today’s news … Tuesday, July 17

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Quote for today …  In every generation there will be authoritarians and anti-authoritarians. While it is unusual in American history for anti-authoritarians to take the kind of effective action that inspires others to successfully revolt, every once in a while a Tom Paine, Crazy Horse, or Malcolm X come along. So authoritarians financially marginalize those who buck the system, they criminalize anti-authoritarianism, they psychopathologize anti-authoritarians, and they market drugs for their ‘cure.’” – Bruce Levine, Ph.D.

  • “verum in comici literature” … from the Latin, loosely, “There’s truth in comic strips!”
  • Work on 441: “Drivers on Route 441, also known as Chickies Hill Road, near Chickies Rock County Park will be forced to drive on single lane this week.The road, between Route 30 in Columbia and Route 23 in Marietta, is being repaved. Work is scheduled to be done between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. today through Friday.” – MyColumbiaNews
  • It’s all about the money! When he found out he was not going to be Penn State’s head football coach, Jerry Sandusky “So, Sandusky began negotiating for a number of fringe benefits from Penn State as part of the retirement deal he was pursuing with senior officials in 1998 and 1999.” – Centre Daily Times
  • Just try to follow the money and “support for Prudhomme’s” in letters to the editor in today’s Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era
  • Pass the DISCLOSE ACT! “There’s no question that our democracy is in desperate need of transparency. Super PACs often take the heat for being secret campaign slush funds, but in 2010, nonprofits outspent super PACs three to two. And 90 percent of that money – almost $84 million – came from groups that never disclose their donors.” – AlterNet

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