“Are you kidding me?” Say “no” to Summers’ appointment.


This message sent from Public Citizen is worth reading.

“Here we go again.

“It looks like President Obama may appoint Larry Summers to lead the Federal Reserve, the cornerstone of our nation’s banking system.

“Are you kidding me?

“Larry Summers has made a career of espousing deregulation and other pro-corporate economic theories. He is one of the people most responsible for the misguided policies that led to the financial meltdown of 2008 and our government’s woefully inadequate response since.

“Surely Larry Summers has achieved a level of failure that disqualifies him for promotion.

“Tell President Obama NOT to appoint Larry Summers as Federal Reserve chair.

“And don’t be fooled by attempts to frame Summers as a ‘centrist.’

“The issue with Summers is not right vs. left. It’s Wall Street vs. Main Street. And he’s irrefutably cast his lot with the former and against the latter.

“It inspires an update of an old nursery rhyme:

“Larry, Larry, quite contrary,
“How can our country grow?
“With bailout bills, and Wall Street shills,
“And profits made off all our woe.

“Amazingly, his allegiance to Wall Street is not even the only reason to oppose Larry Summers.

“Learn about the numerous ways Larry Summers is the wrong choice for the Federal Reserve and sign the petition opposing his appointment.

“Visit forgetlarry.org right now.

“Say what you will about the Federal Reserve — and there’s plenty to be said — the daily decisions of its head affect every person in the United States as well as billions of people around the world.

“Join your fellow citizens in saying “Forget Larry!”

“Add your name to our “Forget Larry” petition to President Obama.

“We’ve kept Larry Summers out of important offices before.

“In early 2012, President Obama was poised to put Summers in charge of the World Bank. That’s when we first launched the “Forget Larry” campaign, which helped encourage the president to find a candidate who was actually qualified for that job.

“Like crabgrass, Summers has cropped up again. Let’s roll up our sleeves and do some more weeding.”


“Larry Summers should absolutely not be the next Fed chair”The Atlantic

“The many reasons Larry Summers would be a  terrible Fed chairman” Huffington Post

“Summers too much for Fed to handle”Boston Globe

“Cenk Uygur: ‘It’s over’ if Obama appoints Larry Summers to the Federal Reserve”The Raw Story

“No more second chances for Larry Summers” – TruthOut.org

A bad guy in 2009 and still is Salon.com

“Heist of the century: university corruption and the financial crisis.” The Guardian

Stop this crap!

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