What would your parents have said? – an opinion

When you were a kid, what your parents have said when you told them, “I wrecked the car last night?”

Odds are, they might have said you’re going to pay for the damages. And you were going to be responsible for the increased insurance charges. Oh, yeah, you’re grounded and you won’t be driving for a while.

How strange it is that 10 years after the irresponsible, irrational act of going to war without a plan, we don’t ask, heck, demand, that those who authorized the Bush team to go to war to pay for the wreckage?

A few days ago, Washington Post columnist, David Ignatius, wrote this opinion column which began:

“Ten years ago this week, I was covering the U.S. military as it began its assault on Iraq. As I read back now over my clips, I see a few useful warnings about the difficulties ahead. But I owe readers an apology for being wrong on the overriding question of whether the war made sense.”

He and countless others are only now questioning the wisdom of going to war with no clear plan. Only people with maniacal minds like McCain and Cheney cling to the horribly ill-thought ideology that everything can be fixed when we unleash the dogs of Lockheed-Martin, Northrup-Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon and others.

It’s time to have those who wrecked the lives of so many … those who have escalated US debt into future generations … those who have continued the lunacy of 19th century jingoism to pay for their malfeasance … to pay for their recklessness with cash or certainly their resignations from bodies with policy decisions.

Pay for the wrecked car, Joe, and the rest of you who authorized incredible stupidity. Resign now! And pay up.

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