“… a dark, dense mass, moving toward town.” War comes to Gettysburg.

“On June 24, 1863, General Robert E. Lee led his Confederate Army across the Potomac River and headed towards Pennsylvania. In response to this threat President Lincoln replaced his army commander, General Joseph Hooker, with General George Mead. As Lee’s troops poured into Pennsylvania, Mead led the Union Army north from Washington. Meade’s effort was inadvertently helped by Lee’s cavalry commander, Jeb Stuart, who, instead of reporting Union movements to Lee, had gone off on a raid deep in the Union rear. This action left Lee blind to the Union’s position. When a scout reported the Union approach, Lee ordered his scattered troops to converge west of the small village of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.”

The above quote describes the opening foray of the battle of Gettysburg.


The quote and the above photo of Gettysburg at the time of the battle are from Eyewitnesstohistory.com. This website brings eyewitness accounts of the events surrounding that horrific week in Gettysburg.

“Memories of a teenage girl.

“Tillie Pierce was born in 1848 and when the battle began, had lived all her life in the village of Gettysburg. Her father made his living as a butcher and the family lived above his shop in the heart of town. Tillie witnessed the entire battle and published her observations twenty-six years after the event. Tillie attended the ‘Young Ladies Seminary’ a finishing school near her home. She was attending school on June 26 when the cry ‘the Rebels are coming!’ reverberated through the town’s sleepy streets.”

Click here to read her recollections of that day and the days that followed.

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