Country roads and borough streets musings and an assortment of photos in and around Columbia, part 3

This is the third installment (and last of this series) of yesterday’s “musing.”

Know what they say: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This piece of crapola arrived in the mail last week; we’ve kept it because we were furious with the two pages of small print “caveat emptor” conditions that essentially render the “come-on” price of $19.95 improbable. It’s really too sad that major companies feel they have to resort to this level of chicanery and deceit to solicit business.

Check it out; two pages of small print caveats, terms and conditions. Look closely; somewhere in there, there’s got to be a clause that entitles Beelzebub to have your first born.

Or your soul.

In addition to the BHI office, there is a new business establishment on the 200 block of Locust Street.

Across Locust Street is this building with the “wavy bricks.”

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor a record 101 degree day … taking a quick deserved break from the oppressive heat on Saturday.

Columbia’s testament to the men who wore the “dolphins.”

The B & T Sportswear Building is another one of those structures that has been so well done. Thanks to the business owners who make the effort to enhance the appearance of the business and the neighborhood.

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