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Quote for today… “So let’s demand of our elected officials that they represent us — that they stop their in-fighting, sabotaging, obstruction and profiteering and try to get along and work together.” – Jill Sunday Bartoli, in a letter to the editor to the Harrisburg Patriot-News.

  • POLICE LOG:LANCASTER: Brad Kalbach, 25, of Columbia, was charged with taking a woman’s wallet inside Charles Laundry, 340 N. Mary St., June 5. Loss was $54.” – Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is again offering food vouchers (for qualifying persons aged 60 and up) through its Farmers Market Nutrition Program. Vouchers will be distributed from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, at the Columbia Senior Center, 684-4850,” and other county locations. – Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era


  1. Funny how those 7 clowns led by the village idiot Beury will oppose a 21% increase by the Columbia Water Company but have no problem keeping their mouth’s shut when their Sewer Authority have hit the residents of Columbia with increases of 40% or more in the last 10 years! My sewer bill is as much as if not more than my water bill now-a-days! Don’t get me wrong, I think a 21% increase is ridiculous, but don’t be so hypocritical as this Council full of knuckleheads and speak out publically against it when you kept quiet when your Sewer Authoirity has been doing the same thing!

  2. to watching from the outside:
    Me thinks you need to quit watching from the outside and come inside. I suspect you have served the public previously so instead of “Watching from the Outside” get involved and make a difference. Contact your cohorts who think likr you and run for public office. A clean sweep of the borough council, with new blood, may be what is needed. Are you up for the challenge?

  3. Tiny tim, why dont you run? Also tiny, when people go to the meetings its we will have to get to you on that or your 5 minutes is up thank you!!

  4. Mr, Big: Some clarity is needed. A response was written to Watching from the Outside” but Mr. Big responded, now why is that?
    And don’t refer to me as Tiny Tim, it is Tiny, for good reason, thank you.
    When council responds “is we will have to get to you on that” or “your 5 minutes is up thank you” do they ever get back to you? Persistance may be needed, insist on answers, Mr Big use some of your political clout to accomplish good things in the borough. As to the question from you to me, why don’t you run? I have two concerns, one is I lack the education to run for and be elected to a council that is far more educated than I. Secondly I assume you must be a borough resident to run for a borough office.
    So to “Watching from the Outside” and Mr. Big, you are needed, bring forth your native intelligence, energy and ideas and declare yourselves as candidates for borough office. I believe in a short time you could become president of Columbia Borough Council. You are needed hope you respond in the affarmative to the chellenge at hand.

  5. Tiny…been there and done that and unless you have more than 2 people who want to run and make a difference, nothing is going to change, it’s just not going to happen. The “old guard” will stonewall you at every turn. Only a few citizens even care about the town they call home. Look at the last couple of elections in Columbia, there usually isn’t enough people to run for the available seats.

    I think you’re selling yourself short in the education department, because an education isn’t what’s needed to serve on Council or the School Board or many of the other commissions of Columbia, it’s common sense and caring about the future of the town and more importantly, the residents of the town. Also, for someone who doesn’t live in town, you certainly have a lot to say about what goes on here. IF you are a resident of Columbia then there must be something else holding you back from running.

    So, Tiny, I’ll have to say no to your challenge and continue Watching from the Outside.

  6. Tiny…am I to assume that you’re OK with the 21% increase in rate hikes for the water company as well as the more than 40% sewer increases in the Borough? After all, that’s all I stated and you went off on challenging me to run for office! Seems to me you have some skeletons that you’d like to hide. Maybe you currently hold a public office or did when the sewer hikes were raised. HMMMMMMMMMMMM?

  7. to Watching from the Outside:
    No skeletons to hide and as a non resident I’m NOT ok with 21% increase from water co. and 40% sewer increase so I understand why residents are not happy with proposed increases.
    Seems as if you need to circle the wagons, get a rally initiated to have 2 or more persons run for office so that changes for the better can be made. Don’t sit back and Watch from the Outside be pro active, the town needs good persons who can make a difference. I think it was the Rock who stated “what’s that I smell cooking? From what you state in these few messages what is cooking in Columbia is not pleasant however I have heard about many positive happenings in the borough. Does the good outweigh the bad? You express ligitimate concerns and are caring about your community, one must ask why not get yourself and others involved to confront and change the “old guard?” Surly with your friends and relatives you can make a difference. If my health permitted I would like to have a few beverages and a discussion with you and others but as it is I must participate in absentica with my pc.

  8. Tiny…IF only it were that easy. I have no relatives and friends are few and far between and trust me, we don’t talk about Columbia politics when I’m with them. Sorry to hear about your health, hang in there and I hope things improve for you. Good Luck

  9. to Watching from the outside/Mr Big.
    Heard there were big things happening in the boro Saturday, were you in attendance to support the functions?
    If a Father, Happy Father’s day if not have a great day. Care provider has breakfast prepared so I will partake of the day’s 1st meal. have a great day.

  10. Yes i am a father of one. I did also take part in the car show thank you. You also have a great day.

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