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Quote for today… “my comment is. shut this trash bar down. i can not believe ther are children schools and familys trying to raise there children with dignity and morals . and this trash place that carries diecese  from sitting on stools bar mouth to glass. this is a heath violation . to all . i cant believe it could have lasted this long.  my grandchildren go to the elementry school just up the st.  even a pretitor isnt alowd 50 yards of a school why are they still there . do your jobs once and for all and shut this menis.down. columbia boro resident. concerd. for your chain of minds.” –
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goatA goat eats leaves at Gifford Pinchot State Park in northern York County. The park is using goats for the first time this year to clear vegetation. (YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS — KATE PENN)

  • The Circle Legacy Center will present a program on The Susquehanna River Honor Journey Friday at 6:30 p.m. at Community Mennonite Church, 328 W. Orange St., (Lancaster). The program will include full details about the project, the state of the river and how people can unite to heal the river. There also will be an open mic for people to honor the river with songs, poems and art. The Susquehanna River Honor Journey is planned for May 25 to June 22. For details, visit The program is free, but donations are requested. Snacks and beverages will be for sale.
    For more information, call Victoria Valentine, 823-2079.” – Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era
  • LEGAL NOTICES, published in the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era, May 7, 2013 – “ Gregory Mark Shepard has applied to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia for permission to acquire shares resulting in his owning 22.7% of the voting shares of Donegal Group Inc. in Marietta, Pennsylvania, whose subsidiary Union Community Bank is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You may submit written comments on this application by May 27, 2013, to Robert Tillman at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Ten Independence Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19106. The procedures for processing and protesting applications may be found at 12C.F.R. Part 262. For a copy of the procedures or more information about how to submit comments on the application, contact Robert Tillman at (215) 574-4155. – FICTITIOUS NAME Matthew R Frigm, 752 Chickies Drive, Columbia, PA 17512 did file in the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on or about April 1, 2013, registration of the name: Sweet Life Music, Inc. under which he intends to do business at 752 Chickies Drive, Columbia, PA 17512 _ pursuant to the provisions of the Act of Assembly of December 16, 1982, Chapter 3, known as the ‘Fictitious Name Act.’ Gregory Mark Shepa.”
  • “The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Roadmaps to Health Prize is awarded annually to honor outstanding community efforts and partnerships that are helping people live healthier lives.Throughout the country, people are coming together with a shared vision, strong leadership, and commitment to making needed and lasting changes that are enabling individuals to live long and healthy lives. This is happening in large urban settings and small rural ones; it’s happening in places with tremendous resources and in places with few resources to draw from; it’s happening in places with relatively good health and in places with poor health. The invitation to apply for this prize is being extended to all U.S. communities working toward better health. The prize is an opportunity for RWJF, UWPHI and the nation to honor and promote these successes.Up to six RWJF Roadmaps to Health Prize winning communities will be honored in 2014 and each will receive a no-strings-attached $25,000 cash prize. Winning communities’ success stories will be celebrated and shared broadly in a variety of ways and may include live local and national celebratory events, meetings and conferences, Web and online platforms, and video, social, broadcast and print media—all with the goal of raising awareness and inspiring locally-driven change across the country. (SOURCE:

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