Columbia across the US

Recently, in a conversation with friends, this question came up.

What’s the most repeated name of a municipality across the US?

Here’s what WikipediA says are the top five:

  1. Greenville (49)
  2. Franklin (30)
  3. Clinton (29)
  4. Bristol (28)
  5. Springfield (28)

From there, we wondered how many states had a Columbia? And this is what we’ve been able to find given the time available. NOTE: For consistency, we’ve linked the state’s Columbia to WikipediA for each of the below listed towns, cities and unincorporated entities.

columbia sign

Alabama: Estimated population –  804. The Columbia Historical Society

Arizona: Apparently a ghost town.

California: Estimated population – 2,297. Another “map oriented” visitor guide.

Connecticut: Estimated population – 4,971. Municipal Website.

Delaware: Columbia is a populated place located in Sussex County.

Illinois: Estimated population – 9,707. Municipal Website.

Iowa: Columbia is an unincorporated community in Marion County, Iowa.

Indiana: Columbia City has approximately 8,750 people. Municipal Website.

Kentucky: Estimated population – 4,452. Municipal Website.

Louisiana:  Estimated population – 477. Louisiana travel Website.

Maryland: Estimated population – 99,600. The nation’s first “planned community.” Downtown Columbia. Columbia, MD – A planned community.

Maine: Estimated population – 486. Town of Columbia.

Missouri: Estimated population – 110,438. Outstanding municipal Website. Home of the University of Missouri.

North Carolina: Estimated population – 819. Municipal Website.

New Hampshire: Estimated population – 750. Municipal Website.

New Jersey: Estimated population – 229.

South Carolina: Estimated population – 131,686. The capital city of SC.

South Dakota: Estimated population – 136.

Tennessee: Estimated population – 34,402. The “mule capital of the world.”

Virginia: Estimated population – 49. The smallest incorporated town in Virginia.

West Virginia: Not listed

Wisconsin: Not listed

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