“reform” or “dumass and irresponsible actions?”

This week, the Governor’s newsletter focused on the topic of “pension reform.”

Columbia news, views & reviews bristles at that tag.

“Reform,” according to one dictionary means “the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory, etc.: social reform; spelling reform.

If the state of the pension system is “wrong, corrupt or unsatisfactory,” then blame has to be placed where it belongs. It’s greater that the “greedy unions,” and the “greedy teachers” and others. The “wrong, corrupt or unsatisfactory” finger needs to be pointed directly at the dumass and irresponsible actions of previous and current members of the legislative and executive branches of this commonweal.

Add to that: cronyism; personal interest; failure to look at the repercussions of legislation introduced and passed and a lack of concern for the folks who pay for their dumass and irresponsible actions.

The Governor’s email is entitled, “Pension Reform: The Cost of Doing Nothing.”

“Pennsylvania needs pension reform. That is why last week Governor Tom Corbett, along with state legislators, proposed a bold plan to help tackle Pennsylvania’s pension crisis. Let’s look at the cost of doing nothing:

  • Without reform, many local school districts face insurmountable pension costs, already contributing to local property tax increases for one third of all districts across the commonwealth. Governor Corbett’s pension reform plan reduces the pension payment obligations of school districts by $138 million in 2013-14 alone.
  • Without reform, each Pennsylvania household’s share of pension unfunded liability would be about $9,500.  That is expected to rise to more than $13,000 by 2018 if we don’t institute reforms now.
  • Without reforming our pension system, more than 60 cents of every new General Fund revenue dollar will be spent on employer pension contributions.

“Pennsylvania can’t afford the status quo. Let your legislator know you support Governor Corbett’s pension reform plan.”

We wholly agree that the actions of the past are unsustainable. We disagree with the battle cry of reform. Let’s call it what it is: dumass and irresponsible actions.

… and let’s have responsible discussion about REAL REFORM for:

  • The unwieldy size and inordinate expense of the Pennsylvania legislature.
  • The ethics of allowing corporate and monied interests to have access to dumass and irresponsible elected “public servants.”
  • Term limits for legislators.
  • Citizen oversight of pay, pension and other benefits for elected “public servants” at all levels of government.


  1. PA would not be having a crisis with the SERS and PSERS pension funds if it had not been borrowing heavily from it in the past 5 years. The ‘borrowed’ money still has not been repaid, but the state agreed to replace 1/3 of what was ‘used’. Our union is still trying to get back the rest of the money that was taken out. This is not an optional plan. State employees are required BY LAW to participate in SERS or PSERS. If your employer ‘borrowed’ from your pension fund, wouldn’t you have something to say about it too?

  2. Pension Funds are not guaranteed, unless they are in your name ONLY! The world we live in is greed ,hate, and more greed!! :O(

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