Wednesday’s news items [council meeting notes and tribalism] – 1/29/2020

col crossingsColumbia Crossing Annual Report | Click on the graphic to peruse the annual report presented at last night’s Council meeting. You can visit the Columbia Crossing Website for more information.

Toothless in Columbia | “Meet Poppy the rescue groundhog; Lancaster County’s newest prognosticator is missing a few teeth”Lancaster Online

In case you missed the meeting | You may be one of the 30 or so persons who did not attend last night’s council meeting, but yo can watch the meeting by clicking here. As many as 893 (at this point) others watched it via live streaming or via the archived video at the borough’s facebook page.

Draw your own conclusions | Unless you’ve already adopted a tribal stance, Columbia news, views & views encourages citizens and stakeholders to attend meetings, either in person or online, and to ask questions. To get useful information, citizens and share holders, have to do the “due diligence” on every topic. Asking questions, in person, online or submitting Right-To-Know documents are tools in the truth-seeking person’s kit.

0128 council comp

Citizen suggestion | A citizen suggested the borough consider a solar farm as a use of the former airport site off Central Avenue. The mayor chimed in telling everyone that he’s researched solar power installations with Ephrata and Susquehanna University.

Veritas? | Strident, accusatory first person commentary.

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