If it walks like a duck …

“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.”anonymous proverb


A citizen passed along an email with an attachment inviting a slew of people to a party. The email read in part: “attached is an invitation to the ‘staff’ meeting that they closed the Borough offices for. So, the taxpayers of the Borough will foot the bill for food, drink, rental of Golden Stories and pay the Borough workers for a ‘tribute’ to (departing borough manager Norm) Meiskey.”

Columbia news, views & reviews’ readers may remember that following the April council “meeting-of-the-whole,” an article stated: “The councillors also were cool to the agenda item that sought ‘to close the Borough Office’ for a half-day so that all employees can celebrate Norman Meiskey’s Retirement Luncheon.” Accordingly, the agenda item was not passed:

april council mow agenda extract

Then at last week’s full council meeting, the council approved a thinly-veiled agenda item agenda item 12, b.: “Consider closing the Borough office on May 31, 2013 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm for a Borough staff meeting.”

Columbia news, views & reviews does not take issue with a “retirement ceremony” for a departing borough employee and, most likely, the citizen who shared the email, doesn’t either.

What we disapprove of is the masking of inviting a slew of borough employees, councillors, the mayor and others in the community to a party called Norms Retirement Luncheon Invitation under the pretense of training.

On borough time and off borough property. Has this been the practice for previous retirements? Is it the model for any borough retiring from now on?

“If the staff training looks like a party and has a name like a party, it must be a party.”

Good idea; bad execution.


  1. I say let them party ALL NIGHT LONG!! BUT,, the next day will come and the problems will only get worse! Raise more taxes to cover the cost of the party! Stick it to the towns PEOPLE!!

  2. Sounds good, 5/31/ at 1 PM all borough citizens are invited to Norm’s retirement luncheon .
    Please indicate the location of this historic event, I and many other citizens would like to attend.


    • It will be at Golden Stories, formerly Taste of Styles. This should not be happening during the operating hours of the borough or at the cost of the taxpayers!

  3. vera I agree, perhaps we will pay at the door. That would take care of the taxpayers not be accountable, next the time should be changed to an evening.

  4. not fond of golden stories so I will not attend. The few times I attended a function there it was a disapointment. Here is my vote to change the location of the retirement festivities.

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