new year walk at the re-newing River Park

The second day of the new year seemed to be a good day to take a walk about Columbia’s scenic River Park. You can see progress as the River Park moves, evidently with changes, toward its original planned look.

New textured “pervious concrete” sidewalk is evident at some spots.

There is a structure being built. Evidently in a new location from its much-larger structure shown on the initial River Park plan.

“Old-style” security system guards and protects construction equipment.

“New-style” security system includes surveillance (spy) cameras as this one.

The new-style security has not prevented the scourge of lots of public places … the idiots with spray cans who persist in destroying anything they have not participated in creating. Surely, the expensive spy cameras would have these culprits captured digitally and they’ll be brought to justice quickly.

It’s pretty certain the spray-can vandal was not a participant in the building of this handsome “step” wall at the northern part of the park. Maybe Jessica’s not proud to have you tag the wall with her name?

And there are new signs and places for signs.

There is one thing that is missing in the park. There is no flagpole and no American flag flying over the River Park. Well, there is one; we found this 3-inch x 5-inch flag flying proudly at the former kayak rental site.

Would it not be fitting and appropriate to use a portion of the grant money appropriated for the park to erect a flag pole to proudly display the flag of this nation?

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