Scenes seen on Independence Day, 2012

These ” scenes seen” surfaced during walk-abouts and drive-abouts on Independence Day, 2012. Some are Columbia “scenes seen” – others are from other Lancaster County spots.

A walk-about a cemetery to honor veterans seemed appropriate, almost mandatory. “Never forget,” cries the landscape of flags and markers and headstones.

This message makes a plea; learn more here.

Note the “invisible boat trailer” on this vehicle at River Park. Despite sighting at least 10 open parking spaces for “trailerless” vehicles at the park, these vehicles evidently are special or they’re pulling the “invisible boat trailer.”

… and this one! Wonder whether the spy cameras in the park captured these special parkers. Certainly, consistency is consistent in Columbia! Or is inconsistency consistent?

Further uptown on Locust Street, there appear to be a number of increasingly consistent signals … spotted this (these) now vacant store fronts. A few others seemed “vacant,” too.

And the Turkey Hill Experience is experiencing some vacancies too if the blank space on the sign is an indicator.

Perhaps the only consistencies and certainties are in the cemeteries.

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