Saturday’s news items, part 2 [is college for everyone?; cut-rate cameras?; flubromazolam & more] – 3/14/2020

maybe not college

OPINION | “When will we admit that college isn’t the only path to success?”The Boston Globe

What? Must be a mistake | White woman sentenced to jail for embezzlement.ABC27-TV

Cut rate cameras | Columbia’s got to have the crappiest spy camera system going. The Columbia Police Department’s post at its CrimeWatch page shows several still photos of a truck that allegedly was involved in damaging a light pole at River Park. There’s even a shot of the back of the truck showing the license plate. The Police Department wants citizen help identifying the driver of the truck. Wouldn’t any quality camera system would probably be able to hone in on the license plate?

Flubromazolam? | Had to look this up. Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s POLICE LOG shows someone was charged for driving under the influence of flubromazolam.

Sick stay home_FB

one jurisdiction’s local response | Yesterday, “The Manheim Township Board of Commissioners has taken precautionary measures in response to the ever-changing Coronavirus (COVED-19) pandemic.”

“Don’t be offended.” | Quarryville’s Police Department is putting its citizens at ease by alerting them to certain changes in practices during the coronavirus circumstance. Communication is everything.

‘Game changer’ | “LVHN opens seven coronavirus testing sites around the Lehigh Valley”The Morning Call

“Stopped by a Market Basket the lines were unreal, hoarders everywhere. Mostly old folks, you know, the ones we are taking all the precautions to protect. They’ll get little sympathy from me…” – A comment following an article about long lines in grocery stores in a metropolitan area newspaper


  1. “ mostly old folks… “

    Just because I’m old and more likely to die from the coronavirus, doesn’t mean I’m any more likely get it or spread it. A..holes like you make me hope it does kill me.

  2. Mr. D … I know you were referencing the quote in the post. No offense intended; nor taken.

    I freely admit that some refer to me as asshole. And, for them – the assholes, many of whom are elected public servants or drones of government – the language of “assholism” is the only language they understand.

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