Friday’s news items, part 2 [Bridge meeting canceled; no toilet paper; girl grapplers & more] – 3/13/2020

bridge meeting

What’s happening? No toilet paper. | “What’s the mood in Lancaster County as the COVID-19 outbreak spreads? Here’s what our reporters found”Lancaster Online

I didn’t know it was loaded | Remember that mega-church security guard whose weapon discharged a few weeks ago? Well he’s been charged.Lancaster Online

Yee-haw | Conoy Township: “This is not a gun-free zone.” – The township supervisors voted last night on that meaningless resolution they passed in 2013. They did not officially “deem the township” a Second Amendment Sanctuary. – LNP – Always Lancaster.

Girl grapplers | LNP – Always Lancaster notes that Lancaster School District’s School Board of Directors is leaning to adding Girls’ Wrestling as a high school sport. The Board’ll be voting to have the “state’s first female high school wrestling team” at its next meeting.

E-mails | Have you been getting emails from the businesses you deal with letting you know how they’re dealing with the coronavirus? We’ve gotten messages from our bank,. dentist; discount club, and others.



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