census schedules be posted in ‘two of the most public places within [each jurisdiction], there to remain for the inspection of all concerned… ’ and that ‘the aggregate amount of each description of persons’ for every district be transmitted to the president.” –

Find ’em if you canDependability! You can find lists the weekly food inspections for Lancaster County’s food serving establishments at Lancaster Online‘s Website and you can find all the restaurants across the state at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Website and you were supposed to find the previous month’s inspections at the Columbia Borough Website. ALAS, August’s inspections halfway through September still are not posted.

Why didn’t this food inspection | call for shutting down the Mountville Family Restaurant? 


Added value | Lancaster Newspapers has expanded its services for its daily newspaper subscribers. If you’re a history buff, then the archives are for you. Above, for instance, is a newspaper column from The Daily New Era on January 2,  1892.

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