Produce Geek offers “What’s ripe now?” suggestions


Here are more delicious produce notes from The Produce Geek. U-m-m-m! You may want to visit the Website (click on the logo) and take another peek. The Produce Geek’s also got other recommendations there!

Organic Pick of the Week: Organic Cherries


Rich and flavorful Organic Dark Sweet Cherries plus juicy and sweet Organic Rainier Cherries are both in peak season from Washington right now. The fruit is tasting fantastic! Both a healthy and delicious snack, Organic Cherries are fun in recipes too.

Cherry season doesn’t last forever – July is the time to enjoy the season’s best!

Even during the height of the season Organic Cherries are not super cheap, so shop smart. Carefully inspect all sides of the Cherry packages to avoid wetness or splits. If the Cherries are in a bag, give a couple a gentle squeeze – you’ll want them to feel firm. Keep Cherries cold and rinse just before use. Organic Cherries can be washed, then frozen with the stems still on in plastic bags with the air removed, then thawed in the refrigerator up to three months later for a convenient snack.

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