How you can save on electricity … after PPL’s rate increase

Recently, PPL Electric Utilities announced its rates for consumers was going to increase. In the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era article, readers were informed: ”

“The state Public Utility Commission website,, shows 46 alternative residential suppliers operating in PPL territory.Only 12 suppliers beat PPL’s current rate, the website shows, and some of those better rates are variable — changing monthly. But 30 will beat PPL’s new rate that kicks in Saturday.”

power switch
By clicking on the above logo or link, you’ll find out more about how to Shop for Your Home, “Lower your energy costs or find electric services that fit the needs of your home: Electric distribution company or electric generation suppliers are responsible for posted prices. Please consult the electric distribution company and electric generation supplier for prices, including introductory prices, renewable energy add on options, cancellation policies and any other discounts that may be available to you.”

Today, the site shows, a household using 700 kWh per month will pay $50.66 per month.

Tomorrow, that same usage household will pay $57.99 per month.

As the article states, 30 providers currently have lower rates. Maybe it’s time to switch!

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