Thursday’s news items [no decency; New Year’s Eve; not an LGBT+ friend; bunker mentality & more] – 12/3/2020

Yesterday | “U.S. Hits 100,000 COVID-19 Hospitalizations”NPR


That was thenthis in now | and now, the folks in the Republican party are spineless, void of ethics and empty drones. Decency, what’s that? “While today’s Republicans are looking the other way as their president undermines our democracy, it has not always been this way. On this date in 1954, the Senate voted 67 to 22 to condemn the behavior of Senator Joe McCarthy, who lied and bullied and blustered to stay in power until finally, in televised hearings, lawyer Joseph Nye Welsh shook his head at McCarthy’s recklessness and cruelty and asked: ‘Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?’? – Letters from an American

Mike Tomlin | Steelers sucked but still won. – WITF

at the end of 2020 and the eve of 2021 | “Harrisburg plans for virtual New Year’s Eve celebration, countdown” The Burg

He’s not LGBT+ friendly | “Trump Erases LGBTQ+ People For Fourth Time in Final World AIDS Day Statement”them

Community conversation: yep, they can happen | “Lebanon Mayor Capello hosts Zoom call to talk about policing and minority communities”The Lebanon Daily News

Defund the police is not the right message | Former US President says thisVanity Fair

last day in the bunkerduring the last days in the bunker …

How crazy is this guy? | Crazier than a loon: “Trump escalates baseless attacks on election with 46-minute video rant”The Washington Post

this holiday season | “What’s The Risk Of Going To A Religious Service Around The Holidays?” – Newsy

the bad states; the insurrectionists | “States With Few Coronavirus Restrictions Are Spreading the Virus Beyond Their Borders”Route Fifty

Grifters! “Reports | Trump Organization, Kushner Companies among those getting PPP loans”FOX43-TV

Gingerbread House - Parks and Rec

Giant Foods Classes

Reports: Trump Organization, Kushner Companies among those getting PPP loans

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