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today’s news … Tuesday, November 22

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Quote for today“Ninety percent of the politicians give the other 10 percent a bad reputation.” – Henry Kissinger

Is tighter online regulation a cause for despair or jubilation? kelvin255

  • On Saturday, Columbia news, views & reviews featured an article about the SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act); here is another article about the controversy attached to it. – theconversation.edu.au
  • Last night’s Planning Commission Agenda: A continuance (The Cycle Den), a resignation (Carmen Swinehart); Plane Street project on schedule; new occupants – details on these and more – coming tomorrow.
  • Marietta woman’s letter to the editor published – Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era
  • School Board says goodbye to three members” – MyColumbiaNews.com
  • Result of looming budget cuts: NIMBY (not in my backyard). Defense contractors objectYork Daily Record
  • BHI-ville: in case you missed this item on Sunday – BHI Properties’ “BUY COLUMBIA” (now holds 35 properties) continues as “Boys & Girls Club Foundation and Boys Club of Lancaster Foundation conveyed 254 W. Locust Street to BHI Properties LLC for $95,000.” BHI 254 west locust street – Other property transfer of interest: “Sheriff of Lancaster, David A. Doolittle and Brian I. Doolittle conveyed 202 Poplar Street to Federal national Mortgage Association for $3,246.” DEED 202 poplar street – Lancaster Sunday News
  • The rules do not apply equally in a “rubber-stamp” board/council world – (Read why here) – Wall Street Journal
  • Here’s another example of what happens when “nobody’s watching”; what was this school board doing? – York Daily Record editorial opinion

Think unique … black Friday … Fourth Friday in Columbia

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FEC Data Show Big Jump in Spending by Super PACs and Outside Groups: ProPublica

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(Photo by Robert George Young/Getty Images)

by Marian Wang
ProPublica, Nov. 9, 2011

“As we reported earlier this week, the Federal Election Commission, which regulates the flow of political cash, has been plagued by persistent gridlock on some key areas of campaign finance.

“Why’s that important? Because, as we explain, more money is coming in and much of it is flowing in through new and barely regulated groups.

“Take a look at these graphs — found in a report [PDF] recently posted by the commission — that shine a spotlight on independent spending, or spending that’s technically not coordinated with candidates and their campaigns:

What’s striking here is that independent spending by “PACs, Groups and Individuals” more than quadrupled. Similar spending by parties stayed roughly the same. The data, compiled by the commission, are just another indication that the significance of traditional party committees is shrinking in the rapidly changing campaign-finance landscape, Read the rest of this entry »