today’s news … Monday, June 9, 2014

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today “Now he is blaming the press for his plagiarism … He should just accept responsibility for the mistake and leave it at that.” – Glenn Martin, commenter, to this LancasterOnLine article about the “plagiarizing principal’s follow-up comments. Lots of folks blame the press when they don’t like what’s being reported.


  • From the Borough’s Website: “Emergency Notification Update: Please note that if you have a Comcast email address at this time Comcast will not allow our email blasts. Please update your information with another email address if possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.”


  • Wow, Springettsbury Park was a place to belast night with the opening of its spectacular “Sounds of Summer Concert Series” – About an hour into the “The world’s greatest surf and beach party band, the Surf City All-stars” began to lose the crowd when the rains came. Too bad! But what a beautiful park that township has created.
  • Here’s the Springettsbury Township “Sounds of Summer” schedule. NOTE that theses concert offerings are every Wednesday and Sunday! Here’s how to get there: “Take US-30 to the PA-24/Mt. Zion Road exit. Turn Right onto PA-24/Mt Zion Road. Turn Right onto Pleasant Valley Road (parking is available off of this road on the right). Or continue on Pleasant Valley Road, turn Right on Williams Road (parking is available off of this road on the right).
  • “In recent times, I must confess that I have gored an ox or two.” We like the quote, and we like the editorial,“The Gored Ox,” here.

jonal night at the gallery

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