Saturday’s news items [“feels like a shutdown; toilet paper & more] – 3/14/2020

From The Boston Globe‘s subscriber email | “It is starting to feel like America is slowly shutting down. Museums, concert halls, sports arenas, the places where we gather to celebrate our shared culture are empty. People are still shopping and dining out to a certain extent, but even those common activities may gradually decline.


“So (let’s assume) you’ll be hunkered down this weekend and not raiding your local supermarket to hoard three years’ worth of toilet paper.” The email suggests one possiblity: Today’s drink special is a Quarantini. It’s just a regular martini, but you drink it all alone in your house.”

NOTIFICATIONS | concerning the emergency proclamations in effect

“EXPERTS | Here’s what we know about the new coronavirus.”Futurity

Seems odd | but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) isn’t updating the COVID-19 data on weekends.

Exponential explosion | ‘On the 23rd of January, China’s Hubei province, which contains the city of Wuhan, had 444 confirmed COVID-19 cases. A week later, by the 30th of January, it had 4,903 cases. Another week later, by the 6th of February, it had 22,112. The same story is now playing out in other countries around the world. Italy had 62 identified cases of COVID-19 on the 22nd of February. It had 888 cases by the 29th of February, and 4,636 by the 6th of March.” – The Atlantic

Proof: People are full of shi% | “You are not using more of it. You are just filling up your closet with it.” The speculation that’s created a run on toilet paper is just stupid fear of the unknown. This New York Times article offers some explanations on toilet paper production and supplies.


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  1. You know America is shutting down when Disneyland is closed worldwide. Now it’s time for the zoo Walmart and other big box stores to do the same. They are breeding grounds.

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