today’s news … Wednesday, May 22

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today… “Regardless of what lies ahead for Obamacare, the government’s latest action shines much-needed light on a complex and often bewildering hospital pricing system.” –  Extracted from this Lancaster New Era editorial.

  • “Monday May 13th was a new experience for the Concert Choir from Our Lady Of The Angels School, Columbia.  They had the opportunity to sing and make a recording in the new music recording studio at Millersville University. Before doing this the students were taught about the equipment and had to be very careful not to make noise.  The microphones were very, very sensitive.  There were stops and restarts during the session.  Four songs were recorded.  After the session the students were given a brief tour of the recording area itself.  They were able to hear how the recording sounded with the piano accompaniment music.  This was a free session sponsored by “Music For Everyone”.  This was arranged under the guidance of John Gerdy, director of “Music For Everyone”. Jaye Grochowski, Music Teacher, Our Lady Of The Angels School.” – news release, Our Lady of the Angels School [View a video of the Concert Choir here.}
  • Who cares? Voter turnout at the polls yesterday was very light. Sadly, apparently not too many people care. The tragic outcome of that will be more “self-seeking” elected (by the minority) “public servants” as the spiral continues.
  • Derek L. Chrismer of Columbia, received a Bachelor of Science in sport and exercise science, cum laude, from DeSales University on May 18. – Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era
  • These area residents were among 163 students who graduated Tuesday from YTI Career Institute. –  Criminal Justice and First Response Associate in Specialized Business: Glenda Frey, Columbia, Medical Assistant Associate in Specialized Technology: Jessica Lee, Columbia, Medical Billing and Coding: Carmell Wright, Columbia, Pastry Arts: Christina Stultz, Columbia. – Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era
  • “The York County Department of Veterans Affairs issued a warning Tuesday that active military personnel, veterans and their families should be aware of individuals offering to help veterans apply for benefits in exchange for a fee, according to a news release.” – York Daily Record
  • POLICE LOG:EAST LAMPETER TWP.: William M. Pusey, 32, of Columbia, was charged Saturday in the first block of Horseshoe Road. He was driving erratically, well below the posted speed limit. – COLUMBIA:  Sisters Treasures, in the 400 block of Locust Street, was forcibly entered overnight Thursday. It wasn’t known if anything was taken.” – Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era
  • Something for everyone in this letter to the editors in today’s Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era

One comment

  1. tax rates in Columbia at 26 mills you got to be kidding me.

    It is past the time, but now more than ever we need consolidation this would include consolidation of the school district and police department.

    Is there any current activity, serious discussion or action regarding consolidation?


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